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Catch Up on All the Latest Social Media Makeup Trends With these Products

Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge how Euphoria has allowed us to be more imaginative and inventive with our face makeup?

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Now, we are all willing to experiment and give new beauty trends a try. While scrolling through social media, we know you must have saved some makeup inspirations too. Keeping up with social media rage sometimes becomes a little too daunting.

But don’t worry, Femica has got your back!

Although it’s no secret that social media trends come and go, we’ve found a few that are worth bookmarking and keeping in mind. We have also included the Femica beauty products that will help you achieve those looks.

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 #1 Play Around with that Graphic Eyeliner Look!


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Wearing a glitter cut crease or winged eyeliner may be too out of your comfort zone. Especially, if you’re new to makeup or like neutral tones. Google’s Year in Search data shows that some of the top social media trends in 2022 included dramatic looks with dark lip liner and graphic waterproof eyeliner styles. This witnessed a 200% spike in popularity compared to search trends in 2021. 

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A quick way to join the colorful cosmetic trend is to wear colored waterproof eyeliner. However, creating a quirky, graphic design is not necessary to fully capture the effect, so you don’t have to worry about ‘how to apply eyeliner’ in case of colourful liners. When it comes to face makeup, sometimes all that’s needed to transform it from ordinary to remarkable is a tiny splash of color.

With this pack of colored eyeliners from Femica makeup products, you can add that splash of color to your makeup steps

#2 Glass Highlight for that Glow!



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Like skinny jeans, the glaring cheekbone highlight is coming back in style. Glassy temple highlight will catch all the eyes in 2023. If you’re confused about how to do this, all you must do is apply a primer and then a cream-based highlighter from Femica. Apply them from your temple to your orbital bone so that it reflects and gives off a glass-like radiance.

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You can use the Neyah Tricolour Rainbow Barrier Primer from Femica makeup products to get that perfect base.

#3 Make Way for Skin Minimalism!

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“Good skin is the best foundation for your makeup”.

Skinmalism swept the beauty industry by storm because of the widespread abandonment of 12-step skincare routines in favor of a more condensed form. Now that consumers choose a less dramatic makeup look, the skincare movement and color cosmetic products have collided. 

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Sheer and lightweight skin tones are quickly replacing heavy and thick foundations. To love their skin, many consumers are shunning full-coverage products as the inclusive beauty movement normalizes skin texture. Therefore, most people choose BB creams and foundations from Femica beauty products with light coverage and a dewy finish, leaving the cakiness behind.

#4 Foundation in a Glass?


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Who doesn’t love a hydrating yet transfer-proof look? 

Another makeup trend that has practically captured our entire attention is this one. Our hearts are in this viral hack! The hashtag that is trending right now is #foundationinwater. 

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For this, you must pour a few pumps of foundation from Femica into a glass of water. You then have to stir it with a stick to create this hack. Apply the foundation to your skin after removing it with a stick. Not only will it leave a moisturizing effect, but it will also create an appearance that is transfer-proof. 

This will also help you in getting that no-foundation makeup look.

To Sum Up

social media trends 2023

These were some of the latest makeup trends, along with the cosmetic products you can use from Femica beauty products. What better time than a new year to start experimenting with new things? Try out these makeup looks using the best makeup products from Femica and watch out for the exciting things that come with it. May your foundation match your neck, concealer be creaseless and winged eyeliner be sharp enough to kill. Amen.

In 2022, makeup lovers began to explore their creativity and experiment with different colors and accessories. Femica’s prediction for 2023’s beauty trends is that there will be an abundance of bold colors, graphic eyeliners, and skin-friendly foundations.

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1.  Why does my makeup pill?

Pilling in your makeup can occur if you are using too many products at once on your face. To avoid pilling, we suggest using primer makeup, and minimal cosmetic products for your face makeup.

2. My lips are very dry. How can I apply lipstick on them?

As you prep your skin first before doing makeup, you can prep your lips before applying lipstick. You can do this by applying a lip balm from Femica on your lips, before applying lipstick. 

3. How can I extend the wear of my makeup?

In addition to using the correct Femica beauty products according to your skin type, finish your makeup with a setting powder. This will help you get rid of the excess products and will make your makeup last longer.

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