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Valentine Day Hairstyles

Valentine Ready: Easy Valentine’s Day Hairstyles That Take Minutes

The Valentine’s checklist – Get a date – Check! Plan your day and make all bookings – Check! Pick the prettiest, most romantic outfit – Check!

Hair … not check?

Valentine Day Hairstyles

If you are still stuck with what hairstyle to pick this Valentine’s day, Femica, like always, has your back. In case you are already running late to your date, yet to put on your dress and makeup, fret not! These hairstyles are flawlessly simple and quick too.

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From our collection of hair styles for women, we selected the most romantic ones for you this time. Well, when it comes to spending some near time with your dear one, we know what you need, sis.

Valentine Day

6 Effortless Valentines’s Day Hairstyles

1. A Twisted Fairy-tale 

Valentine Day Hairstyles

A messy flirty updo is a stunning classic. Just add that little French touch to it and – voila! That’s mostly all you’ll need to add more magic to the day. 

This is one of the best hair styles for girls on Valentine’s with the wavy front fringes swaying in the breeze. Moreover, the done-up hair lets you show off the details of your strappy Valentine’s special dress and sparkly accessories.

2. There’s Pretty Much Nothing a Scrunchie Can’t Fix

Valentine Day Hairstyles

Femica believes that a Scrunchie is a girl’s true best friend and you cannot agree more, right?

Well, a scrunchie is a timeless accessory that is not only useful but cute too. Use it to tie your hair in easy ponytails or buns, or wear it on your wrist – it’s always perfect.

You can even get your hands on pastel satins, silky prints, or large bows to make it flirtier on valentine’s.

3. The Breath-taking Cascading Waterfall 

Valentine Day Hairstyles

If you are good at hair braiding styles, then a waterfall braid must be your valentine’s pick. Usually, fancy braids can take up a lot of time but a waterfall braid is quick and easy. You can choose to braid a portion or throughout and let the braid and loose hair mix work its charm.

Moreover, add some simple pearls or tiny flowers to accessorise it according to your dress and makeup.

4. A Little Low, a Little to the Side, with a Whole Lot of Class 

Natural Hairstyles

Low buns are the ultimate elegant-looking natural hair styles. They are soft, sleek, and fit any outfit really.

Besides, low buns are classic dinner dates with bae hairstyles. Not only does it make you look cleaner but also adds more attention to your outfit, jewellery, and other details. Pick your partition side and tie a low bun for a win-win.

5. Waves That Make the Sea Blush 

Valentine Day Hairstyles

Have you tried the Hailey Bieber way to wave your locks yet? If not, valentine’s day is your best chance to explore the versatility of your flat iron. These waves are romantic and soft, but messy and sexy – the blend to the right amount of flirty.

But first, make sure you dig into our range of Femica hair products. Our haircare range is curated to keep your hair healthy and safe while heat styling.

6. All Girlie Girls Raise Their Toast to Trending Clips! 

Valentine Day Hairstyles

The Femica Valentine’s Day hairstyles catalogue is incomplete without a one solution fits all option. And that it clips! 

As easy as it sounds, it’s the best and quick fit for any short, long, straight, or curly hair styles. Grab your barrette bag and look for ones that match your outfit or something pink and hearts to match Valentines.

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Tying it Up

Lover’s day is around the corner and Femica wants to ensure you are ready with the best hairstyles to slay. With our ideas, your date wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off you. Glam up with our cute and quick suggestions for all hair types. 

Oh, and we know how hard it can get to pick the right outfit, do, and re-do your makeup. So this time, let’s keep the hair game fast but fitting to the festival to love. You don’t have to be a pro at braids or knots, we have you covered with no compromises.

What’s more exciting? A valentine’s day sale on a range of Femica beauty products. Lover’s seasons can’t get more special than this.

Let’s celebrate love with your love for healthy gorgeous hair with Femica.

“The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable.”

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1. What’s the easiest hairstyle to look chic?

If you are going for chic natural hair styles, the top 2 options are high ponytails and sleek low buns. They are not only clean and elegant but also quick.

2. What are some flirty hairstyles to try?

You can easily uplift your entire look just with your hair and some styling. If you are going for a flirtatious feel, opt for loose braids, messy buns, soft waves, and half updos. These are trendy and simple styles to make some heads turn.

3. Are bangs still trending in 2023?

Bangs is a haircut that has evolved with time but stayed consistently in fashion. It goes without saying that bangs are still a statement with a new touch in 2023. Softer and flowy bangs are all in this year with famous celebs rocking it already.

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