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Dull to Dazzling: Protouch Hair Growth Product Combo

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing dull, lifeless, and damaged hair staring back at you?

Don’t worry, Femica has the solution to give you lush, luscious hair that dazzles as you walk across any room!

how to repair damaged hair

Are you prepared to unlock a world of dazzling beauty and learn the techniques for mending damaged hair using Femicahair care products? You can give your hair a fresh, revitalised look by using Femica ProTouch Hair Growth Therapy.

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Understanding the Factors that May Be Sabotaging Your Hair

hair loss treatment

Understanding the causes behind the damage to your tresses is crucial to understanding how to repair damaged hair. Here we will explore all the factors silently wreaking havoc on your hair.

  • Dry hair: Is your hair looking like a wispy, dried mop? It may be because it lacks hydration and moisture.
  • Brittle hair: If your hair lacks elasticity, it will be brittle and prone to breakage.
  • Split ends: If you are burdened with frayed and split hair ends, maybe it is time for a trimming.
  • Frizzy hair: Unmanageable and fizzy hair is often due to moisture imbalance in the scalp and damaged cuticles.
  • Lack of shine: If your hair is not glistening in the sun, it may indicate unhealthy hair.

Exposing the Culprits Behind the Damage to Your Hair

how to repair damaged hair

Understanding the causes of hair damage is crucial to preventing future injuries, as there are many contributing variables. Hair damage has some frequent causes, including:

  • Excessive use of heat: Using blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons frequently can damage hair by robbing it of its natural moisture and causing heat-induced damage.
  • Chemical treatments: Structural integrity of the hair shaft can be disrupted and weakened by harsh chemical procedures, including perming, straightening, and dyeing.
  • Poor hair care techniques: Overwashing, using abrasive shampoos, rough towel drying, and hard brushing can all lead to hair damage.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to sunshine, pollution, and severe weather can harm hair, rendering it prone to dryness and breakage.

Why Femica Protouch Hair Care Products are the Ultimate Blessing?

Protouch hair care products are a set of revolutionary hair growth products available from the range of Femica hair care products. The products available on Femica, Protouch hair growth therapy comb, hair growth serum, and hair growth oil make an excellent combination that gives you lush hair.

Let’s examine each Femica ProTouch Hair Growth Therapy products in detail to see how it can change the look of your hair.

1. Protouch Hair Growth Therapy Comb

hair loss treatment with LED comb from Protouch

This cutting-edge comb has massage nodes and laser technologies that stimulate hair follicles and increase blood flow to the scalp.

The gentle massager in ProTouch Hair Growth Therapy Comb offers soothing sensation, that releases stress and anxiety.

2. Protouch Hair Growth Serum

Protouch Hair Growth Serum

The Protouch Hair Growth Serum is thoughtfully infused with a powerful concoction of redensyl, anagain, onion extracts, biotin, and collagen extracts to nourish hair follicles.  Redensyl activates hair stem cells, and anagain reactivates hair growth to bring back the original density of hair.

In addition to maintaining general hair health, the serum helps strengthen hair strands.

3. Protouch Hair Growth Oil

hair loss treatment

This oil works wonders on damaged hair, revitalising and reviving it. The intensely nourishing oil smooths down fly–aways and frizzes, making your hair look professional.

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Bottom Line

You are taking a holistic step towards hair loss treatment and nurturing your hair when you include ProTouch Hair Growth Therapy products in your hair care routine. The combined use of these products can reduce hair breakage and encourage hair regrowth.

Visit the Femica website to look for Femica hair care products that provide healthier, more attractive hair.


1. Describe some natural herbs that help in hair growth?

At Femica, we advise you to incorporate these natural herbs to your hair care routine for good results:

2. Do LED hair therapy combs work?

Studies show that using LED hair combs is useful, and many women have experienced noticeable changes. The massagers stimulate blood circulation and increases hair growth also the LED lights restores tissues and cells to its original condition.

3. Is it good to use LED hair combs every day?

According to experts, LED hair combs must be used only 3 times a week to get optimal results. It is advised to not use it every day to avoid over stimulation that might diminish the good results.

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