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Valentine day Traditions

10 Valentine’s Day Traditions to Make your Sweetheart Swoon

Ahh, Romance! Whenever these words are uttered, doesn’t it always bring a smile to your face and butterflies to your tummy? 

Valentines Day

Nothing gets the hearts fluttering like thinking about showing love in various ways on Valentine’s Day. The fast-approaching Valentine’s Day has stores filled with balloons, teddies, chocolates in various shapes and sizes, and candy in heart shapes. From romantic dates to unique gifts, there are countless ways to celebrate valentine’s day. 

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Besides gifts and candlelight dinners, did you know that there are different traditions to celebrate the day of love across the world? Here, we will embrace cultural diversity and explore 10 distinct Valentine’s Day traditions from different countries.

1. Japan: Men Get Pampered

In Japan, women traditionally give chocolates or other gifts to men on Valentine’s Day. In the months leading up to Valentine’s Day, many Japanese women attend chocolate-making classes to learn how to make exquisite chocolates to give to their loved ones. 

Romantic dates

2. France: Love Letters

In France, many couples write love letters to each other on Valentine’s Day. They spend their day with their valentines, exchange cards with a gift or token of their love. The lovely yards, trees, and residences may all be seen decked with roses, cards of love, and marriage offers in flakes.

Cultural Diversity

3. Mexico: The Day of Love and Friendship

In Mexico, this occasion provides a chance to express your love for your family, friends, and not only your significant other. Valentine’s Day is celebrated with piñatas, delicious foods and wine. Friends and family gather together to make and fill the piñatas with candy and other treats. 

Valentines Day

4. Korea: Every Month has a Valentine’s Day

Every month on the 14th, amorous lovers in Seoul, South Korea, commemorate the day of love. Yes, each month! Crazy right?! Moreover, each day of our Valentine’s week is celebrated separately each month. May marks “the day of flowers,” June marks “the day of kisses,” and December marks “the day of embraces.” 

Traditional backgrounds

5. Italy: Couple’s Paradise

In the past, Italians from traditional backgrounds used to honour Valentine’s Day as their annual spring celebration. Additionally, unmarried couples would rise before sunrise to try and catch a glimpse of who their future spouse might be. Gifts of Perugina Baci chocolates were also given; these chocolates are composed of sweet cherry filling covered by wrappers with romantic messages printed on them. 

Romantic Date

6. Denmark: Have a Good Laugh

The Danes play around with Valentine’s Day! They send their fans gaekkebrev, or joke letters. The recipient signs the message using dots rather than their name and writes a rhyme or poem on paper that has been cut into the shape of a snowdrop or spring flower. 

Valentine day ideas

7. Taiwan: Flowers are the Key

Huge bouquets will be given by men from traditional backgrounds to their loved ones on February 14 and again on July 7. In Taiwan, if you get a bouquet with precisely 108 roses, someone is proposing to you!

Valentines Week

8. United States of America: Full-Blown Celebration

American couples go above and beyond to express their love for one another. The United States of America spends billions of dollars annually on sweets, cards, chocolates, flowers, and jewellery. 

Valentines Day

9. Finland: Celebrate with Friends

Finland country is the ideal location for someone travelling alone. You don’t have to be concerned about missing out on the celebrations since, in this nation, having a good time is all about hanging out with your pals. The pink rose is the national flower, although presents, cards, and candies are all welcome.

Finland Country

10. United Kingdom: Love Blooms

Valentine’s Day is a very romantic holiday in the UK. Flowers, chocolates, and jewellery are presents that lovers exchange flowers, chocolates, and jewellery across the Isles. Couples frequently have a romantic supper out or choose to prepare a meal at home under candlelight in the evening. 

Valentines Day Ideas

To Conclude

These long-standing Valentine’s Day customs from all around the world that honour love and friendship will be enjoyable for everyone, whether you’re single or already in a relationship.

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1. How does India celebrate Valentine’s Day?

India mostly celebrates with lovely dinners and gifts to loved ones. In this season of love, you can check out Femica’s Valentine’s Day offers and get some Femica makeup combo for your beloved.

2. Who Started Valentine’s Day Tradition?

The origins of Valentine’s Day and the life of St. Valentine are mostly unknown.

3. Is Valentine’s Day observed around the world?

Yes, regardless of where it originated, Valentine’s Day is observed globally. On February 14, people all across the world celebrate love in distinctive ways.

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