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Unraveling the Dos and Don’ts of Effective Showering This Summer

Did you know that ancient civilisations considered bathing a sacred act, even a ritual? It is no wonder that any holy anointing involved immersing the body in water (which is symbolic of a cleanser).

how to take a shower

Today, bathing seldom occupies any significant space in an average individual’s mind. Worse yet, some people even go about their daily cleansing rituals on auto-pilot! In case you do the same, especially during the summer season, it’s highly likely that you’re showering the wrong way.

Shocked? Yes, there is indeed a right and wrong way to shower, worth pondering upon! Femica India brings to you important dos and don’ts to keep in mind for relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing bath sessions this summer.

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1. DO Take Bath at the Ideal Water Temperature

summer season Bath routine

If talking about the melting-hot summers, your body would naturally reject hot water. However, most people tend to lean towards the other extreme – taking an ultra-cool shower. Even that can be counterintuitive.

While hot water strips your skin of its natural oils, super-long cold water showers can also dry out the skin.

Besides that, hot or cold water can cause issues beneath the skin too. They can increase circulation unnaturally, which leads to inflammation and skin acne.

Femica recommends two ways to fight the common problem of body acne during summer – bathing in lukewarm water and using charcoal skin care soap. Lukewarm water keeps the natural oils intact, whereas charcoal provides deep exfoliation and reduces oiliness. Plus, it is suitable for all skin types!

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2. DO NOT Wash Your Face at the Shower, Tempting as it May Be!

how to take a shower

If you’re like the average person hurrying for work or singing off-key while showering, it’s pretty natural to reach for the facial cleanser as you lather your hair and the rest of the body. But you must resist this temptation.

One of the right ways on how to take a shower is to never wash your face while in it. The warm shower water opens up your body’s pores. If you cleanse your face at the time, the shampoo and other irritants might enter through those pores and cause acne.

Also, it’s unsafe in light of the bathroom bacteria! Get out of the shower and cleanse your face with a mild and gentle cleanser in the sink area instead.

3. DO Slather Lotion Right after Bathing (No Exceptions!)

summer season bath routine

When it comes to body lotions, people generally have two misconceptions – you can only slather some during the winter, and you can do so anytime throughout the day.

Femica recommends using a body lotion irrespective of the climate because even the summer season can be dry, scraping off necessary oils from the body. As for the best time, it’s immediately after bathing. At this time, your body is slightly damp and applying a lotion will seal in the required moisture.

That way, your skin will stay nourished and hydrated all day long.

4. DO NOT Jump Right into Shampooing and Conditioning

how to take a shower

Are you in the habit of jumping into the shower, slightly damping your hair, and immediately slathering shampoo all over the scalp? This one practice could be causing problems of hair-thinning, split ends, and easy breakage.

The ideal way to go about this is to take some steam before showering your hair. Then, gently massage the scalp to loosen the build-up of dirt and dandruff. Finally, cleanse with a mild cleanser like murumuru butter shampoo bar, which is excellent for hydration. It is gentle on the strands and controls frizz.

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For further moisturisation, opt for an equally mild hair conditioner that deeply nourishes the tresses that just underwent shampoo cleansing.

5. DO Use a Gentle and Exfoliating Bath Glove

summer season bath routine

It’s common to apply shower gels or bathing soap all over the body and massage using the hand. But this process does not offer you the deep cleansing you desire. Another tip on how to take a shower the right way includes using a raw silk bath glove.

Silk is an incredibly durable fabric but also extremely skin-friendly. It will gently remove dead skin cells. The bath glove also leaves your skin feeling tighter, cleaner, and smoother. However, these differences may take certain months to show clearly.

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Shower the Right Way with Femica!

Who doesn’t love a restorative shower that rejuvenates the mind and brings back strength into one’s muscles? Femica body care products will ensure your skin and hair thank you each time you’re done with your cleansing rituals.

Invest in a variety of shower-friendly products, such as facial cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, etc., and gain that glowing skin and hair you’ve always wanted. Now that you know the secrets of a deeply nourishing bath, what are you waiting for?


1. How many times should you shower in a week?

As opposed to common thinking, it is not necessary to shower daily. In fact, doing so may remove your skin’s natural oils and increase bacterial growth. On average, you can shower multiple times (around four) per week. In the case of the summer season, consider raising the frequency.

2. What are some common mistakes people make while showering?

Some of the top mistakes people make while showering include scrubbing their scalp with fingernails, using a soap without a follow-up moisturiser, not rinsing themselves properly, and waiting too long to apply body lotion.

3. How to transform daily showering into self-care?

The first way you can do that is to shower the right way (your body will thank you for it!). Other than that, you can turn your showering routine into self-care by lighting a candle, dry-brushing your skin before entering the bath, hanging healing plants such as eucalyptus, and applying a skin mask while you catch up on some sleep.

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