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How To Look Chic For The Office And Beyond By Owning These Makeup Essentials

Are you someone who spends hours in the morning on makeup? Do you feel lost with the makeup brush, wondering which makeup looks professional?

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No matter how much you enjoy your work, getting ready for the office in the morning seems like a task. You must get your outfits right according to the meetings, field trips, or special occasions. And if that is not enough, you have to spend hours achieving the perfect makeup.

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We understand your struggle. So here we are sharing a few makeup products that help you ace the perfect, minimal look for everyday work.

The Minimal ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

Saving time is the key to doing your morning makeup because skipping breakfast is a big no, and you do not want to compromise your sleep. The only way to achieve this is by doing simple makeup looks.

But let’s admit it, while we all want the no-makeup look, achieving it is not as easy as it looks. This look focuses on the bare minimum, and you can set the look with the correct products and application techniques.

Also, since natural makeup looks go well with corporate attire, most women prefer this look.

Let’s look at the products that women should own to put their best face forward.

1. Primer


primer makeup

It’s essential to set the base right. Although the primer is not a makeup product, all beauty experts advise keeping a primer in the makeup essentials.

A primer helps to achieve a flawless makeup look, minimises the appearance of pores, and smoothens the skin texture. Also, it helps your makeup to last all day. A good primer can make all the difference when trying to achieve the all-natural makeup look.

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Choose the primer makeup based on your skin type. Oily skin beauties should be more cautious while choosing primer.

2.  Light Concealer

Many individuals make the mistake of moving to the foundation after applying primer. A concealer is essential for achieving the natural makeup look, while you can ditch the foundation.

When you do not have time to blend different products to improve the skin texture, a light concealer can do the job. It hides your dark circles and spots while highlighting the best features to create the perfect office-time look. 

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We suggest you choose a lightweight concealer from Femica makeup products. Choose the right shade that provides decent coverage and last well. 

2. Matte Eyeshadow

Natural makeup looks

You do not want to play with too many colours on the eyeshadow palette for your office look. Choose a palette in matte brown. Use your finger or a brush to apply a layer on the eyelids to create a soft look.

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The organic eyeshadow palettes at Femica India come with four to five shades ideal for creating daytime to nighttime looks.

3. Eyebrow Essentials

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You want fuller eyebrows to create a simple makeup look for the office. Many women think focusing on eyebrows is not essential, but having perfectly shaped eyebrows can change your look. 

Invest in a spoolie brush and eyebrow pencil. After brushing your eyebrows well, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the sparse areas. Choose the eyebrow pencil in the natural shade of your eyebrows to get a natural look.

4. Lip and Cheek Tint

If you do not have time to use a highlighter, blush, and lipstick separately, it is best to invest in an organic lip and cheek tint.

Avoid bold colours for the daytime. Instead, choose shades like peach, mauve, cappuccino, or other nude shades. Apply the tint on your cheeks to add a pop of colour. Blend it well for the perfect soft and natural look.

Turn Heads With ‘No-Makeup’ Look at Office

Spice up your everyday office look with these makeup products. Head to the website of Femica to purchase organic products curated for every skin type. Whether looking for natural skincare essentials or makeup products, Femica should be your go-to place if you are conscious about what you put on your skin. Head to our website to discover some top organic makeup and skincare brands.

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1. How to keep my skin looking fresh throughout the day?

Always clean your skin and moisturise afterwards before applying any makeup product. Set the makeup with a spray, particularly if you have oily skin or sweat a lot. Use a compact to retouch throughout the day, and you can get fresh skin all day.

2. Can I use a dark lip colour during the daytime?

We advise avoiding dark lip colours if you are focusing on simple makeup looks. Although they add drama, you can choose them for special occasions. But for an everyday office look, we suggest soft pastel colours.

3. Does primer actually make a difference?

Primer is the holy grail of makeup. Start with a primer if you want to see a difference in your skin after makeup. It allows the smooth application of products and gives a fresh look throughout the day.

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