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Getting Stronger Hair is Not a Tough Job Now! Check out This Hair Oil Now

Of all her womanly charms, none receive the honour of being called the ‘glory’ as the long and luscious hair given for a covering. We all have encountered women whose cascading, shiny tresses have compelled us to steal a second glance (maybe even more!). 

Since ancient cultures, beautiful hair has been a long-standing symbol of femininity and health. It was deemed as the crown a woman may never take off, but hair fall issues are on the rise mainly due to poor diet and lifestyles. 

Hair Care routine

While some women suffer from hair loss due to genetic conditions, others share in this universal struggle through scalp infection, improper hair care routines, hormonal imbalances, stress, and age. What if there was a panacea for all hair care problems? While a one-size-fits-all solution may not be available, Femica India offers insight into steps to improve hair growth and maintain healthy hair

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1. Start with What’s at the End of Your Fork!

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Good food does more than just uplift your mood; it will make those dull, brittle strands sing for joy! Yes, hair health is much like skin health, symbolic of what’s happening inside your body. If you lose an estimated 125 hair strands in a single day, you suffer from hair loss triggered by an unhealthy internal environment. 

Femica recommends cleaning up your plate and introducing lots of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Even if you have cooked veggies, ensure they’re not overcooked so as to lose their nutritional value. Some important nutrients your hair needs are protein (that’s what it’s made of!), iron, Omega-3 fats, Vitamin C, Biotin, and Vitamin E. 

Accordingly, consume good portions of nuts, chicken, dairy products, oranges, berries, sweet potatoes, carrots, whole grains, and leafy greens. Also, drinking sufficient water helps maintain healthy hair from the roots to the tips. 

2. Rethink Your Shampooing Rituals 

Will it sound cliché to say that choosing the right shampoo is critical to healthy hair growth? This practice is often neglected in favour of budget-friendly and fad products. Femica advises against choosing the latest trending shampoo or something your close friend recommended. 

This is because different hair textures have different needs. Plus, some people have really dry scalp, whilst others produce enough sebum to get drenched in one’s own oils! Neglecting these differences will lead to hair fall, split ends, and itchy scalp. 

Know your hair type and opt for an anti-hair fall shampoo that supports its needs. Also, do not shampoo too frequently – once or twice a week should be enough. Finally, always condition your strands after shampooing, or they will lose much-needed moisture. 

3. Follow Hair-Oiling Dos and Don’ts Closely 

Ah! While some are entirely averse to the paradox of hair-oiling, others are a little too obsessed. Who could resist a relaxing head massage or ‘Champi’ after a long, hectic day at the office, right?

Frequent hair-oiling strengthens hairs from their roots and improves their lustre and texture. However, Femica offers a few useful tips to get the most out of this hair care practice –

  • Start by choosing a potent hair growth oil, preferably composed of natural ingredients.
  • Always apply oil for at least an hour before cleansing your hair with shampoo. 
  • Do not apply too much oil until it’s dripping from your hair tips (less is more!). 
  • Warm the oil a little before application as it helps it seep deep into the scalp. 
  • Never leave the oil in your hair overnight, as the stickiness will become a trap for dust. 
  • Do not tie your hair in a knot after applying oil, which could accelerate hair loss. Let your hair loose till washing. 

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4. Time to Count Down the Heat Numbers 

Are you heavily into hair styling? There is nothing wrong with experimenting with cool, new hairstyles using tools like hair curlers, straighteners, relaxers, etc. 

But if you’re not careful, soon enough, these heat treatments will thin your hair down, making it vulnerable to breakage. Femica recommends dialling down the heat a bit. One way to do this is to understand your hair better. For instance – straight hair with fine strands should not be heat-styled more than once a week. Wavy hairs may take the heating up to twice a week, whilst curly strands cope well with even three times a week. 

Use a blow-dryer at least six inches away from your hair’s surface, and limit even blow-drying sessions to twice a week. Before using these tools, consider applying a heat-protectant spray or gel. Finally, ensure your heating tools are always set at their lowest setting to reduce hair damage. 

Femica Hair Care Products to the Rescue! 

We understand that hair care is essential not just for your overall appearance but also for health and hygiene. This is why Femica India believes in a holistic self-care approach. The Femica Protouch is a holistic brand that supports your holistic personal grooming journey. 

Invest in quality Femica hair care products, ranging from hair serums to shampoos and hair oils that promise luscious, healthy hair over time. When combined with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, these quality hair care products will empower you to don the hair of your dreams! 

“Life may not be perfect, but your hair can be!”


1. Can lack of sleep cause hair fall?

Every person needs at least six to eight hours of sound sleep each night to function optimally. Lack of adequate sleep can trigger certain health complications, hair loss being one of them. This is because a continuous lack of sleep increases stress levels, possibly leading to hormonal imbalances. 

2. Is it alright to wash your hair every day?

Unless you are accustomed to daily hair-washing since childhood, your scalp may respond poorly to this practice. Gentle cleansing thrice a week is sufficient for most hair types. But, limit the shampooing and conditioning to twice a week at most. 

3. What are some foods that may escalate hair fall issues?

Some food items you must avoid if you’re already facing hair loss include refined white sugar, processed carbs, greasy and fried foods, carbonated drinks, and foods with a high glycaemic index. 

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