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It’s Time To Switch To Eco-Friendly Period Care Products!

Despite the long-drawn conversations about sustainability, climate change, and eco-consciousness, it seems like the presence of plastic is unfathomable. Even your pads and tampons stand no exception. We understand that being on your period and dealing with constant nausea and cramps is hard. But if you are an eco-warrior, you would want to make some sustainable choices during this time of the month. Right?

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You can make a difference by introducing environment-friendly period products Femica in your feminine hygiene routine!

Let’s see how you can do that!

1. Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are easily the best feminine hygiene product that you can adopt during your periods. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to tampons and pads.

The menstrual cup benefits are endless, but we shall name a few!

First, they are designed for long-term reuse, thus ensuring lesser landfill waste. Second, you don’t need to worry about the funny odour that sometimes wafts from tampons and pads. Three, you don’t need to change it every couple of hours; hence great for maintaining personal hygiene!

Bombae Reusable Menstrual Cup is made with body-friendly silicone, it ensures no rashes and guarantees protection from undesirable leakages. This product is a must-have! [wp-shopify-product id=”7645875634427″]

2. Biodegradable tampons

If you are uncomfortable using menstrual cups, you can choose organic, biodegradable tampons.

Since they are free of all chemicals and synthetic materials, it does not interfere with or harms your body’s hormone levels. Moreover, many women have noticed that using biodegradable tampons has made their periods more manageable and less painful.

You can see it yourself by switching to Lemme Be heavy-flow tampons (biodegradable). [wp-shopify-product id=”7740799058171″]

It’s one of the best environmentally friendly products – sustainable, good for heavy blood flow and easy to use!

3. Biodegradable pads

Some of you might not be okay with the act of inserting any period product in your vagina, which is a fair concern. So, you can stick to cotton pads for periods!

They are sustainable, cost-efficient, minimise any chances of rashes and lower the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. A total winner!

Buy Lemme Be Heavy Flow Night Pads (Biodegradable) and watch your periods become kinder to you! [wp-shopify-product id=”7740797288699″]

4. Period panty

In menstrual products, the period panty is one of the most recent developments that has surprised everyone. This menstrual health and hygiene product eliminates the need for tampons, pads or cups.

Crafted with built-in state-of-the-art technology, these quality spandex or cotton period panties are god’s gift to womankind. They are washable and reusable for at least 3 years or 100 washes.

If you want a hassle-free period, get your hands on the Premium Period Combo for Teens. They are comfortable, soft and sustainable! [wp-shopify-product id=”7740798140667″]

5. Panty liners

Panty liners will be a game-changer for you if you are a person with light menstrual flow. They are thin, absorbent pads that prevent staining.

The Lemme be Panty Liners & Tampons will easily win the debate of panty liners vs pad. It’s 100% plastic free, super convenient to use, rash-resistant and affordable. [wp-shopify-product id=”7740799156475″]

Just wash the panty liners after every use, and they will likely last for over a year or so!

6. Menstrual disc

Most are familiar with menstrual cups, but the menstrual disc has lately become the talk of the town!

They are an ideal alternative period product that offers over 12 hours of protection, lowers your cramps to minimal and allows for no-mess period sex!

If you are a sucker for upholding maximum hygiene during menstruation, getting hold of Lemme Be Z disc is perfect. [wp-shopify-product id=”7740797485307″]

It assures of no leakage, even on heavy flow days. It’s comfortable to insert, and since it collects period blood instead of absorbing it, there will be no irritation or dryness, too!

7. Moisture-free panty liners

If you are worried about leakages from your tampons or menstrual cup, you can add an extra layer of protection. How? By using organic panty liners.

The TWC Organic Cotton Panty Liners ensure moisture-free periods without any slight worry of UTIs or bacteria infection. The panty liners use 100% cotton and no chemicals, so it’s gentle for everyday use. [wp-shopify-product id=”6600608710853″]

Final words

Taking baby steps in the direction of an eco-friendly future is a must. We cannot sit still anymore and hope for a miracle for the betterment of our Earth.

Periods shouldn’t be a cause for you to contribute to environmental hazards and growing landfill waste. Make a transition to the environmentally-conscious period products Femica, as mentioned above.

You will see a radical change in your feminine hygiene, as well!

 Femica wellness products  are among the best in the market for personal hygiene. Why the wait? Just give it a try and experience the ease for yourself!


1. What are some eco-friendly feminine hygiene products for menstruation?

To ensure sustainable, environment-friendly periods, you can switch to menstrual cups, organic pads and tampons, menstrual discs or period panties.

2. Are menstrual cups better than pads?

In terms of blood collection and low leakage, menstrual cups are much better than tampons and sanitary napkins.

3. Are panty liners only used for periods?

No. You can use panty liners for any moisture-related irritation, vaginal discharge, panty staining, etc.

Explore Femica India to find clean & organic products that suit your needs.

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