Current Date:November 29, 2023

Let Us Celebrate The Femica Ambassadors!

We all support the cause of sustainability and conscious living however, only a few of us take an initiative towards the same. We are here to celebrate some real women who are actively taking steps to bring a tangible change to promote a conscious lifestyle.

The Femica Ambassador community comprises of strong independent women from all walks of life who believe in the vision of Femica — to empower women in India to channelise their enterprising skills towards building emerging brands in the country that promote a sustainable lifestyle. Thus, creating an ecosystem that benefits the community as well as the Femica ambassadors.

Femica Ambassadors are the torchbearers of the movement towards sustainability. They play an important role in generating awareness about the need for clean and organic products in their hyperlocal communities. They serve as the true representatives of premium organic brands and help them establish a much-needed presence in the community.

Femica Ambassadors

Let Us Celebrate The Femica Ambassadors!

This exclusive army of powerful women actively supports brands that are made in India and they are taking giant leaps towards bringing a substantial change in society to create a green environment for future generations. Femica Ambassadors believe that we are all leaders in our hearts and have the consciousness to choose between right and wrong for ourselves and the people around us.

These wonder women serve as the pillars of women empowerment and help uplift women around them to propagate women’s ability to determine their own choices and create opportunities for each other. Together they influence the direction of social change for good.

Join the Femica Ambassador community and become an inspiration to everyone around you. This is your chance to advocate for a better future and to be the change that the community needs.

Become a Femica Ambassador 

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