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happy valentines day

Things to Avoid During Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day is a significant occasion. The entire world is celebrating love and passion with their “special someone” this Valentine’s Week. Even though it’s said that love knows no bounds, there are absolutely some things you should steer clear of when celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone you’ve just met or someone you’ve been dating for the past two years. On February 14th, people everywhere are busy adorning the streets with love. Valentine’s Day is not just about creating special memories with your significant other; it’s also about recognizing the love you have for your friends and family.

happy valentines day

Keep this week mellow and calm while also adding a strong air of romance. However, don’t go too overboard, especially if they are not expecting you to make “huge” gestures. If you are confused about how to make your day special, browse through Femica’s Valentine’s Day offers. You can also check out the lovely range of Femica’s Beauty Products.  We encourage you to have a look at these since they match up to all skin types, and if your partner likes giving and receiving gifts, then this would make a great array of choices for a Valentine’s Day gift

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Femica brings to you the “don’ts” that you should note down for the coming week. We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day and hope that these suggestions make your week go more smoothly. 

1. Sending Anonymous Gifts to Someone you Like 

Valentine Day

No one would take your guessing game seriously, be it a guy or a girl. Have the guts to sign your name at the end of a love letter, flower arrangement, or gift if you adore someone. Your likelihood of being recognized by the person of your liking could be decreased if you plan on sending a gift anonymously. It takes a lot of courage to express your feelings by sending someone a gift. 

2. Are you Going to Propose? Wait, Hold on to that Thought

Valentine Day Ideas

Don’t let the romantic atmosphere of the day tempt you to propose on one knee while holding a diamond in your hand. Enjoy this day and put off the thought of proposing till later. On this day, many people visit upscale restaurants, and if you happen to go there as well, you will see many such couples making this “proposal,” which will take away from your exclusivity. Don’t let it get to you, because if you and your partner are not on the same page, this just might not be the time for you. Take your time to think it through since you don’t want the day to feel completely ambushed. 

3. Avoid Talking Excessively About Just Yourself 

Valentine Day

It’s acceptable to have several love relationships during your life, but Valentine’s Day is not the time to reflect on those experiences. The individual you went out with will evaluate your engagement in your present relationship as well as yourself. Additionally, it will give the appearance that such ties are still ongoing.

Furthermore, it is important to know that when you are with the person of your choice on Valentine’s Day, you must pay the utmost heed to them. Listen out for what they have to say and balance out the conversation. You may or may not end up with that person in the long run, but active listening is a sign of respect and profound engagement. 

4. Try not to Over-Promise or Make Empty Promises

Valentine Day Gift For Her

Perhaps this is your first time going out with them, so now would not be the best time to make a promise. Simply get to know one another and keep the discussion light. Moreover, don’t let yourself get too affected by Valentine’s romance. Make them feel special in lighter ways that are more forthcoming, rather than seeming desperate by making empty promises. 

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1. What go-to tips would you suggest for Valentine’s Week? 

You can infuse your day with some low-key ideas with sprouting romance such as quirky or funny Valentine’s Day cards, kicking off the week by sending some cute Valentine’s messages, buying them an exquisite Valentine’s Day flower bouquet, and an intimate Valentine’s Day dinner won’t hurt. 

2. Is there anything else I must avoid this week? 

Try to preserve this day for someone who means something to you. Don’t celebrate this day if you are unsure about your partner (serious or non-serious). Additionally, do not use this week to dump anyone. 

3. What gifts will you recommend for Valentine’s Week? 

Femica has curated an exquisite range of Valentine’s Day Offers just for you. You can check out some Femica beauty products for all skin types. We also have skincare gift packs within an affordable range along with our very own Makeup Combo! Go on, light up their day! 

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