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How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

Here’s How You Say Goodbye to the Nuisance of Beard Dandruff

Alexander the Great may have made being clean-shaven the norm for his civilisation in order to emulate the eternally youthful look of Greco-Roman gods, but ever since the Renaissance, men have embraced their hairy nature. Even with the standards of gentility that limited beard grooming, it remains a symbol of threatened masculinity.

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Since a man’s moustache and beard are usually the first things on display, it is important to trim, brush, comb, and essentially maintain facial hair. Sadly, dandruff or deposits of flaky skin among hairs is not a scalp-related issue alone.

Men’s beards may suffer from this itchy and annoying problem. So, what are some effective ways to get rid of beard dandruff? Femica India invites you to explore them in this blog.

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Causes of Beard Dandruff

Some people are shocked to learn that there is such a thing known as beard dandruff. A fungus or microbe called Malassezia globosa is one working behind the scenes to cause flaky skin on facial hair.

Now, this microbe is present on everybody’s faces, so it is not essentially the problem in itself. But it thrives and grows in especially oily areas with sebaceous glands. The face of men with particularly oily skin might lead to easy multiplication of this fungus, whose by-products irritate the skin.

beard dandruff

Over time, this accumulation leads to an itchy beard with flaky skin. Besides this, another reason for the problem could be dry skin. Even men with a patchy beard can develop this issue. To understand what the problem is, it is important to examine the skin underneath the beard.

If the same looks fine, the answer is dry skin. However, if the skin underneath appears to be inflamed and irritated, oily skin is the cause of dandruff.

Factors That Aggravate the Problem

An itchy moustache and beard are already a massive hassle to handle. However, the following only complicate this problem further –

Harsh Cleansers are Beard-care Red Flags 

skincare for men

This factor mainly aggravates the issue of beard dandruff for men with dry skin. Strong or harsh cleansers dry out the skin more.

Seasons Change, So Does Your Skin and Beard!

The same skincare routine is not suitable for all types of weather. Femica recommends switching things up throughout the year to give your skin the room it needs to breathe.

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This could include investing in more moisture-rich products for winter and a summer-friendly formula that helps combat sebum production.

Fella, Wash Your Face Twice a Day!

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Just like the face, the beard also needs regular washing. Many men use beard oil to tackle the dandruff problem.

However, even the best beard oil will not work its magic if not followed by a ritual of facial cleansing. This is because natural oil excretions, debris, and dirt tend to build up over time and block pores.

Recovering from the Dandruff Issue

A classic beard oil for men may be among the first things that can help overcome the dandruff problem. Wondering if it really works? Keep reading to know more. Other than that, there are other things you can do in tandem to say goodbye to dandruff forever.

1. Exfoliation is Your Best Friend

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The purpose of this method is to remove dry skin underneath the beard. Dandruff is made of dead skin cells that become flaky. Over time, their build-up can trap more dirt and severely clog pores.

Femica suggests avoiding that by gently brushing the beard to bring all dandruff to the surface. Then, gently rinse them away. Exfoliation can also irritate the skin and hence is recommended only twice or thrice a week.

2. Cleanse, Cleanse, and Cleanse Some More, but Gently!

Some men, frustrated with their itchy beards, opt for a dandruff-free shampoo to cleanse their facial hair. This is unwise as it may further dry the skin out.

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It is best to opt for a beard-specific cleanser that gently removes all dirt and debris.

3. Let Your Skin Breathe through Hydration 

beard dandruff

This step may not be needed for those with oily skin. However, dry skin-related dandruff issues can be easily resolved with optimal moisturisation. For the face, use a regular gentle moisturiser.

As for facial hair, use good beard oil for men. Wondering how to use beard oil? All you need to do is cleanse your face, pat it dry with a clean towel, take 3 to 7 drops of the best beard oil that you can find on Femica, and massage it gently in a circular motion.

Use the oil daily if you live in an area with an arid climate. Also, finish the process by combing your beard (preferably with a natural neem wood comb). This helps to spread the oil evenly across the face. However, do not comb facial hair more than three times a day.

How Effective is Beard Oil?

When it comes to optimal moisturisation, seldom do people doubt the potential of beard oil. However, it is natural to ask, “does beard oil really work?” when it comes to the issue of dandruff.

The short answer to this question is a resounding yes! Femica recommends using good beard oil for men for optimal moisturisation and dandruff removal. Good beard oils are designed to serve both ends – moisture retention and reduced inflammation.

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Some even come with anti-bacterial properties that protect the skin underneath and strengthen hair from the roots. When followed by a gentle cleanser, this combination can ward off dandruff.

Femica India Will Help You Take Care of Beard Health

Need help catering to the needs of your beard? Femica India grooming products include a wide range of goodies like beard oils, facial cleansers, shaving kits, and whatnot. 

The products are even designed to be suitable for sensitive skin to provide the ultimate soothing feeling. Use the beard oil to tackle dandruff issues, the after-shave lotion for faster post-shave healing, and the beard wash that maintains hygiene.

Get your beard in order today with Femica India!

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“With a great beard comes great responsibility!” 


1. What are some don’ts when it comes to beard dandruff?

Some things that aggravate the beard dandruff issue include combing the beard too much, using extra hot water for washing, applying chemical-laden shampoos or cleansers, and constantly picking or itching the beard.

2. How to fix a patchy beard?

Sometimes, a patchy beard fills in with age and time. If that’s not the case, you can try growing out your beard, exploring new grooming styles, focusing on overall health through diet and exercise, and getting adequate sleep.

3. What are some ways to grow a beard faster?

Some effective ways to speed up the beard growth process include a balanced diet, regular exercise, using growth-specific beard oil for men, and following proper beard grooming.

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