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Alia Bhatt skincare routine

Alia Bhatt And Mira Kapoor Are Obsessed With This Skincare Ingredient

Do you often google ‘how to get clear skin’? Then this blog is for you. Let’s talk about the skincare ingredient that has become a rave in the skincare industry lately. Ceramides! If you don’t know what ceramides are, they are lipids that are naturally present in your skin. These lipids protect your outer skin and act as a barrier against environmental stressors.

how to get clear skin

Alright, but why is it such a rave? You might ask. Well, because with time, your skin’s natural ceramide level starts deteriorating. This would further expose your skin to damage. Hence, including ceramides in your skincare is crucial.

Thankfully, Femica has your back. We have brands like Dot & Key and Earth Rhythm that offer ceramides for skin in the form of moisturisers and creams.

And guess what? Bollywood beauties like Alia Bhatt and Mira Kapoor are in on the ceramides for the skincare game too. So, if you are looking to give your skin a boost of hydration, this blog will help you get started.

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Why Ceramides for Skin are Essential 

Alia Bhatt Skincare Routine

Alright, ladies, let’s dive deeper into the importance of ceramides. As mentioned earlier, ceramides protect the outer layer of the skin. And avoiding them would mean experiencing a nasty case of skin rashes, dryness, and breakouts.

So basically, skipping ceramide is a big no-no. Without a strong barrier, your skin will struggle to hold in the moisture that is so very essential. And to make it worse, a weak barrier would lead to premature ageing

Here are some symptoms to understand if your skin is begging you for some ceramide goodness:

  • Your skin feels dry 
  • You experience redness on your skin
  • You notice dullness in your skin
  • You notice premature ageing, like wrinkles or fine lines on the face
  • Your skin gets sensitive 

In any such case, Femica skincare products have a variety of creams and moisturisers that include ceramide as an ingredient to give your skin hydration.

Ways to Include Ceramide in Your Skincare Routine

Now that we understand ceramide and its importance let’s have a look at five ways you can incorporate ceramide into your skincare routine:

  1. Look for moisturisers that have ceramides 
  2. Try ceramide-rich facial oils
  3. Try using a ceramide-enriched face mask
  4. Switch to ceramide-based cleansers 
  5. Use serums that include ceramide 

Femica has a variety of top brands, including Dot & Key and Earth Rhythm, that provides you with one-stop skincare essential. With Dot & Key’s night reset ceramide and retinol cream, your skin will feel fresh and smooth with a rejuvenated look overnight. 

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Myths About Ceramide 

Ceramides in skincare

When you just enter the world of skincare, you might be bulldozed with a ton of information. We get it. It can be intimidating. But some of them might turn out to be fake. 

We will now look at the common misconceptions about incorporating ceramide into your skincare routine. 

  • Oily skin does not need ceramide.

This is one of the most common myths. Many believe that ceramide is not required for people with oily skin because it already produces enough moisture. However, oily skin does need ceramide to control the natural oil and keep it fresh. 

Many ceramide-infused Femica skincare products are lightweight and can be applied on oily skin.

  • Ceramides are only necessary for ageing skin.

While it is true that ceramide helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines on the face, they are also crucial for younger skin. Since UV rays and other environmental factors affect the skin’s condition, your skin barrier tends to become weaker. 

Other than anti-ageing creams, Femica also has a variety of night creams, daily moisturisers, and more to keep your skin glowing.

  • You cannot use ceramides with other active ingredients 

Many believe that ceramide is too gentle to be used with vitamin C or retinol – infused products. However, it is the complete opposite. 

Ceramide enhances the effectiveness of other active ingredients on your skin while focusing on reducing irritation and dryness. Furthermore, it weighs nothing on your skin and is not overloading your skin. A win-win situation!

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Femica offers Earth Rhythm’s deep moisturiser infused with ceramide to help fight wrinkles and keep your skin hydrated and happy. You can include this moisturiser in your daily skincare routine to always slay your everyday look. 

ceramides in skincare

What the Beauty Gurus Have to Say About Ceramide

Skincare enthusiasts like Alia Bhatt and Mira Kapoor tell the world about their favourite ingredients in skincare, and ceramide tops the list. They raved about this magical ingredient and its benefits during interviews and on social media.

Alia talks about how ceramide has been a game-changer for her skin. She states that it has improved her skin barrier to give her healthy and hydrated skin.

Mira, on the other hand, has been using ceramide to repair her skin during the colder days. Say no more to dry and irritated skin. Alia Bhatt and Mira Kapoor are already in, and it’s time for you to join the glow gang. 

Wrapping Up 

We understand how deep the rabbit hole of the skincare world is. With tons of information and loads of ingredients to include in your routine, you might get sidetracked. However, always remember, girl, never skip out on your ceramide.

You can always use ceramide-infused products from Femica’s top brands. All your answers to ‘How to get clear skin’ are answered by building the right skincare routine. 

By including ceramide in your skincare, you are investing in the long run for your skin. And your skin will forever be grateful. 

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1. How often can I use ceramide?

You can apply a ceramide-infused cream twice a day. It is completely safe and advised to do so.

2. Can I use ceramide with vitamin C?

Absolutely. Ceramide enhances the effect of other active ingredients, including vitamin C

3. When to start using ceramide?

It is best to start using ceramide-infused products from your early twenties to mid-twenties.

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