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List of Things that Healthy Relationships have in Common

Do you ever find it difficult to balance your relationship in this fast-paced life? Trust us, it is no rocket science! It might seem like healthy relationships come easily to some people, but in most cases, it is as difficult as a kindergarten student trying to solve a differential equation. 

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Many individuals are so focused on finding “the one” or that “spark” that they neglect the red flags. Before you can truly achieve contentment and happiness in a relationship with another person, you must stand back and figure out how to create a healthy connection.

So, with a lot of trial and error, we have assembled a few pointers to guide you towards a healthy relationship.

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1. Be a Listener

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Do you often feel disconnected from your partner? Then maybe it’s time for you to sit and have a chat with your beloved. A successful relationship should allow both sides to communicate openly, voice their opinions, and listen to one another. There won’t always be easy talk, but both parties should feel like they will be heard and understood.

If one person’s needs or feelings are overlooked, the relationship may deteriorate. Making room for the other person is crucial in a husband-and-wife relationship or between any couple. Compromise and continual communication are required if one is to respect the needs, wants, and ideals of the other.

2. Trust in a Relationship

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All relationships are built on trust, but with social media and smartphones, you must be tempted to spy! But in a relationship where there is no communication gap, the thought of spying does not even occur. That’s in part because your spouse has shown you that they are reliable. By allowing you the freedom and space you require without continuously checking in on you, they also demonstrate their trust in the relationship and you.

3. Affectionate with Each Other

importance of communication

After being in a romantic relationship for a while, we frequently stop expressing our partners’ love and devotion. It is very important to be mushy with your partner- give them kisses, cuddles and blow raspberries on their cheeks!  One of the important components is consensual sex in relationships. When it comes to when your spouse wants to have sex, respect their decision.

4. Importance of Communication in a Relationship 

relationship bases

The capacity of partners to express their emotions honestly to one another is a sign of a good relationship. The development of empathy and compassion for one another might also start with this.

It may be necessary to work in a husband-and-wife relationship to increase trust if it’s tough to express our actual sentiments to the other person. This happens in arranged marriages when the couple is exploring boundaries. It may be because we’re afraid of being judged or because we’re concerned about how the other person will respond.

5. Comfortable in Your Skin

love relationship

Safety is something that should never be sacrificed, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Both you and your partner must cover all your relationship bases. Your relationship is in good shape if you feel free to express your opinions, talk about your needs, and be open and honest without worrying about the consequences. If you are comfortable in your skin and do not have body image issues, as well as if your partner loves each stretch mark and a scar that you have. 

6. Solving Disagreements Peacefully

importance of communication

Conflict and disagreements are inevitable in every relationship. But screaming and leaving the room while you slam the door is not going to solve anything! It’s typical for our significant others and us to hold diverse interests, views, and values. Conflict can occasionally be an indication that a love relationship has to change. Couples who avoid conflict or disregard it usually experience increased tension and unmet expectations. However, how a relationship handles a disagreement is more important than the conflict itself.

Any relationship—whether it’s with a friend, relative, or significant other—benefits from having healthy conflict-resolution techniques that involve polite communication and active listening. 


Making a relationship work and feel satisfying, balanced, safe, and cherished is truly something wonderful. It’s crucial to maintain a love relationship. You and your spouse deserve to be happy together, just as everyone else does. 

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1. Are healthy relationships common?

They may be rather uncommon if we don’t see them very frequently. Only 10% of American marriages, according to researchers, are very healthy and happy.

2. Is gift exchange a part of a healthy relationship?

Yes, gifts are a source of happiness! This Valentine’s Day, check out the Femica Valentine’s Day specials and choose from the various body care products, Femica provides.

3. Are relationships hard?

A good relationship will ultimately make both parties feel content and joyful, despite any blunders along the way. Vulnerability and emotional closeness both require partners to face their genuine emotions and prior traumas, which may be difficult.

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