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hair loss treatment with LED comb from Protouch

How Protouch is Revolutionizing At-Home Personal Care

A skincare routine is not for everyone! That’s true! A multi-step regime may not be feasible, especially if you’re working. But what’s the point of self-care if it is overwhelming? To save you from the complexity of choosing from a plethora of products, there exists Femica ProTouch – Femica beauty products category! 

Femica's personal care routine with Protouch

By merging technology into a skincare routine, beauty tech products focus on delivering hassle-free yet efficient results to you. Let us dive deeper and learn about the importance of skin care devices alongside exploring some effective tools. 

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Is it Time to Ditch Your Dermatologist? 

Don’t ditch your skin specialist just yet! However, these smart beauty tech products are here to make your skincare regime easier. 

Supplementing multiple skin products with these tools may help you achieve results more efficiently. From acne to pigmentation and hair care – personal care tools are only here to make your task easier. 

For instance, a hair massager properly stimulates the circulatory system. Similarly, an LED-based product accelerates skin repair to help even skin tone. 

Self care routine with protouch

In addition to being practical, these tools are approved by FDA. While there is a solid scientific reason behind the functionality of each self-care product, the following sections will help you realise their potential. 

Top 3 Personal Care Tools from Femica ProTouch – Femica Beauty Products Category 

Since tech-based beauty tools are increasing, you may need clarification about what to choose! 

This section highlights the top 3 tools from Femica ProTouch – Femica beauty products category. You may use them alongside your handpicked skin care products. Let us explore them one by one! 

1. ProTouch 3 in 1 LED Face Mask 

Do you find it hard to narrow down suitable skin care products for your face? Indeed, this is a burning problem due to the availability of products with many potent ingredients. With 3 in 1 LED face mask, it will be easier to weigh the benefits of your regular skincare regime. 

personal care led face mask

These are simple and cordless lightweight devices that offer efficient skin care at home. LED face masks usually emit light between 400 to 700 nm wavelength. As a result, each colour, such as red, blue, and orange, targets a specific skin problem on your face. 

These problems include: 

  • Red Light: Reduce cytokine production that slows down inflammation and brings skin ageing to a halt. 
  • Blue Light: Targets bacterial growth and reduces the acne caused by microorganisms. 
  • Orange Light: Boosts collagen production and improves circulation, which helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

While you already use multiple serums and face creams to improve the barrier, trying an LED-based facial tool for better results is only fair. 

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2. ProTouch Skin Lift Device 

There is no doubt that your skin loses its elasticity with age. You may delay the process by including multiple serums but cannot reverse or stop it. However, Femica ProTouch – Femica beauty products include devices that further delay this ageing. 

Protouch antiageing skincare routine

The skin lifts personal care tool delivers professional light-based skin lifting treatment at the convenience of your home. It is as easy as switching on the device and massaging your face gently upwardly. 

The LED light stimulates collagen production, and the massage improves circulation. Moreover, massaging your face in a specific direction also activates your lymphatic drainage system around the face. Some benefits of skin lifting tools include: 

  • Makes the skin firmer 
  • Regulates melanin production 
  • Reduces puffiness in the face 
  • Improves blood circulation in the face 
  • Enhances tissue repair mechanism and renews cell 

Like a face mask, this device has three LED colours to target each skin ailment separately. 

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3. ProTouch LED Hair Growth Therapy Comb 

An uncomplicated scalp treatment to boost hair growth with excellent efficiency. This ProTouch LED hair growth therapy comb is designed with LEDs alongside a massager. While the lights rejuvenate the scalp and work at the tissue level, the massager stimulates blood circulation. 

personal haircare routine

Additionally, the device has three modes that cater to the following problems:

  • Mode 1: Massage and stimulate hair growth 
  • Mode 2: Awaken hair follicles for regrowth and improve the volume 
  • Mode 3: Enhances oil or serum application by improving product absorption and destressing the nerves 

Moreover, 10-12 minutes of massage can gradually restore vitality and improve your scalp’s blood circulation. Are you ready to flaunt 10 times thicker and healthier hair?   

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Final Thoughts – To Choose or Not to Choose! 

Light therapy is buzzing in the skin care industry! In this scenario, Femica ProTouch – Femica beauty products offer exclusive beauty gadgets that deliver results in the comfort of your home. 

Even though light therapy cannot replace chemical formulations and regular skincare routines, it can speed up the results significantly. Moreover, some self-care products are suitable to combine with or after light therapy. All you need to do is prioritise your skin care goals and use the appropriate treatment alongside the right device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can beauty tech products replace active formulations?

No. Beauty gadgets like LED face masks and facial massagers are only here to support your skincare regime. For instance, it helps better absorb active formulation and stimulates the skin repair mechanism. 

2. Do LED-based facial products have side effects?

While most LED-based products are approved by FDA, it is essential to understand your skin’s reactivity. Many people are sensitive to lights of various wavelengths and may face inflammation. Hence, you must try the products before investing in them. 

3. Does light therapy make you fair?

No. The ultimate purpose of light therapy is not associated with lightening skin tone. However, the skin repair mechanism, such as improvement in hyperpigmentation and evening of skin tone, may improve the complexion.

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