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Are Menstrual Cups Better than Tampons? How to Pick the Best Option?

Whether you’re ready or not, periods will make an appearance. It’s what they do. Periods are a reality for over 1.9 billion people who bleed every month. So, it’s common sense if millions seek the most effective product to ease the process.

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Though it’s not an easy choice, menstrual cups are gaining popularity due to sustainability factors. Yet, tampons are preferred by women who find emptying the cups a bit messy and icky. Are they, really?

If you’re confused between tampons and menstrual cups, we heard you. This article will feed the information you need to make an informed choice for the right female hygiene routine.

Let’s find out!

What are Tampons?

A tampon is a disposable sanitary product that has cotton or rayon to absorb the blood when inserted into the vagina. It has a cylindrical shape and a string attached for better removal. Once placed into the vagina, it stays and soaks up the period of blood. A single tampon can sop up 6 to 18 grams of blood.

Benefits of Using Tampons

Tampons are the best choice if you don’t have time to empty the cup and wash it thoroughly for reuse. You can use tampons on the go and throw them after each use. Using products made from 100% organic cotton is safe and lets you live stress-free.

Tampons are Disposable Menstrual Hygiene

Use and throw – if that’s what you need, tampons are the best. Like the sanitary napkins, you can dispose of the tampon after every usage. LEMMEBE Heavy Flow Tampons are biodegradable and soft to the touch. It will ensure proper menstrual hygiene and comfort for many hours.

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Possible to Participate in Physical Activities

Why should periods restrict you from participating in physical tasks? For women leading an active lifestyle, periods can become a pain in the ass. Skin-friendly TWC Organic Cotton Tampons ensure the utmost personal hygiene and rash-free periods even if you’re at your active best.

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What are Menstrual Cups?

These are cone-shaped (just a bit round) silicon or latex-based cups. If you prioritise eco-friendly products and menstrual hygiene, go for a menstrual cup. They don’t add to the environmental waste, irritation or rash and allow you to perform physical activities comfortably.

Also, it’s a one-time investment. It means you don’t need to splurge on menstrual products each month.

Benefits of Using Menstrual Cups

For getting the most out of menstrual cup benefits, ensure to choose the right menstrual cup size. Bombae Reusable Menstrual Cup uses 100% medical-grade silicon and guarantees 12 hours of leak protection. As everyone’s flow is different, observe and see how long it can hold the blood flow in your case.

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Panic Free Sleep

Wearing a menstrual cup at night helps you grab stress and panic-free sleep. The soft and flexible TWC Large Menstrual Cup feels as if it isn’t even there. The best menstrual cup is easy to insert and take out. These environmentally friendly products don’t even need removal even while peeing.

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Never Upsets the pH levels

Menstrual cups are more hygienic than tampons as they don’t absorb extra water as a tampon might. Moreover, it doesn’t upset your vaginal pH level, making that time of month rash and irritation free. However, at times cups can get stained and age over time.

For such cases, get Rustic Art Natural Menstrual Cup Wash Powder to remove nasty stains and pesky odours in one wash.

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The Right Choice: Menstrual Cup Vs Tampons

The debate is endless. Some find tampons better than menstrual cups. Others may favour menstrual cup benefits more. We suggest you try both once and see what’s more comfortable for you.

Period products Femica lists a wide range of clean women’s hygiene products on its website. So, the customers can easily choose the best 100% clean products that are cruelty-free and non-toxic.

 Femica wellness products  are among the best in the market for personal hygiene. Why the wait? Just give it a try and experience the ease for yourself!


1. Do menstrual cups start leaking when full?

That’s true and obvious, too (duh?). Menstrual cups will leak when full. Where else will the blood go if the cup is full? To prevent it from overflowing, ensure you’re using a proper size. Empty it after every 3-5 hours on a heavy flow day.

2. Are menstrual cups more environmentally friendly products?

Without a doubt, yes! These little silicon devils are reusable for up to 10 years. Further, tampons contribute to landfill waste, drain blockage and plastic to the beautiful oceans. So, using a menstrual cup makes you a nature warrior, too (YAY!).

3. Is it better to use a tampon or a cup for swimming?

You can use either of them when swimming. Tampons are one of the most suitable environmentally friendly products while taking a dip in the water during your periods. Similarly, you can use a menstrual cup and go swimming stress-free.

Explore Femica India to find clean & organic products that suit your needs.

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