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best smelling body wash for dry skin

Heavenly Scents: Top Body Washes and Shower Gels You Need Now

Can you relate to the dizzy feeling of searching the skincare aisle, not knowing the right body wash products to buy? You’re not alone! 

best smelling body wash

We all want that glowing and fragrant skin but frequently tend to be lost as to the ideal way to achieve that. We’ve covered you in our list of Femica body care products just right to give you the best – smelling body wash for your routine. 

When choosing your body care products, remember your skin type, how to use them, and where to get them. In this article, we’ll run through the best body wash products and how to use body wash appropriately for optimum effect.

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Best Smelling Body Wash for your Skin Glow

body care products

Bearing all your skin worries in mind, here are some top body washes to give your body the ideal care according to your taste.

1. Go Toxin-free with The Love Co Oud Fantasy Body Wash For Men & Women 

Are you looking for the right body wash that gently rids oil, dirt, and bacteria? This Femica body care product option is ideal for you. 

A creamy lather that makes your skin soft and void of strong chemicals fills it with natural botanicals to soothe the skin. This toxin-free body wash for women and men is free from gluten, paraben, and phosphate. 

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2. Smell Frangrantly with the Luxuriate Lavender Buds of Beauty Fresh Body Wash

This ranks among our best smelling body wash list with the Lavender flavor that promises you a relaxing bath time. It is a perfect blend of natural and pure Lavender essential oil from Luxuriate that makes your skin smooth, leaving it relaxed. 

This body wash for men and women is gentle on the skin, nourishing and hydrating, and leaves a refreshing aroma. Its core component includes Lavender essential oil, Glycerin body wash base, and other natural ingredients to soothe your body.

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3. Get your ‘Wow’ Skin Glowing with the WOW Skin Science Rose Otto Foaming Body Wash 

Who says you can not have the spa treatment at home? Go for this Wow body wash for women and men that lathers lavishly and produces a strong and rosy fragrance. Wow body wash is refined with pure Shea Butter, Rose Otto Essential Oil, and Vitamin E to prevent anti-aging and heal skin defects.

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4. Experience Citrus Freshness with the Moveda Orange SqueezeBody Wash

For that light and refreshed skin tone, Femica provides a Moveda exfoliating body wash for dry skin and other skin types. It is designed to brighten dull skin tone and reduce sunburns and pigmentation. 

Furthermore, this natural body wash comprises Citrus Medica Glycerin, Coco Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, etc.  

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5. Finally, Stop Acne with Laval Tequila Body Wash

What will we not give to put an end to acne? This liquor-based body wash contains various ingredients like aloe vera, tequila, mulberry leaves, etc. By adequately giving your skin a soft feel and radiant tone, it freshens the body by breaking down dead cells. 

You can eliminate those frustrating zits and acne using natural anti-aging ingredients in this body wash on Femica

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How to Use Body Wash


Upon getting your choice of body wash, here are some tips on using it the right way:

  • Use the proper amount, that is, a droplet on your washcloth, to do the trick.
  • Use it gently on your skin to get the desired result.
  • Swap your hot water baths for lukewarm baths 
  • Always apply your body moisturizer after your wash.

Wrapping Up

Most people overlook body washes because of the complications of picking the right brand. Femica body care products take the hassle out of shopping while presenting you with natural and healthy options.

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1. The difference: shower gel versus body wash

Using the right body care products involves being able to differentiate their categories. The difference between these two terms is consistency. Body washes are runnier and thinner than shower gels, which have a gel-like texture. 

Although they both achieve the same aim of cleaning sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells, shower gels are more aggressive. The aggressive nature of shower gels tends to leave the skin dry, unlike body washes, which are gentler on the skin.

2. The difference: body wash versus soap

While serving the same cleansing purpose, the main difference lies in their form and skin- interaction. The bar soap cleans the dirt off your skin, while the body wash further moisturizes it.

3. Should you use body wash daily?

You should wash your body daily based on the amount of sweating, dirt accumulation, and oil production. However, overscrubbing tends to break skin cells and eventually cause dryness.

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