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The Most Romantic Places To Take Your Special Someone On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re probably looking for the ideal places to spend it with your special someone. With so many options to select from, it might be difficult to decide where to enjoy a Valentine’s Day dinner

Romantic Valentine Day

But don’t worry, we have a list of romantic places to enjoy your Valentine’s day date.

1. Raise the Bar

valentine's day restaurants

Raise The Bar will win you and your date over with its magnificent rooftop, romantic and intimate seating, and delicate vibe. Enjoy the marvelous city view of Gurgaon while sipping red wine and listening to some fantastic lounge mixes provided by a good DJ.

If you and your significant other enjoy trying out new drinks, you must try their inventive cocktails and freshly made beer. 

It is one of the best valentine’s day restaurants, as all of the tables here are illuminated with fire in a glass box, adding heaps of romance to your dinner dates.

2. Out of the Box

valentine's day restaurants

Out of the Box is one of the finest cafes in Hauz Khas Village, with a terrific and cozy ambience and a bustling environment. 

Live music with American, North Indian, Chinese, and European dishes complements the unusual cocktails. This Valentine’s Day, keep an eye out for it if you are looking for things to do on valentines day.

This place is also great for you if you love trying out delicious food. The fact that the food here is simply out of this world makes it perfect for a dinner date with your valentine.

3. Olive Bar and Kitchen

valentine's day dinner

There isn’t much at this romantic restaurant in Delhi that your significant other wouldn’t like, what with the lovely white walls, the pebbled courtyard, the Banyan tree canopy, and the starry tree-top terrace bar. 

If you cannot decide what to do on valentines day, then you should visit this beautiful cafe.

They provide wonderful food, soulful music, and the best martinis in town made by their star bartender Zdenek Kastanek in the most stunning location. If you want to make your date feel extra special on Valentine’s Day, visit the Femica website and get some Femica makeup products as a perfect gift.

4. Big Tree Cafe

valentines day decorations

The Big Tree Cafe in Gurgaon has a charming, cabana-like dining area with tiny fairy lights and quirky lighting that only enhances the cafe’s otherworldly ambience. 

This restaurant is a complete visual and culinary pleasure thanks to delicious delicacies like Nutty Butty Shake, Smooth Hung Curd Dumpling, and Burger Of Carnivores. 

It is perfect for you if you want to experience some beautiful valentines day decorations.

If you want to make your valentines day date even more memorable and special, then Femica is your one-stop shop. You can gift your valentine a floral perfume from Femica, and this will remind your partner of this special date whenever they use the scent.

5. Dramz

valentine's day dinner

Are you someone who enjoys beverages and appetisers? Then Dramz is the perfect place to spend your valentines day with your partner in Mehrauli. 

Dramz has a beautifully romantic ambience being a rooftop cafe, and a wide variety of snacks and meals are offered on the menu.

As a lovely way to round off your romantic evening, try their Gulkand Nitro Ice cream and take in the scenery while enjoying your valentine’s day dinner.

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This cafe is perfect for an evening date as you can clearly enjoy the view of the beautiful Qutub Minar on your date.

You would certainly want to feel beautiful and make your date dumbfounded while having a date at this fantastic cafe. Then, just visit the Femica website to fulfil your cosmetic needs and achieve the perfect Valentine’s Day glow.

6. The Forestta

valentine's day date

Want to take your significant other on a valentine’s day date in the middle of nature while you’re still in Delhi? Then, The Forestta is precisely the place you are looking for. A restaurant with attractive decor, brilliant fairy lights, and lush green plants. 

This is unquestionably one of the best valentines day dinner ideas. Numerous cuisines, including North Indian, Chinese, and Continental, are offered on their menu.  

If you are confused about how to get ready for your Valentine’s day date in this beautiful cafe, then fret not! Femica has all the makeup and skincare products you will need if you want to do a no-makeup look for your date.

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1. Do these cafes offer privacy and security?

Ans. The cafes are all safe and will not bother you or your loved one during your valentine’s day date. There will be other couples present, and the atmosphere will be exceptional.

2. Do they provide particular anniversary services, such as cake and decorations?

Ans. Most cafes will accept and fulfil your request if you notify them in advance of your valentine’s day dinner. It may also be affected by the availability of space on the date.

3. Which Gurgaon area is best for a romantic date night?

Although there are many romantic places in Gurgaon for a date night, 32nd Avenue is by far the greatest. An outstanding iconic location in Gurgaon, containing the best dining and cafes in Delhi and the NCR.

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