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What Skincare Products Should You Buy When On a Budget?

Is your cart full of skin care products but you never place the order because the list is never-ending? Every skincare enthusiast is struggling with this FOMO and ends up spending lots of money. But did you know that your skin does not need everything the internet says?  

skin care steps

As tempting as it is, you only need the basic skincare products to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Some trending products may help with extra boost and hydration that you can indulge in from time to time.  

Additionally, you need to maintain sleep hygiene, healthy food habits, and balance stress levels and hydration to reap the full benefits of skincare. This article lists the crucial products so you don’t spend on unnecessary extravagance.

You can use Femica skincare products for your skincare steps to achieve tight and youthful skin.

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Your Shelf Should Have These Skincare Products

natural skin care tips

We all wish we had the perfect go-to AM and PM skincare routine. But how do you decide on the number of products on your bathroom shelf? Buy these must-haves from Femica if you are a beginner or on a budget.

Further, Femica beauty products are chemical free making them a perfect fit for your skin.

1. A Makeup Remover to Wipe Off the Last Piece of Dirt

makeup remover wipes

Keeping up with makeup trends is exciting but removing it is crucial for clean and healthy skin. One of the basic natural skin care tips is to cleanse your face thoroughly. You can buy a Reusable Makeup remover from Femica to keep your cleaning game on point.

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2. Wash Your Face to Remove the Remaining Dirt and Impurities

face cleanser

A face cleanser is non-negotiable when removing all the oil and grease from your face. The Skin Story Facewash Shea Butter & Blueberry from Femica is an anti-oxidant-rich formula that makes skin look visibly smoother.

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3. Face Serum is Food for Your Skin Barrier

face serum benefits

Face serum benefits extend beyond moisturising your skin. It plumps the skin and provides a healthy glow from within. It is effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles resulting in firmer skin. The Chemist at Play Exfoliating Face Serum from Femica is an effective yet mild exfoliant to remove dead cells. 

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It contains milky ceramides and lactic acid that decongests pores reducing the chances of developing acne. With regular use, you can achieve a radiant and glowing complexion.

4. An Anti-Aging Cream to Maintain That Youthful Glow 

anti aging cream

A skincare routine is incomplete without an anti-aging cream. Everyone strives to look young and have wrinkle-free skin that is radiant and glowing. WOW Skin Science Anti Aging Night Cream  from Femica skincare products boosts collagen production and stimulates skin repair.

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You can use this skin care cream from Femica to moisturise and fight signs of aging or reverse any existing damage.

5. A Sunscreen to Up your Skincare Game

sunscreen spf 50

Exposure to the sun damages your skin whether you are outdoors or indoors. If you do not use sunscreen regularly, your skin will suffer from tanning, and pigmentation leading to a damaged skin barrier.

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Eventually, the skin loses elasticity which rips the skin off of youthfulness. Since the ozone layer depletion, UVA and UVB rays directly enter the Earth. This necessitates splurging on a sunscreen SPF 50 to protect your skin fully.

Daily Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

skin care steps

Gather all the above products and get ready to have the best skin with an effective skincare routine. Below is a simple skincare routine to achieve the skin that people cannot stop staring at that too on the budget  –

  • Use makeup remover to wipe off all visible makeup from your skin. Do it twice if you have put on heavy makeup.
  • Next, use a cleanser to wash off the remaining products to get a 100% clean face.
  • Now, apply an anti-aging cream and keep rubbing smoothly until the skin absorbs it.
  • Since serums are heavier and usually oil-based, apply once the cream gets absorbed.
  • Finally, apply sunscreen during an AM routine. You can skip it at night.

”Your skin is an investment, not an expense. So choose wisely.” 


1. What does a beginner need for a skincare routine?

If you are a beginner with no visible signs of aging or concerns like acne, blemishes, and dullness, follow a 3-step routine. Use a cleanser, moisturiser, and sunscreen in the initial stages.

2. Are expensive skincare products more effective?

Only costly products don’t always do wonders for your skin. Always look at the ingredients and match them with your skin type. Femica has some of the most budget-friendly skincare products that are as effective as any other luxury brand.

However, certain expensive products last longer than affordable ones making them a fruitful investment.

3. Can I use all actives and chemicals in one day?

Using everything in one single go can damage the skin barrier and worsen existing symptoms. It is best to use a maximum of two skincare ingredients. For example – Do not mix retinol and vitamin C or AHA/BHAs. It may dry out the skin and cancel each other’s benefits. 

Similarly, do not use vitamin C with other acids like salicylic or lactic acid.

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