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Eye Makeup looks for zodiac signs

The Perfect Eye Makeup As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Is makeup your way of expressing your inner self? Then you should try some makeup ideas that resonate with your personality. And what better way to take some inspiration from your zodiac signs

zodiac signs Eye makeup looks

All zodiac signs are associated with some personality traits. Although you may not agree with all of them, let’s be honest here, it is fun to read about these characteristics. If you are looking for some eye makeup ideas that match your zodiac sign, then Femica has done the job for you.

We have created a list of eye makeup looks for you that complement your zodiac signs to rock this festive season. Keep scrolling to find out!

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eye makup

Ariens are known to be highly passionate and adventurous. That is why a bold eye makeup look will perfectly complement your personality. Go for bright, metallic eyes or a dramatic, graphic eyeliner look reflecting your wilder side. 


makeup looks

Loyalty and empathy are the two main traits of a Taurean. But they are also very strong-minded and stubborn. A minimal, earthy eye look would be the perfect choice for this earth sign. Dab a neutral shade on your lids and let your lashes do the talking with a good volumizing mascara from Femica.


zodiac signs makeup looks

Fun to be around, Geminis are full of life. Their bubbly and candid nature always radiates positive energy around them. Create a bright makeup look using a colourful eye palette from Femica to reflect your inner light.


cut crease eye makeup

Of all zodiac signs, Cancerians are known to be mysterious and deep. Their subtle yet strong presence exudes a  comforting vibe, which can be matched with a white eyeliner look with a hint of neutral hues on the lids. 


 simple eye makeup

Leos have a dominating presence and are always brimming with confidence. They are the most determined individuals who give their all to everything they do. Your lioness-like personality should be expressed with bold orange and gold eyeshadow and dark kohl-rimmed eyes.


natural smokey eye makeup

A blend of order and chaos, one cannot define Virgo’s personality in one word. They are knowledgeable yet crazy in their demeanor. Brown eyeshadow paired with a smudged liner would truly reflect Virgo’s persona.


halo eye makeup

A zodiac sign that loves stability and balance. Librans are a good combination of spice and nice who will go against the word for their loved ones.  Your eye makeup should be perfected with subtle pastel shades complemented by bold eyeliner from Femica. 


glitter eye makeup

Scorpios are secretive and mysterious beings who can easily fit into the crowd but are still special in their way. Their fierce yet positive aura is sure to attract people toward them. A Scorpio’s mystic presence is best reflected through a purple eye makeup look paired with dark kohl and mascara.


smokey eye makeup

This sign loves to be at the forefront of adventurous pursuits. Their fun-loving nature and ambitious character can be expressed with a bright electric purple or pink eye shadow look.


simple eye makeup

Capricorns are practical people who love to do their jobs conveniently and quickly. An eye makeup look that can go with all outfits is there for all Capricorns. You will surely love a smokey brown eyeshadow look for your regular hustles. Just top it up with bold mascara from Femica, and you can head to a party straight from the office.


 natural smokey eye makeup

This zodiac sign is known for being creative and funny. Aquarians are always up for some fun, and quirky eye makeup will perfectly define their persona. Go for a bright green kajal from Femica and Let your creativity flow!


 cut crease eye makeup

Sympathetic at heart and extremely understanding, Pisceans make friends at the ready. Their easy-going and charming personality calls for a glittery silver eyeshadow look. You can also opt for muted shimmery eyes with just the right hint of kohl to rock any party.

Wrapping Up

With all the festive vibes around you, this is the best time to try new eye makeup looks based on your zodiac sign. Pick the eye makeup look that matches your personality from our list and be your creative best with Femica beauty products.

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1. Which zodiac loves to do makeup?

Taureans love all things gorgeous and glam. They are all into makeup and can watch makeup tutorials all day.

2. Which zodiac has the prettiest eyes?

Pisceans are known to have beautiful, big eyes. This one characteristic of this zodiac sign holds for almost everyone.

3. Which zodiac sign is the most attractive?

Although it is quite challenging to pick one, the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Libra, Taurus, Aries, and Leo are considered the most attractive ones.

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