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Hair care routine for bride to be

5 Haircare Products That Give Brides Luscious Locks

A bride looks 10x beautiful with bouncy and shiny hair. Of course, the bride’s hairdo is equally essential as her attire which complements the overall look. 

Whether you are looking for soft curls or messy updos adorned with orchids, having beautiful hair is a compelling way to get a perfect hairstyle.  

Hair Care Bride to be

For that, the shinier your hair looks on your wedding day, the more you will shine as a bride. But the shine does not only come in a day or two before the wedding. It takes disciplined hours and regimens to achieve the bounce you want! 

Disciplined hours? Regimens? That’s time taking! Yes, we know. Therefore, we have introduced the best haircare products that you surely need to check out for this wedding season

With these products, a good hair routine 10 days to go wedding will give you strong hair that can withstand the stress of chemicals and temporary styling while protecting them from long-term damage. 

In this article, we will discuss these top 5 haircare products by Femica that will give you a perfect and alluring look on your D-Day! 

1. Hair Spa for The Win!

hair spa

Nothing is as good as a hair spa if you want happy hair for your wedding day.

This Total Damage Repair, Moisture Lock Hair Spa has many benefits. This product is infused with Keratin & Argan oil which profoundly penetrates the strands of the hair and repairs the split ends.

From straightening to Smoothening the hair, it repairs damage and controls frizz by effectively giving intense Nourishment and hydration.

2. Happy Hair? Yes Please!

Haircare Products

A hair mask will help in the moisturization and nourishment of your scalp. 

This Onion Hair Mask from Femica beauty products is 100% organic— it not only moisturizes hair and improves its condition but also reduces breakage, makes them more manageable, enhances shine and ultimately strengthens hair quality. 

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3. Get Rid of Dandruff

hair care tips

No bride wants a scalp that is full of dandruff. To fight this, Dandruff Defense Scalp Care Shampoo is here to help keep flakes, itching, and irritation at bay.

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Deep conditioning is as necessary as shampooing. Deep Conditioning Balsam Conditioner is a 100% Natural conditioner that will smoothen and detangle the hair, which helps reduce breakage and split ends.

4. Frizzy Hair, A Big No! 

 essential oils for hair growth

The Onion and Bhringraj Hair Oil is one of the essential oils for hair growth that prevents hair fall, treats dandruff, and manages dry scalp.

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For healthy hair, massage Bhringraj oil using your fingertips on your head and let the oil sink in for an hour. Then, shampoo and condition your hair using Scalp Care Shampoo and Deep Conditioner.

5. Hair Mist to the Rescue!

Fermented rice water is a proven elixir for long hair. This  Ayurvedic Overnight Hair Growth Rice Mist for Extreme Hair Growth is a multitasker.

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It refreshes your hair by giving them a dewy fragrance, thus also making them less frizzy, more accessible to style and helps to increase hair volume.


long hair care routine

Hair care makes the bride-to-be look picture-perfect on her wedding day. 

Pre-bridal hair care at home is the easiest way to keep a check on your hair. You can also try the above mentioned products to make your scalp and hair look healthier by preventing them from long term damage. 


1. What are some last-moment hair care tips?

Be gentle with your hair, and do not try so much heat. Applying and massaging can do wonders by strengthening your hair inside-outside.

The day before your wedding, warm a few drops of argan oil, jojoba oil, or even coconut oil and massage your hair from your hands. Secure your hair with a fabric scrunchie and wash your hair the next day with a mild shampoo.

2. That one hair care product you can trust for your D-Day? 

The serum is the only last-moment savior that can save your hair right away on your wedding day. It will help in replenishing lost lipids and will give you instant results. Femica has a variety of hair serums that you should check out! 

3. What are some wedding hairstyles that are trending these days? 

French twist hairstyles, high buns with few released strands, loose waves, and timeless chignons are trending these days. But before picking the wedding hairstyles, consult your hair stylist cause your hair type and length will play a significant role on your day!

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