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Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Revitalise Your Hair with Organix Mantra Rosemary Essential Oil: The Miracle Hair Oil!

Essential oils are soothing and are all things relaxing. A blend of dried or fresh plants, roots, stems, seeds, flowers, bark or leaves produces this highly-concentrated fragrant liquid. 

what are essential oils good for - rosemary essential oil

If you’ve had constant frizz in your hair, dryness, breakage, and overall bad hair days, Organix Mantra has got you covered. They have a wide range of therapeutic premium-grade oil loaded with natural ingredients. Choose from their essential oil collection for your haircare needs.

If you’ve ever thought about the question, “what are essential oils good for?” They are packed with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties that give them healing and therapeutic qualities. 

If this is you, and your hair is a pain in your neck (literally!)…

Cheer up! You’re at the right place to learn how to turn your hair’s frown upside down. We’ll focus on rosemary essential oils for hair, and to make things easy for you, you can purchase your rosemary essential oil from Femica at reasonable rates. 

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Rosemary: The Healing Herb For Your Hair

Rosemary oil benefits

Rosemary, a herb from the Mediterranean region, does more than make food flavourful. It is a clear liquid often used in skincare, perfumes and hair care. Rosemary oil benefits are unique and unmatched. 

Femica is pleased to inform you that rosemary essential oil is a genie in a bottle to make your hair wishes come true and is a brilliant addition to your hair care routine.

On a side note, here’s a word of caution. Since essential oils are concentrated substances, they must be used sparingly. For some, the oil tends to react and irritate the sensitive skin on the scalp. So here are three ways to ensure the oils won’t hurt you.

  • Do an allergy test on one patch of your skin.
  • Dilute the essential oils with other oils, such as argan or castor oil, to reduce intensity.
  • Use in small quantities to start with and gradually increase the amount to your comfort.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles, pollution, bad lifestyle choices and sun exposure contribute to dryness and free radical damage in our hair. This is where the oil step’s up as your knight in shining armour!

Rosemary Essential Oil For the Hair

We at Organix Mantra & Femica believe in natural, non-toxic and clean products; rosemary oil is the way to go for your hair needs!

Those who’ve used rosemary essential oils claim to experience reduced scalp itching compared to chemical products like minoxidil. It blocks DHT, a type of testosterone responsible for hair loss. 

Some research shows that the essential oil fights alopecia areata and hair patchiness, affecting 50% of the population below 21 years and 20% over 40 years. Those with alopecia areata applied rosemary essential oils to their scalps for months every day, and 44% showed signs of progress.

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Tips on How to Use Rosemary Oil for Hair the Right Way

hair growth

  • Scalp detox: This essential oil has rich antiseptic and antioxidant properties for effectively treating dandruff and infection. If you don’t have it at home, research Femica haircare products from various brands. 
  • Hair oil: Not only does this essential oil boost hair growth, but it also prevents hair loss by strengthening your roots. You can first warm up the oil and massage it into your scalp. Then, let the oil sit for at least half an hour to work its magic before washing it off. 
  • Deodoriser: During Indian summers, your scalp can get smelly from all the sweat buildup. Applying rosemary oil from Organix Mantra in your hair care routine leaves you with a clean and fresh scalp. 
  • Conditioner: It is an excellent conditioner making the hair smooth and soft. One great way of how to use rosemary oil for hair is by adding it to your conditioner for extra nourishment and strength. 

Rosemary Oil Benefits For Happy Hair

hair care routine

Carbonic acid in rosemary has been proven to heal tissue and nerve damage and enhance cellular turnover. It, therefore, improves blood circulation and nerve growth. In addition, the scalp needs blood circulation for hair follicles to get proper nutrients to support hair growth. 

Here are the benefits:

  • Hair growth improvement
  • Reverses and reduces premature greying 
  • Reduces scalp itchiness 
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Strengthens hair 
  • Gets rid of dandruff
  • Improves scalp health
  • Fights off hair loss
  • Promotes nerve growth 
  • Repairs split ends

Experts acknowledge that rosemary essential oil is the most effective for thicker and stronger hair as it promotes lustrous strong hair. Are you ready to give your hair the right nutrition? After all, nutrition-rich hair equates to a happier you!


Rosemary hair oil has proven to have medical effects, from boosting hair growth to strengthening the hair follicles to promoting blood circulation upon absorption into the bloodstream. There are many ways to reap the benefits of this miraculous essential oil. 

Femica is devoted to providing you with the best product knowledge that is eco-friendly, non-toxic and cruelty-free. Femica haircare products strive to promote the most natural ways to enhance your beauty needs!


1. What are essential oils?

Essential oils are derived through distillation or mechanical pressing. They are compound extracts from flowers, plants, leaves, etc. The oils capture the materials’ scent or “essence” and are used for skin and hair care.

2. Can I directly use rosemary oil for my hair?

Even though it is beneficial, using it directly can be counterproductive. Instead, mix it with carrier oils (coconut or almond oil), blend the rosemary oil from Organix Mantra with your shampoo or conditioner or use products containing rosemary oil.

3. Who can use rosemary oil?

Since the benefits of rosemary target the hair follicles and not the hair strands, it can be used on any hair type. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, there isn’t much research to support that it isn’t harmful, so refrain from using it during these times. Consult with your dermatologist before using anything for your hair. 

4. Can rosemary essential oil treat hair loss?

Rosemary oil is said to improve blood circulation, promote nerve growth and reduce inflammation, thus providing hair follicles with blood and stimulating hair growth. 

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