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simple nail art designs for v - day

Easy & Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Nails You Can Do At Home!

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? The “day of love” is the best time to celebrate your gratitude and express appreciation towards those you love.

Whether you’re celebrating it with your partner, besties or family, you will want to look your best (even if you’re just going to chill at home). You could do many fun things, from going to a restaurant or club to staying home and baking cookies. Almost anything will be exciting as long as you’ve got someone you love next to you.

valentine's day nails

To prepare for the day, you’ll have to pick an outfit and do your hair and nails to feel and look your best. And to help you answer the question, “what easy nail art can I do at home?” we at Femica are here to help! This Valentine’s Day, we want to ensure your nail art designs stand out and look fabulous.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out the best Valentine’s Day nail designs to try out!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Nails You Should Try Out!

We have the cutest Valentine’s Day ideas for you to try. Femica ensures that they are simple nail art designs that you can do at home. So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

1. Shining, Shimmering, Splendid — and Simple Gold hearts!

valentine's day nail designs

One of the simplest nail art designs is a nude nail with a shiny gold heart at the centre. You can try out this classic yet easy nail art design using a nail dotting tool to make the hearts.

Apply a nude base and use Iba Breathable Nail Color, B23 Gold Sparkle, for the gold hearts. Your Valentine’s Day nails will certainly look chic!

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2. Get Groovy with Pink and Red Valentine’s Day Nails! 

You’ve probably seen the groovy heart nails on Instagram. They are not only cute but also funky! Definitely, a must-try if you’ve never done these before. 


All you have to do is paint concentric hearts in different shades of pink and red. Using a pointed round nail brush, alternate the Esch Beauty Nail Lacquer (Pink Candy) and  Nail Polish, Cherrylicious, to make the concentric heart nail art designs.

3. Hot Chocolate and Blush — ‘The’ V Day Colour Combo To Try


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Want to try out the “ultimate Valentine’s Day Nails colour combo”? Then you will love this nail painting ideas

Apply a luscious chocolate shade like Rose Choco Brown Nail Lacquer, and paint on little blush hearts on top — so pretty! You can use a nail dotting tool to draw the perfect little hearts.

4. Heart Tips — To try or not to try? That is the question!

valentines day ideas

Heart Tips are pretty, cute and gorgeous. And to add to that, we are sure people will admire these. 

Red hearts in the shade of  Scarlet Red Gel Nail Lacquer will draw all the attention your way!

5. Love Is In The Air… and On Your Nails! Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts

nail art designs 

We can’t think of a better way to show your excitement for the day of love than through your nails. 

The Glitter Gel Nail Lacquer is a gorgeous shade and will look absolutely stunning on you.

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Nail Your Look with These Stunning Valentine’s Day Ideas 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To prepare for this special day, you have to start shopping ASAP! From Femica beauty products to Femica makeup products, you can head to Femica to get almost anything you need. 

Make sure to try out these nail painting ideas to have the prettiest nails on the block!

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1. What can you use to create unique designs on your nails? 

There are many tools that you can get to do your own Valentine’s Day nail designs at home. The most useful ones to own are the nail dotting tool and nail brushes.

2. What to consider before buying a nail art kit? 

Begin by looking at the tools included in the nail art kit. It is best to buy a kit with tools like an adhesive, a palette, acrylics and stamping tools to do the prettiest Valentine’s Day nails

3. What are the most durable types of nails? 

Acrylics are considered to be the most durable as they are stiff and less flexible than other types. Also, they are perfect for simple nail art designs and complex ones.

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