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How to Style and Take Care of Naturally Curly Hair

There is something absolutely mesmerising about thick, curly, coiled hair. Its spontaneity and independence seldom acquiesce to societal pressures.

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However, what most admirers of curly hair do not realise is that it is also one of the most difficult hair types in terms of maintenance. Those thick locks are easily prone to breakage and dryness, and as such, call for a long-drawn hair care routine.

Do you also have wild, curly hair that needs to be tamed? Better yet, use these hair care tips by Femica India and give those locks their wings to fly!

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 1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often

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When it comes to a curly hair girl, dermatologists recommend hair-washing only when needed. Excessive washing can not only make those locks hard to manage but it can also lead to dryness and frizziness.

Unlike straight or wavy hair, naturally curly hair does not need water daily. Most women with this hair type can maintain optimal scalp health with once-a-week washing. Even then, Femica recommends that you avoid applying too much shampoo or conditioner (choose natural products).

If your hair is both thick and long, divide it into sections and clean it. This prevents tangling and breakage. Also, consider using a shower cap on days you’re not washing your hair.

2. Keep Your Hair Adequately Moisturised

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A curly hair girl usually has a tougher time keeping her hair adequately moisturised. Also, curly hair products will also vary from other hair types.

For instance – Femica suggests you look for a conditioner that consists of argan oil, stearyl alcohol, or glycerine. Also, apply the conditioner not just on your hair strands but even on the scalp. In case of heavy tangling issues, apply conditioner even before shampooing.

And after taking a shower, apply oil for additional moisture. You can even invest in a curly hair cream that provides moisture to the hair follicles.

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3. Take Special Care of Your Scalp

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It is true that curly hair does not require frequent washing. However, the downside to this is that such hair becomes prone to dandruff issues. This happens due to the overproduction of your scalp’s natural oils.

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To avoid this from happening, invest in a good curly hair shampoo exclusively designed for dandruff control. Start by applying the shampoo only to your scalp first. Leave it on for 2 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

For the remaining hair (strands), use a moisturising shampoo for curly hair so that it does not dry out easily.

 4. Use a Proper Comb 

comb for curly hair

Another answer on how to take care of hair that is all curly, wild, and prone to frizz is to use the right comb. In most cases, curly hair women find wide-toothed combs to be more suitable because they will prevent damage to hair follicles.

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Also, an ideal comb for curly hair would be one that is made of wood, preferably need wood. This is because other materials (especially plastic) will dry out your hair further. So, to provide the delicate care needed for your gorgeous locks, a wide-toothed wooden comb is among the must-have curly hair products in India.

 5. Care for Your Hair While Sleeping

curly hair products india

Women with all hair types are recommended to not sleep with their hair open. However, Femica believes this step is the most important for curly hair women. Given the irregular hair texture prone to tangling, always sleep with a bun on the top of your head (which resembles a pineapple) or a loose braid.

This hair care tip will help preserve your curls and even reduce friction when you lay your head on the pillow.

 6. Limit Heat Styling

curly hair products india

There is no problem with curly hair women using heat styling tools. However, high heat can destroy the texture of natural curls. This will make your hair lifeless and dull-looking.

To preserve that, Femica recommends you limit hair styling (especially using high heat) and use a heat protectant spray whenever you style. You can also use a diffuser to protect your natural, curly locks.

Femica India Will Take Care of Your Curls!

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Invest in products like curly hair cream, styling gels, and scalp moisturisers that keep your curls intact. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in the Femica hair care products today!

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1. Does the weather affect curly hair?

Yes! Curly hair is most affected by humidity. However, dry weather further dries out the hair strands. So, during dry weather, ensure you use a heavier conditioner. Under humid conditions, use a holding gel or diffuser that helps your hair dry faster. 

2. What are some products to avoid using on curly hair?

Since curly hair thrives on lots of moisture, a curly hair girl should abstain from all kinds of hair-drying products. These include sulphates and silicones. Also, high heat and harsh chemicals (bleach, dyes) are also bad for your hair. 

3. What are some essential curly hair tools to have?

A woman with naturally curly hair should have the following in her tool set – a wide-toothed comb, wooden comb, a satin scarf or pillowcase to sleep, a microfiber towel to dry, coil hair ties, and a scalp massager. 

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