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Best Hair Masks To Make Your Mane Festive Ready

The season of gloom and humidity has finally met its due conclusion. There is a visible shift in the air as people grow more excited and joyous about what’s to come. The festive days are here, and the preparations are in full swing. Everything is essential, from going on a house cleaning spree to deciding which outfit to don on the big day.

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Though, most of us forget to offer simple care to our hair and then whine on the day of the festival about the dryness and damage.

You can avoid that situation by switching your haircare routine a little. Perhaps use Femica hair care products like hair masks and oils to nourish your hair, letting them get better.

Now the question is, which one would work best for you?

We’ll tell you!

1. Onion hair oil to revitalize dull hair

We don’t realise how our polluted environment not only makes us sick from the inside but also damages our hair and skin. That is precisely why your hair needs some extra care and attention!

With Kronokare Onion Hair Oil, you can restore your healthy hair quickly.[wp-shopify-product id=”7767739597051″]

This product is rich in nutrition and made of 7 different stellar natural oils. It helps treat all significant hair problems and can help you achieve shiny and nourished hair in no time.

What’s better – it’s not greasy or sticky whatsoever!

2. Eradicate split ends with this natural hair mask

Don’t let the problem of split ends exacerbate and destroy your hair’s health.

Amsarveda Hair Mask Cream is a suitable hair mask for hair growth, split ends and lifeless hair![wp-shopify-product id=”7684373053691″]

It is made of the best natural ingredients like avocado, aloe vera and silk protein. The herbal extracts and ayurvedic elements of this hair mask regenerate keratin molecules, restore the scalp structure, and provide ample moisture and minerals to your hair.

3. Give the love your scalp deserves!

All the chemical treatments, quick blow dries, hair colour and seasonal changes impact your scalp more than you know. Protecting your hair inherently requires you to keep your scalp healthy!

Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask is the solution to your troubles. It treats your scalp gently, restores the lost pH balance, puts an end to hair thinning and detangles your hair.[wp-shopify-product id=”7699764740347″]

Since it’s free of harmful ingredients like silicone and paraben, you can frequently use this hair mask for hair fall!

4. Time to moisturise your hair well

Using toxic hair products and heat styling tools can quickly strip your hair of natural oils and nutrients, making it lifeless.

You can combat this situation by introducing the flawless Kinky Berries Moisturizing & Strengthening Hair Mask to your hair care routine.[wp-shopify-product id=”7721620766971″]

Made with the extract of lemon peel, aloe vera, apple, sugarcane, green tea leaf and special yeast, this hair mask brings back your hair’s youthful glow and minimises hair fall.

5. No more hair loss with this hair mask

Wondering how to take care of your hair when your life is fast-paced and laced with so many chemicals and pollution?

The Rosemary and Hibiscus Hair Strengthening is a beautiful hair care product that balances sebum secretion, strengthens your brittle hair, promotes hair growth and enhances blood supply to your hair follicles.[wp-shopify-product id=”7702724673787″]

6. Restore damaged hair with a hydrating hair mask

Have you been neglecting your hair care for the last few months? Feeling worried that you might not know how to restore your old, luscious hair?

Well, with the True Frog Deep Conditioning Mask, it’s possible and how![wp-shopify-product id=”7620372103419″]

This hydrating hair mask can unexpectedly change your hair care game by repairing months’ long damage and nourishing your hair from root to tip!

7. Natural remedy for dry hair

Has your hair been feeling a little dry and damaged lately? It’s time to take care of the problem before it worsens.

Generously use the Moringa & Argan Oil Nourishing Hair Mask. [wp-shopify-product id=”7703725998331″]

This deep-conditioning hair mask revitalises damaged hair and improves the inner health of your scalp. Especially great for people struggling with split ends!

8. Pump some nutrition into your frizzy hair

Not all hair mask for frizzy hair helps. You need to pick the right one cautiously, and we’ve found it.

The Yava & Rosemary Intense Hair Mask is power packed with peptides, proteins and Ayurvedic goodness. You will see some dramatic improvement in your hair after one single use.[wp-shopify-product id=”7721618931963″]

The intense hair mask repairs your damaged hair with nourishing herbs and brings back the lost lustre in no time!

Parting words

Don’t let the lost shine of your hair pull you down during the festivities. Use any of the above-mentioned Femica hair care products to help your hair become healthy and shiny.

These high-powered hair masks will add a touch of shine, hydration and smoothness to your hair. Grab them from the Femica website, all at affordable rates!


1. What are some quick ways to combat frizzy hair?

You can help your frizzy hair by using good Femica hair care products, minimising heat styling tools and avoiding overwashing your hair.

2. Do hair masks help dry hair?

Yes, if you use hydrating hair masks from one of the Femica hair care products, they can smoothen your dry hair. Pick a product with natural ingredients, free of paraben and silicone.

3. How many times can you apply a hair mask at home?

Using a hair mask 2-3 times a week is ideal.

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