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Transform Your Beauty Game with Ayurvedic Products from this Local Brand!

Another day, another toxic skincare brand bites the dust!

In the overly-saturated skin and hair care products market, it is impossible to find beauty brands that nourish your skin without any side effects. Even products made with natural, ‘good chemicals’ may lead to harmful effects over time.

Enter Ayurvedic skin care.

Ayurvedic skincare

Ayurveda products heal you from within. Made with wholly natural ingredients with no parabens, chemicals, or added fragrances, they make a wholesome addition to your skincare routine.

We at Femica believe that no one can quite understand Indian skin like an indigenous brand, and that’s why we are kicking things up a notch and transforming your beauty game with Organix Mantra, an ayurvedic brand that promotes holistic health!

In this blog, we piece together the benefits of ayurveda on skin and hair, reasons for choosing Organix Mantra, and a few must-haves from this brand.

P.S.- Stick around and learn how to incorporate natural skincare products from Organix Mantra into your routine!

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The Power of Ayurveda- A Natural Approach to Skincare

beauty brands

Indian brands are increasingly incorporating ayurvedic elements into their products. It is because they offer transformative results with minimal to no side effects.

Other benefits of ayurveda products include:

  • Ultimate protector of skin and hair- Including ayurvedic products into your skin and hair care routine guarantees minimal irritation and safety.
  • Responsiveness- the human body assimilates natural ingredients better than chemicals.
  • Treats the source- Unlike regular beauty brands, ayurvedic skincare goes deep and treats the problem at its root. It ensures that the heart cause is not just managed but destroyed.
  • Ecocentric- these products care for you and the environment!

Your skincare routine deserves an upgrade. Switch to natural skin care products and notice the difference!

 Ancient Wisdom For Modern Living- Organix Mantra

The mission at Organix Mantra is simple, they believe that everyone deserves access to premium quality skin and hair care products that heal you from within. Their products are 100% pure and natural in composition, are very affordable, cruelty-free, and adhere to the strictest industry standards.

Among the various Femica beauty products available on our site, Organix Mantra bath essentials, serums, masks, carriers, and therapeutic oils are the most frequently bought.

Don’t believe us? Try them out today! You can shop for the complete range of Organix Mantra products at Femica.

The Best of Organix Mantra: Become Summer-Ready With These Products!

While a list of our Organix Mantra favourites is never-ending, we have managed to compile them into a few ABSOLUTE must-haves!

Add these highly-effective, ethically-sourced and authentic products to your cart right away!

1. Brush Off Dryness And Damage With Red Onion Hair Oil

A hair care routine without a potent hair oil? No thanks!

Femica beauty products

Organix Mantra’s Red Onion Hair Oil is high in nutrients that nourish the scalp and hair follicles. The goodness of curry leaves, black seed, argan, jojoba, and hibiscus will stimulate your hair growth and bring back the lost sheen.

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2. Lash Goals- Achieved! Eyebrow And Eyelash Growth Serum

‘Eye’ am loving this! Shop now from Femica.

Eyebrow Growth oil

Carefully formulated using a blend of cold-pressed oils, Vitamin E, and biotin, this super serum reduces hair fall and alleviates itchy skin while promoting thick brows and voluminous lashes. Use twice a day and see noticeable results!

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3. A Perfect Pout With Vanilla Mint Organic Lip Balm

Soft and sultry lips are just a click away!

Lip Care

What do you get when you combine the richness of shea and cocoa butter with the healing effects of Vitamin E and the rich fragrance of vanilla and peppermint? A holistic and organic lip treatment in a stick, of course!

Get this lip balm and other femica beauty products here.

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4. Age No More: Retinol 3% Serum for Your Timeless Beauty

The fountain of youth does exist!

Retinol - Antiageing Serum

Multiple Indian brands promote their products as anti-ageing but miss a key ingredient in their formulation- Retinol or Vitamin A. This retinol serum enhances cell turnover and growth, boosts collagen production, delays ageing signs, keeps skin supple, moisturised, and glowing!

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5. Rejuvenate From Within With the Bamboo Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

Looking good has never been easier!

charcol mask for whiteheads

While we don’t promise miracles, Organix Mantra’s Bamboo Charcoal peel-off mask comes pretty close to it! It combats pollution, impurities, skin dullness, and excess oil production effectively. Acne and blemishes? Banished! Use once a week for the best results!

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The Best of Both Worlds: How to add the Power of Ayurveda Into Your Daily Regime?

Contrary to popular opinion, beauty isn’t just skin deep.

Adding ayurvedic Femica beauty products to your skin and hair care routine can treat the root cause of imbalances, helping you achieve overall health that is not just limited to the skin.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Only use products that work for your skin type
  • Follow a detailed regime of cleansing, toning, moisturising, hydrating with serums, and protecting with oils daily
  • Use an exfoliating mask weekly
  • A hot oil head massage weekly can do wonders for your hair
  • Use essential oils liberally

Final Thoughts

Redefine the paradigm of beauty with Organix Mantra and Femica! Witness the phenomenal effects of natural, wholesome products on your skin and hair, all made possible by a local brand.

Don’t cut corners when you shop at femica! We run great deals throughout the year, ensuring that Femica beauty products are available when you need them the most. Pampering yourself has never felt better!


1. How can I use Organix Mantra’s rosehip seed oil?

This 100% pure, cold-pressed therapeutic oil is combined with a neutral carrier oil for massages. You can also add it to masks, moisturisers, and hair oils. Please don’t use it alone, dilute it with carrier oils.

2. What type of products can I use for vata skin type?

A ‘vata- dominant’ person generally has dry and flaky skin. Thus, one should use nourishing oils like coconut and avocado and serums like niacinamide that provide moisturising effects.

3. What other Organix Mantra products can I get from Femica?

Apart from the above-mentioned products, Femica also hosts other Organix Mantra products like bath salts, massage oils, eye serums, body oils, toners, mists and shampoos. You can check out the whole range here.

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