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Must-Follow Grooming Tips for Men to Follow Before Their Wedding

Our men always sacrifice the limelight for their better halves. At least that shouldn’t be the case on their wedding day! After all, looking on point is not the bride’s territory alone. This day equally calls for the groom-to-be to share in the spotlight. 

Grooming tips for men

But we’re all aware that looking well put-together, especially at one’s wedding, is hard work! So, keep reading to discover reliable grooming tips that will make you stand out as the man of the day (as you should!). 

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1. Say Goodbye to Soap (Starting Now!) 

Soaps, especially those laden with unnatural colours and chemicals, are harmful to a woman’s delicate skin and a man’s tough countenance.

Most market-bought soaps can leave even the groom-to-be’s skin feeling dry and flaky afterward. The aftermath will be multi-folds if your wedding day is during winter. So, it is best to stick to a gentle face wash that matches your skin type. 

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You can even use natural face packs – think about the time-honoured mixture of besan with curd and a pinch of turmeric, for instance. 

2. Maintain a Proper Skincare Routine  

wedding day - Skin care tips

One of the most trusted skin care tips for the groom-to-be is having a solid skincare routine. Women usually have skincare regimes they tend to follow religiously. 

Conversely, men leave their skin at the mercy of time, dust, the season, and whatnot. While a general skincare regime is a must, the same becomes non-negotiable to look your best on your wedding day

Practice a simple routine, such as washing your face with a gentle, herbal face wash every morning and night before bedtime. Immediately after cleansing, apply a gentle moisturiser. Along with these skin care tips, remember to apply sunscreen before you head outdoors in the mornings. 

 3. Bid Adieu to Chapped Lips

Your lips are a significant part of the visage and, as such, deserve to be treated with care. Having supple and blush-pink lips is a sure shot way for every Indian groom to shine on their big day. 

Among the top grooming tips is also to apply natural lip balms that help restore moisture to chapped lips. So, consider applying throughout the day, even and especially on your wedding day

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If the condition is bad, you can opt for nourishing oils such as olive oil or ghee. Apply them at home or an hour or two before bedtime. Over time, oils will naturally restore your lips’ moisture and shine. 

4. Nourish Your Hair As You Mean It! 

hair care tips

Can wedding prep be complete without following tried-and-tested hair care tips? If you wish to look well-groomed from head to toe on your big day, then surely you can’t ignore hair care tips. 

So, opt for a good herbal or beer shampoo that nourishes the scalp during the wedding season. You can also use a hair pack once every week till the grand day. In case of chemical-induced damage, try baking soda therapy. 

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Just mix baking soda with water in a ratio of 1:3. Apply the mixture on damp hair and leave it for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Then, rinse your hair with water. You must follow this routine for a month before your big day to see tangible results. 

5. Maintain a Healthy Beard  

Your facial hair or beard undoubtedly plays a huge role in enhancing your overall look. So, show it some love with proper beard care

No matter what style you sport, it is best to eliminate any unruly fuzz before your big day. This does not mean you have to go clean shave. Most women love men with beards, but you need to keep it neatly trimmed and combed. 

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You must also use high-quality products for beard care such as beard oil to prevent the strands from drying out and keep the beard smelling fresh. 

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groom to be

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1. Is skincare enough to shine on the big day?

An emphatic no! An Indian groom must ensure your body is equally clean internally. So, if you haven’t started yet, keep your eating habits in check. Avoid deep-fried junk food and stick to healthier alternatives like green veggies, smoothies, and nuts. Also, consume at least three litres of water daily to stay sufficiently hydrated. 

2. How to keep stress levels low?

The wedding day brings its share of anxieties. The wedding blues may start to kick in weeks before the big day, causing stress-related breakouts, rash, etc. You can keep your cool by dedicating at least 30 minutes to exercise, listening to relaxing music, aromatherapy, etc. 

3. Should I see a Dermatologist?

This entirely depends upon your skin. If there’s little time left for the wedding, self-help won’t help. See a dermatologist to understand your skin type – dry, oily, normal, sensitive, etc. This will help you invest in the right products for your skin type, which naturally translates into better skin. 

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