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Haircare Routine To Control Hair Loss During Humid Weather

Among the most aggravating aspects of hair is humidity. Hair fall rises by around 30% in nearly 90% of people during the monsoon season. In an ideal world, we all must adjust our hair care routines as per climate fluctuations, but this isn’t always practical. Hair fall of roughly 50-60 hair per day would be normal on a regular day, but during the monsoon season, the figure might reach 250 or more. Moreover, you style your hair care and it looks great, but it’s ruined after half an hour outside. It appears frizzy, uncomfortable, or limp, which is not the appearance you had before you left home. Explore Femica India to find clean & organic haircare products that suit your needs.

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Many people’s hair care is dictated by the weather, but that should not be the case. In every weather, you should just be able to wear any style.

So, here we have compiled 7 great products for that will definitely work out for you. 

1. To oil or not to oil, Is that a real question?

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Onion oil, which is high in sulphur, potassium, and antioxidants, helps to prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth. Redensyl, one of the most recent breakthrough compounds in hair development, unblocks hair care follicles while also stimulating new hair growth. The Oil is free of dangerous chemicals and pollutants including Silicones, Mineral Oil, Parabens, and Dyes, making it safe for coloured and chemically modified hair.

Silicones, mineral oil, parabens, and colours are not present in Onion Hair care Oil due to no toxins & no hazardous chemicals in it.

2. Love is in the hair, Don’t lose the love!

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The package has a powerful combination of Anti-hair fall shampoo including Bringhraj & Pea protein extract promotes hair development and minimizes hair loss.

Extracts of white Lotus flower & Avocado butter detangles, soften, and smoothes the hair care. It is SLS-free, allergen-free, paraben-free, CG-friendly, environmentally friendly, and suitable for all ages.

3. Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be!

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This Onion Hair Mask strengthens hair care from the roots, reducing hair fall and improving overall hair and scalp health. Onion Oil nourishes the scalp, replenishing nutrients depleted by pollution, adverse weather, and dangerous chemicals in hair products. It relieves itching and inflammation by cooling the scalp.

Moreover, this Onion Hair Mask is made entirely of natural ingredients and is devoid of dangerous chemicals such as mineral oil, parabens, and silicones.

4. We hope, you don’t want to look old by those premature grey strands of hair!

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Natural plants are used to make this black herbal henna powder. It hydrates the scalp & hair. Black Organic Mehandi further preserves hair from pollutants and ensures that grey hair is completely covered.

Henna is a natural hair conditioner and dye. It softens, shines, and darkens hair. It also contains hair-strengthening qualities as well as detoxifying properties for the scalp. Amla promotes hair growth & rejuvenates the roots of the hair. It also helps to stop hair loss and early graying hair.

5. How to moisturize dry hair? How to retain moisture to skin? How to minimise the pores?

3 problems, 1 solution!!

This is a genuine aloe vera gel for various purposes that calms the skin. It’s a natural toner and moisturizer for the skin. Natural Aloe Vera Gel can also be used to treat skin rashes. It’s even used to simmer down the skin and minimize the pores after waxing. It also eliminates tan and heals acne. It’s even used as a hair moisturizer.

Anti-inflammatory and other anti-effects are found in aloe vera. It’s a natural moisturizer that contracts the pores and elasticizes the skin. It is used to treat sunburn and acne.

6. Gratitude and COCONUT OIL change everything. (even the dry hair)

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Southern India’s coconut is the most well-known gem. The oil out of this rich brown nut was a wonderful component in the beauty regimens of the Pandiya queens, who were noted for their shiny cascades of dark hair & beautifully radiant skin. The exquisite therapeutic characteristics of Virgin Coconut Oil may renew and bring brilliance to the skin, as well as an opulent luster to dry hair.

7. That moment when your essential oil whisper

“I’m your go-to hair dandruff solution”!

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Rosemary Essential Oil is extracted from fresh Rosemary blooming tops using a steam distillation process. It is popularly used in fragrant and cosmetic products due to its strong, herbaceous aroma. It can be a widely effective hair care dandruff solution.

If you want a specific hair care routine for men then we have a brief tour for you as well.

“Your hair is the crown, you can never take off”

So why not keep it lustrous and wanted? We at believe Femica overall beauty that starts from hair to toe.

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