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The Period-Sex Connection: This Is How Your Cycle Affects Matters Between The Sheets

Do you ever wonder why you are more aroused on some days and dread having sex on some? No, it has nothing to do with your emotions for your partner. The sudden shift in your sexual drive results from your hormones playing hide and seek with you. 

menstrual cycle

Your menstrual cycle affects your libido much more than you think, and it is not just the days you are on your periods. Your hormone levels keep changing throughout the normal period cycle, from preparing your uterus for a baby to clearing out the uterine lining when your eggs do not fertilize. The whole process impacts your sexual drive. You may feel more aroused when ovulating, it is nature’s way of telling you the best time for intercourse if you wish to conceive. 

Knowing about your sexual urges can help you communicate clearly with your partner to have a better experience. This blog from Femica will help you understand how your sex drive is affected by the different phases of a normal menstrual cycle.

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Can You Have Sex During Periods?

normal menstrual cycle

You sure can. It is usually the first three to seven days of your normal menstrual cycle when your body tells you, you are not pregnant. During this phase, your body sheds the uterine lining through period blood, mucous, and vaginal tissues. 

At the beginning of your period, your sex hormones are at their lowest, resulting in a lower sex drive. However, as you near the end of menstruation and your body starts preparing for the next ovulation, you can see a spike in these hormones. You may feel motivated for sexual pleasure. 

The good part is period sex has its perks. Besides being more pleasurable, regular sex during your period helps regulate your cycles. Moreover, muscle-calming endorphin-packed orgasms ease menstrual discomfort and effectively reduce cramps and headaches. *your cue to try period sex* 

However, it is mandatory to practice safe sex even when you are menstruating since you can still get pregnant. With proper contraceptive measures and menstrual hygiene products from Femica, like tampons and menstrual cups, you can enjoy period sex to the fullest. *wink*

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Sex right After Your Periods are Over

menstrual hygiene

This phase is called the follicular phase and is a continuation of your period phase up to when you start ovulating. During this time, the pituitary gland emits a follicle-stimulating hormone which signals the ovary to grow tiny nodules or cysts called follicles. 

As the follicles grow, there is an increase in estrogen levels, meant to strengthen the uterus lining for carrying the foetus if you get pregnant. As a result of high estrogen, your libido is higher, and you are strongly attracted to your partner both emotionally and sexually. Naturally, having sex during this time is equally pleasurable for you and your partner since you are so much into it.

Ovulation and Sexual Arousal

menstrual cycle

Ovulation happens right in the middle of your menstrual cycle and lasts for just a day. When you ovulate, the ovary releases an egg into the fallopian tube, which sits there waiting for sperm to fertilize it. Sadly when that does not happen, the usual cycle continues till you get your period.

Blame it on evolution, your sexual desires are highest during this time as you are at your most fertile phase with higher chances of conceiving. No wonder you feel raunchy midway through your menstrual cycle. Make this time more pleasurable for yourself and your partner with mood boosters and lubes from Femica.

Using a period tracker to track and estimate your ovulating date can help if you plan to have a baby. If not, do not forget to practice safe sex, as you are most likely to conceive during this time. 

Sex When You Are PMSing

normal period cycle

Also called the luteal phase, it is the last stage of your normal period cycle. Since you did not conceive, your body does not need the uterine lining, which was created with so much hope. *sighs* Consequently, the estrogen levels start dropping in the final days approaching your next period, causing you to feel rather irritated.

This is called Premenstrual Syndrome, or as we typically say, PMSing, with a hell lot of acne, bloating, mood swings, and cramps before period. With all these pre-period symptoms, your sexual desires come crashing down along with your chances of conceiving. Moreover, anxiety and low self-image during this time also act as turn-offs for sexual desires in many women. 

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know how your menstrual cycle interferes with your libido, you can find better ways to intensify your moments when the time is perfect, just saying. You can even make love to your partner while on your period with proper menstrual hygiene and contraception. 

Use a period tracker to identify the best time for intercourse if you wish to get pregnant. Additionally, if you do not want to conceive, remember to use protection and practice safe sex.  

Although you can still have sex while PMSing, pre period symptoms can get irksome and lower your libido. Thankfully Femica wellness products are here to ease these discomforts. You can explore a wide range of products on Femica that can help reduce cramps before period and neutralize other symptoms too.

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1. Is it okay to have unprotected period sex?

No, it does not matter if you are menstruating, you can still get pregnant and have the chance of getting STDs. So it is advisable to use contraception and follow appropriate menstrual hygiene while having period sex. 

2. Can sex affect your menstrual cycle?

Yes, sex can sometimes affect your menstrual cycle and cause your period to come early. If you have sex just before your period is due, orgasms can cause your uterus to contract triggering it to flush out the blood. 

3. Can sex postpone your period?

No, sex cannot delay your period. It can happen only if you conceive during sex.

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