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Colour corrector

Using A Colour Corrector The Right Way

Everyone likes to look their best, especially during important events. We’ve all been in that tight spot where we try to cake over those dark circles and acne scars, but nothing seems to work. A colour-corrector palette is your knight in shining armour when dealing with specific skin concerns and discolourations. 

colour corrector palette

The great thing about using colour correctors is that there is a wide range of shades to use, whether you are a novice or an expert. You can finally figure out how to reduce dark circles using our colour corrector palette from Femica for a bold glam look. 

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Let’s go through all you need to know when it comes to applying colour correctors.

What is Colour Correcting?

Simply put, it is the art of concealing skin defects with different hues of ‘correctors’. The colour corrector guide enables you to achieve different makeup looks ranging from nude makeup looks to boldface beats. 

Your Guide to Using the Right Colour Corrector Shade

Nude makeup looks

Before deciding what colour-correcting shade to use, you should understand the exact issue you are trying to cover. It could be a zit or an embarrassing under-eye circle. However, the right shade addresses its specific problem.

1. Colour Correctors for Dark Circles

When staring back at the bluish colour of dark circles on your face, go for an orange or peach shade. If you have a fair skin tone – your best bet is the peach tone. Contrarily, if yours is a medium tone, go for the bisque tone, and lastly, if you have a darker tone, use the orange shade. 

step by step makeup

2. Masking Colour Discoloration

If you want to tackle your discolourations that often appear in a purple hue, go for the yellow colour corrector. It helps contrast the purple shades and brighten up the spots.

A pro tip is using Lacuna Light Oil Free Gel Moisturiser with Niacinamide, Blue Light Protect for a lasting glow.

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3. Colour Correcting Redness

Blotches or blemishes often leave a reddish hue on our skin, so using a Lambre Anti-Redness Corrector should do the trick. On the colour, wheel, we see the green standing opposite, thereby making it the perfect disguise for the blotches. 

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Be careful, however, when applying the product to avoid the risk of overapplying. Use it lightly and add more if required. You can get your ideal makeup products, which include the redness corrector from Femica, to ensure high quality.

 face makeup

4. Colour Correcting Dullness

If your face makeup process needs a lightning boost, you can brighten your dull appearance with the aid of a lavender colour corrector. Spot those areas you think could do with an extra shine and apply it as you desire.

A Step By Step Makeup Tutorial for Colour Correcting

Nude makeup looks

Now you know the tricks to apply correctors to enhance your makeup looks, let’s see how to apply them properly;

Step 1. Gently Apply your Colour Corrector on your Bare Skin

Once you are done with your skin pamper using Glam Me Up Face Primer, apply your colour correctors to specific skin issues. If you want to achieve optimum coverage, go in with a little concealer brush for perfect blending. 

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Ultimately, to give a more natural touch, you can gently pat the colour concealer with your makeup sponge or fingertips. Layer it over the spots and build up as you see fit.

Step 2. Apply your foundation

makeup products

Once you’re done colour-correcting, you should even your tone using foundation. Apply the right foundation according to the depth of coverage you want, be it medium or light.

Step 3. Use a Concealer

For a brighter look, go further with a concealer to hide the imperfections better. The proper face makeup combination is the secret to achieving any highlighted tone of your choice.

Step 4. Set Your Face

Using your setting powder, lock your final look to achieve a matte finish that doesn’t look dry or cakey. 

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1. Can I use a Colour Corrector without my Foundation?

Yes, you can, as long as you can blend the colour corrector with a normal concealer from Femica. You could also follow up with translucent powder to keep the colour corrector on hold.

2. Can I Substitute my Colour Correctors with Lipstick?

You can use creamy lipsticks from Femica makeup products in place of colour correctors as long as you use the right shade. A pro tip is to use balmy lipstick formulas rather than matte types to achieve proper blending.

3. How long Should I leave on a Colour Corrector?

If you have on dark shades of correctors, you can leave it for up to an hour. Then for medium shades, try letting it set for 20-30 minutes. Finally, if yours is a lighter shade, 10-20 minutes could do the job.

Wrapping Up

Properly understanding the dynamics of applying colour correctors lies in comprehending the colour wheel. When neutralising those dark spots and evening out your skin tone, the colour theory should help you pick the right colours. 

And if you’re looking for premium quality, Femica makeup products offer various shades of colour correctors to suit all face blemishes.

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