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7 Must Have Grooming Essentials For Men on Femica

One thing that’s amazingly beautiful is how the men of this era are becoming consciously aware of the grooming options they have (not just the best perfumes for men advertisements, but much more than that)! They are not shy to involve themselves in skincare and haircare with the right products — Thanks to the unlearning process.

Men Grooming

We have come a long way definitely, but however, it could get overwhelming to know what you exactly need to build a grooming kit with the perfect products, especially when you are just starting! Don’t worry we are here to help you. We have specifically curated a list of grooming essentials you should definitely have in your kit. Dive in!!

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7 Grooming Essentials You Must Try:

1. Make heads turn with your fragrance:

Perfumes are a classic in Men’s grooming kits. Dressing up sharp surely adds up to your confidence, and so does a good perfume. The best perfumes for men are perfumes that have a long-lasting fragrances. Perfumes like The Man Company blanc perfume for men have more than 12% of perfume with no gas formula lasting more than 10 hours on you.

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TMC Blanc Perfume for Men is made keeping your work days in mind. The top note of the perfume is lemon-based to give you a fresh start to the day, the middle note is lavender to give you a soothing, relaxed mid-day and the base note is musky to get you through the day.

2. Enhance your beard game today :

Given that the beard has become the new fashion statement for men, you might want to blend in with the pack by growing a beard which isn’t a very easy task though!

Nourishing your beard is as important as nourishing your hair. Beard hair is dry and rough in nature. Beard oil for men is formulated to regain moisture and shine in them, and sometimes they contribute to beard growth too.

Oils like TMC Beard growth oil with almond & thyme have an effect on the skin under your beard which is often left unattended. They have the tendency to clean the beard from the root and open up the pores in your skin which eventually promotes beard growth. The almond in it helps soften the beard and gives it a shiny fuller finish.

3. Get that model look with hair wax:

Need that sleek and neat hairstyle? Time to try hair wax for men! Gel and mousse have proved to be good to put your hairstyle in place but they also form a hard cast which can be avoided with hair wax. You can have a good formal sleek look with the man company hair wax for men and keep it in place for about 6 to 8 hours, unlike gels which give less hold. TMC Machismo Stronghold Hair Wax for Men is made up of 100% beeswax without petroleum jelly or alcohol. It is also SLS and paraben free leaving no side effects on your hair but pure style! [wp-shopify-product id=”7691713675515″]

Add it to your grooming kit today and rock your office looks every day!

 4. A fresh face for a fresh day:

Skincare is not alien to men’s skin. As a country, we have always used skin-friendly products in various forms of our lifestyle irrespective of gender from ancient times. Facewash for men is not a new concept but a tradition. It is never late to bring back the tradition into practice. I step in skincare, you cannot use some random soaps on your face and expect it to not affect your skin. Face wash for men is formulated to work on tough male skin. Face Washes like TMC Activated Charcoal Face Wash for Men act on oily skin and remove the pollution deposited on your skin. The active charcoal is responsible for attracting impurities from the pores and deep cleansing your face.

The best face wash for men is the one that does more than just clean your face. The man company-activated charcoal face wash for men has vitamin C that boosts collagen in your skin and the turmeric in it helps with skin brightening.

5.  No more rough days or rough skin:

Though we have come a long way in discussing skin products for men, the use of lotions and creams have not found their way into the male world yet. It’s high time we break these walls. Moisturizers can help your skin stay hydrated and supple throughout the wear and tear of the day.

Understanding your skin type and using the right products is essential irrespective of gender. Moisturizers for oily skin like TMC Daily Moisturising Summer Cream are formulated to leave skin hydrated without giving it a greasy look. It has shea butter and Vitamin E to deeply nourish your skin.

6. Say hi to face scrubs and bye to clogged pores :

Brands have evolved from focusing just on women’s skincare and have started creating products that are specifically formulated for the male skin. Believe us, they now even have face scrubs for men!! Face scrubs can benefit men on great terms. Exfoliating the skin with specially curated face scrubs for men can eliminate the grime and dust deposited deep in the pores of the skin and bring out the glow in your skin.

To exfoliate at home, take a dollop of face scrub like TMC Charcoal De-Tan Face Scrub for Tan Removal and massage it on your face, leave it for 10 mins and wash. The charcoal and argan in the scrub act actively to remove the impurities and regain the nutrients in the skin helping you brighten the skin. Add it to your weekly skincare routine and thank us later for the change you witness!! [wp-shopify-product id=”7691713642747″]

7. Turn the heat on, you’ve got sunscreen! :

Sunscreens are an inevitable skincare product. The need for sunscreens in our daily routine is often underestimated irrespective of gender. As much as we try to have healthy skin it is important to know the effects of UV radiation on your skin. Sun damage is more than just a tan, continued exposure has serious effects like skin cancer and more, so when we say sunscreen is inevitable, we mean it!

Choosing the right sunscreen for oily skin can be a tricky task especially when you have oily skin, many sunscreens for oily skin can still leave a greasy look but TMC Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40 PA+++ works its wonders on oily skin too. Allantoin in it protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation without leaving an oily look.

Skincare is never a gender-oriented concept and Femica India has strongly believed in it. Being one of the very few e-commerce sites that support men grooming products as much as women’s skincare, we have made sure you get access to the clean products with ease. Taking care of yourself is the best help you can do for yourself. So cut off all the doubts and hesitation and build your own grooming kit today! Femica is only happy to be your go-to place to find all the best products. Head to the website to explore various brands and products that can be added to your routine 🙂

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