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A Simple Guide For A Flawless Valentine’s Day Date Look

Are you excited about your upcoming valentine’s date but have no clue where to start? Well, you are not alone. While you can sort a dress or the perfect gift for your partner in one click, your skin needs a little more attention.

So, get pumped to put your best foot forward with radiant and youthful-looking skin on this special day. For the perfect valentines makeup look, you have to prepare your skin to achieve a seamless and blended look.

Party Look

You do not want creasy makeup, do you? So, whether you want a natural nude makeup look or a full glam makeover, this article spills all the secrets.

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The Secret Recipe To A Radiant Valentine’s Makeup

Valentine day makeup

You must have gone through infinite blogs on how to achieve a flawless makeup look only to get confused. Stop your worries right now because below is a simple yet effective five-step valentine makeup so his heart skips a beat once again.

However, make sure to follow the holy CTM ritual before makeup. You need to double-cleanse your face to ensure there is no dirt. Moving on, toning removes any remaining impurities that may cause breakouts – every girl’s nightmare!

Finally, get supple and bouncy skin with a hydrating moisturiser from Femica skincare products. Et voila! You have brilliantly prepped skin ready for your newly bought makeup.

1. Use a primer to fill up the pores

Priming your face is the most crucial step in blurring your pores and getting a smooth makeup base. If you look like you came out of a steam session within an hour of makeup application, a primer is your saviour. It restricts oil production while brightening and reducing the appearance of texture.

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The Neyah Tricolour Rainbow Barrier Primer from Femica makeup products prevents cakey makeup around blemishes or wrinkles. Further, it evens out with pigmentation which especially Indian women struggle with daily.

2. Your face needs a hydrating foundation and concealer

Makeup Look

Whether you have dry or oily skin, creasing and a patchy makeup look is a head-scratcher. It’s vital to pick the perfect shade and type of foundation and concealer for your skin type. For this step, you can apply the foundation leaving the parts under the eyes, and the forehead for concealer.

Applying and blending them together reduces creasing and product buildup. Choose your shade from the vast range of Femica makeup products that are paraben free and environment-friendly.

3. Make your eyes pop with a hint of eyeliner

Party Look

You must remember the first time your eyes met. If you want to live that feeling once again, playing with some colourful eyes can do the trick. Royal blue, sea green or black liners are brilliant for classy yet sexy eye makeup looks.

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You can buy the Moraze Pack of 3 Glittery Colored Eyeliner from Femica. These are one-stroke and waterproof liners perfect for happy tears while you hug or kiss him.

Pro-tip: Apply a similar eyeshadow on your waterline and smudge it for a smokey look. He won’t be able to keep his eyes off yours the entire night.

4. Mascara is the elixir for all glam makeup looks

Valentine Day

Get big and bold eyes after applying mascara to capture his attention just like your initial days of dating. He would swoon over your lifted eyelashes which would add charm and cuteness when you blink every time.

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Get the Lambre Lash Thickening Mascara 9ml from Femica because it is a lump-free formula. It is magic in a bottle that thickens and curls your eyelashes within seconds without smudging.

5. Rosy cheeks are always in

Cute makeup looks

Don’t we all love how our favourite actresses look so dreamy and cute because of the hue of their cheeks? It is one of the cute makeup looks apt for a valentine’s date so you can blush all night without the effort. All you need is the Love Earth Multipot Got Your Back from Femica.

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It is a deeply nourishing lip and cheek tint for chapped and pigmented lips. Further, Femica skincare products are chemical free making them safe for your skin.

Perfect pouty lip for the awaited kiss

Party look

The cherry at the top for glam makeup looks is plump and plushy lips. Use a liner to outline your lips and then apply your favourite red or nude. Buy yourself the Just Herbs Ayurvedic Lipstick Shade Sampler Kit 38gm from Femica for 16 shades under a budget.

Finish your look with valentine’s day hairstyles like a messy bun, braided ponytail or a sleek middle-parted straight look.

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1. What makeup ideas are relevant in 2023 for a romantic valentine’s date?

Whether you are going for a brunch or dinner date, valentine’s day is incomplete without a thickening and curling mascara. Compliments will not stop rushing in when you go bold with your eyes.

2. Which lip shade should I wear for a valentine’s date?

If you are feeling sassy and sexy, red is a magical shade to symbolise your love and romance. You can pick various shades of red from Femica.

3. Which is the best primer from Femica for hiding pores?

Femica offers the Neyah Tricolour primer which is like a corrector for pores and pigmentation to get a smooth makeup base.

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