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Talking Point Du Jour: How to Keep Your Hair Shiny, Detangled, and Frizz-Free After Working Out

Everyone enjoys a good sweat session, but the appearance of sweaty locks is what we loathe the most and must endure all day if we don’t follow the proper post-workout hair care routine.

Daily hair washing causes your scalp to become dry, strips away the natural oils from your locks and doubles the rate of hair loss. So what should you do about the soggy mess your hair becomes after working out?

Here is a post-workout hair care routine that, if you can master it, will help you stop feeling the urge to shampoo your hair nearly every day. This regimen can be followed even if you’ve had a hard day or it’s just extremely hot outside, not just before and after a workout.

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1. Shampoo Reigns Supreme!

If you embrace the eat, exercise, rinse, and repeat lifestyle, you must take a hard, long look at your priorities and rethink them. Even though a thorough head-to-toe scrubbing session may be enjoyable, it can significantly harm your hair.

By depleting all the essential oils from the hair follicles, daily shampooing can cause your hair to become extremely dry. We advise only shampooing your hair two to three times per week.

The keratin shampoo from The Skin Story acts as a gentle cleanser for your greasy hair by restoring normal keratin levels, reinforcing the cuticle, and regenerating damaged hair. This shampoo hydrates the scalp and hair while taming frizz. Argan oil, vitamin E, and Macadamia oil are paired to leave hair feeling exceptionally shiny and luscious. [wp-shopify-product id=”7660148916475″]

2. Flipping the Hair With a Few Dabs of Dry Shampoo

An excellent dry shampoo can solve all your sticky hair problems with just a few spritzes. Between head-washing sessions, it conveniently saves time and maintains your hair’s cleanliness and freshness. It prevents your tresses from becoming oily while locking all their hydration.

You’ve met your match, brunettes! Your hair will feel wonderfully fresh and cleansed with extra texture and bounce after using the Batiste Dry Shampoo to freshen it in between showers. It is one of the best hair care products in India, and rightly so! [wp-shopify-product id=”7650718777595″]

It transforms lacklustre, dull hair into something beautiful. It mixes perfectly with gorgeous brown hair and has a distinctively coloured dry shampoo that keeps hair looking fresh. With only a few sprays, you’ll be ready to hit the gym in no time.

3. Pampering the Follicles

Applying a hair mask for frizzy hair and tying your hair up are two helpful ways to look after it while exercising. The heat generated while exercising enables the mask to permeate your hair strands deeply. Once you’ve finished working out, you may rinse the mask off for shiny locks.

Bear in mind that the scalp is a continuation of your face and has skin too! It contains hair-producing follicles. So, to achieve the luscious locks you’ve always desired, a strong, nourished scalp is essential. You get assistance with these and more with the Love Earth Hair Mask.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7963661336827″]

With the benefits of Shankhpushpi, Amla, and Bhringraj, it improves hair texture and controls frizz while reducing damage and hair fall. Additionally, this hair mask for frizzy hair aids in moisturising and nourishing your mane and is excellent for all hair types.

4. Wooden Hair Accessories For The Win

Plastic materials are out, and wooden alternatives are in! Since your tresses have a negative electrostatic charge and metal and plastic hairbrushes and combs have positive charges, the attraction between the two produces friction and frizz in your locks.

In addition to looking unsightly, friction and frizz cause the hair to run dry by becoming brittle. Furthermore, unlike wood, plastic and poor-quality alloys are not sustainable and hazardous to the environment. Wooden combs prevent static harm to your hair because they are electrically inactive.

Pink Woolf’s neem wood comb is ideal for promoting hair development and preventing hair loss because it is crafted using carefully chosen, high-quality, natural neem wood. It helps you disentangle your strands without fretting about split ends or breakage, is hypoallergenic, and aids in getting rid of dandruff as you gently comb. [wp-shopify-product id=”7752207335675″]

This natural neem wood comb is an excellent replacement for plastic combs since it evenly distributes natural oil throughout all hair strands and is environmentally friendly.

5. Serum For Unbelievably Silky and Smooth Hair

Yes! We are aware that hair care practices can be time-consuming and tiresome. But if you want a healthier mane following your workout regimen, you’ve got to put in the effort, gal! Simply apply a little hair serum for frizzy hair to the ends as a finishing touch when styling it up. That’ll help bring back the lustre and lessen the roughness.

Your dull, unmanageable hair will come to life with Vilvah Hair Serum, which is filled with nutritious Curry Leaf and Black Seed oils. This hair serum for frizzy hair has been designed with the opulent plant oils of Arnica and Hibiscus to provide all-day heat protection as well as incredible softness, lustre, and UV resistance. Additionally, it delays colour fading and minimises damage. [wp-shopify-product id=”7703729373435″]

Tying It Up (After Using Dry Shampoo, Of Course)

Let’s conclude by saying that you should NEVER neglect your hair when exercising. Commit to maintaining your hair the same way you maintain your physique.

Your hair will be silky and supple after using hair care products infused with rich oils and substances that restructure hair fibre and improve texture. Your dread of having sweaty gym hair will no longer force you to skip your workout!

Looking for some effective products to incorporate into your post-workout hair care routine that will quickly revive your greasy hair after an exercise sesh? Visit our website to add the top Femica hair care products to your cart that will give you a just-left-the-salon look!


1. Why does my hair feel sticky after exercising?

A) Sweat causes oils and grime to flow down the hair strands as it passes, giving the appearance of dull and unkempt hair. Also, greasy hair provides a hot, moist atmosphere ideal for Malassezia globose, the microorganisms that cause dandruff, to flourish.

2. Do I need to wash my hair every day after exercise?

A) No, never shampoo your hair every day after working out. Washing one’s hair after each exercise session is a frequent error made by most women. Sweat might accumulate during exercise, giving you the impression that your scalp requires a thorough scrub. No matter how frequently you work up a sweat, it would be best if you still shampooed a couple of times per week.

3. Is it acceptable to be using dry shampoo after working out?

A) Exercising will inevitably result in sweating. If you routinely work out, you’re definitely over-shampooing, which depletes the essential oils in your hair. Dry shampoo is undoubtedly a pre-workout champion, yet it can do very little once the hair has already been drenched in sweat.

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