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Effects of Alcohol on Skin

Effects of Alcohol on Skin: What Are They and How to Combat Them?

Many people doubt that a glass of alcohol is the answer to their problems in life, but they want to believe it’s worth a shot!

 effects of alcohol on skin

It’s a widely known fact that alcohol is harmful to your body and health. It also has some extremely serious and obvious effects on your skin, which most people are unaware of.

Typically, there are no negative health effects from the occasional drink. However, excessive drinking can cause several skin issues if it continues. 

You can blame having terrible skin on stress and lack of sleep, but the underlying culprit might be your alcohol consumption.

This article by Femica will discuss some of the negative impacts of alcohol on the skin, and ways in which you can combat them.

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#1 Dehydration is the Problem!

 stay hydrated for glowing skin

Dehydration is the first side effect since alcohol draws all the water out of the skin. Alcohol affects every mucous membrane, including the skin, the pancreas, and the liver, causing a great deal of harm to the skin. 

Because alcohol is a diuretic, it aggressively removes water from the body, dramatically reducing the body’s water content, and ultimately leading to dehydration. 

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A significant difference in the skin can be seen between a woman of the same age who has drunk for 20 or 30 years and one who hasn’t at all. The dehydration damage can cause the appearance of wrinkled skin, which can make you appear 10 years older.

To combat this, stay hydrated with as much water as you can. Try to drink water between your drinks. This can hydrate the skin and tissues, reducing the damaging effects of alcohol on the skin. You can also include a good moisturizer in your skincare routine from Femica skincare products for your skin. It has several ingredients which will help your skin combat water loss.

#2 Dark Circles and Puffiness- Not a Fan!

 dark circles under eyes

Who needs Halloween makeup when you already have dark eye circles and the half-dead look?

Alcohol causes systemic skin inflammation, which in turn causes histamine to release, causing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Alcohol also causes tissue inflammation.

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One of the best strategies to lessen eye and facial puffiness is to sleep slightly elevated with two pillows under your head. This is because if your head is lying flat, fluids tend to gather under your eyes, which can result in dark circles under your eyes

Do not forget to moisturize your under-eye area as a part of your skincare routine. You can use a good moisturizer from Femica or a good eye cream for the purpose.

#3 We Aren’t Friends with Acne!

natural skin care tips

Alcoholic beverages, particularly cocktails and wine, are highly heavy in sugar, and if you consume more than is advised, this will be visible on your skin.

It has been demonstrated that the sugar in these alcoholic beverages causes the hormone IGF-1 to be released, which increases the amount of oil produced by your skin and raises your risk of acne or breakouts. 

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The greatest strategy to reduce your intake of sugar when consuming alcohol is to switch to flavored sparkling water from mixers that are sweetened with sugar. Simple syrup is a common ingredient in cocktails. There are simple syrups without sugar that you can use in place of sugar if you’re at home.

Following a Skin Care Routine- Will That Help?

natural skin care tips

Yes, of course! Everyone should practice healthy skincare habits, regardless of whether they often consume alcohol or not. It’s a skin-vestment! To refill the water levels in your cells and get glowing skin, you want to look for humectants, which function best when applied to damp skin and suck moisture from the air into your skin. 

Utilize Femica skincare products such as face serums and moisturizers. Face serums with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and panthenol, which are soothing and incredibly nourishing (Vitamin B5), will help you combat the negative effects of alcohol on your skin.

Don’t Forget to Take Supplements and a Healthy Diet!

Alcohol can deplete the body’s supply of vitamin A, which is essential for cell growth. 

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are great investments. Therefore, by incorporating a healthy diet and a daily supplement from Femica wellness products, you can aid in promoting the cell regeneration process that alcohol consumption has impeded. 

Vitamins C, E, B1, B6, B2, and B3 as well as Omega 3 are additional dietary supplements that might assist in re-establishing the balance of your skin.

To Sum Up

effects of alcohol on skin

Don’t give up on reading if you hear about the evils of drinking! Alcohol has several negative health impacts, including those on your skin.

Even while aging and skin issues are significant, they are the least of a heavy drinker’s worries. Abuse of alcohol increases the danger of many different conditions, including physical dependence, heart disease, liver illness, relationship issues, professional mistakes, financial difficulties, and much more.

Reduce your alcohol consumption for better health and glowing skin. Stay hydrated, have a healthy diet, and use Femica skincare products and Femica wellness products to combat the negative impacts of alcohol on your skin.

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1. How can I reduce the dehydration that comes after drinking alcohol?

You can try to switch between water and alcohol alternatively while drinking and stay hydrated

2. Is moisturization helpful in reducing the negative impacts of alcohol on the skin?

Yes. A good moisturizer from Femica skincare products will provide your skin and tissues the extra hydration they need.

3. How can I reduce my acne?

To prevent acne and breakouts and get glowing skin, you can try to switch to low-sugar drinks.

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