Organic Cotton Night Pads | Pack of 12| The Woman’s Company | Biodegra – FEMICA Organic Cotton Night Pads | Pack of 12| The Woman’s Company | Biodegra
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The Womans Company Organic Cotton Night Pads | Pack of 12| The Woman’s Company | Biodegradable and Rash Free | 310mm

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Product Description: The Woman's Company Biodegradable all Organic Cotton night pads are your answer to rash free periods. These all night pads with wings provide maximum coverage and are best for heavy flow days. The pads have 100% organic top sheet, are non- bleached and gentle on your skin. TWC pads are dioxin free hence, reduce the chances of cervical cancer. The pads are ergonomically designed to avoid any leakage and manage your flow in the best possible way. TWC pads are biodegradable and good for the environment. " By Women For Women Founded by Women from Healthcare industry.

 How to Use: Stick the pad in your underwear using the sticky strip on the back. Some reusable pads are held in place with snaps or elastic in your underwear. Change your pad every few hours, or when it's soaked with blood. Wrap used pads in the wrapper or toilet paper and throw them in the trash. Flushing used pads or wrappers down the toilet will clog it up.

SIZE: 1 piece, Large (Also available in Small)

Benefits / Features of using the product:  

  • Ultra-Soft
  • Chemical Free
  • Biodegradable Individual Wrapping

Country of Origin: India

Brand Name: The Woman's Company


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Customer Reviews

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great product

Amazing product. Not even a single rash after using the product. I am glad that I found this pad and made my period days breathable

excellent product

Love the quality and absorption levels of these pads!! ??

great product

so soft!!! and again so soft. it feels like you are not wearing anything. I so glad to have shifted to these pads! they stick well, absorb better and feels better. Go for it ladies.

loved it

Love the sleek disposal envelopes and that they are Eco friendly ! Also - super soft pads! Kudos!

Simply amazing

Hands down this webstie is the best place to buy sanitary napkins online!