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how to apply eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow like a Pro

Laura Mercier once said, “Your eye makeup says so much about you and your style.” You’ll agree that nailing your perfect face beat using the right eyeshadow does the trick.

Figuring out how to apply eyeshadow and knowing the right colour and depth could be tricky, especially for first-timers. 

Eye Makeup

From using the right eyeshadow palette to the right brush sets, there’s a technique that allows you to wear any colour elegantly. In this article, we’ll go through the steps to apply your eyeshadow like a pro.

What you Need

Eye Makeup Look

Rocking great eye makeup has a lot to do with having the right tools and techniques handy. Here is a highlight of some makeup products you should stock up on to begin your professional look process;

  • A nude eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow Primer
  • Fluffy eyebrow brush for the right blend
  • Medium Brown eyeshadow
  • False eyelashes
  • Brown liner
  • Mascara

Before we commence with the basic steps, there are some tips you should know depending on your expertise level. As a beginner, you should most likely go for matte shadows which cover mistakes more and suit all skin types. 

If you are aiming for a dramatic look, go for a loose powder shadow from Femica beauty products. Alternatively, if you are up for long-term wear, you should go for liquid shadows which give you much colour in one swipe.

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Steps to Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Now that we’ve seen the essential Femica beauty products and tools and tips for our makeup level, here is how to apply eyeshadow;

1. Apply your Eyeshadow Primer

Begin with a clean and fresh base by applying an eyeshadow primer from Femica makeup products on your eyelids. If you want your eyeshadow makeup to sit and last, this is an essential step to take. 

eyeshadow makeup

Alternatively, if you can’t get your hands on a primer, swap it for a concealer. Simply topping it up with translucent powder allows you to create your unique eyeshadow primer.

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2. Go in with a Nude Base

With your fluffy eyeshadow brush from Femica makeup products, apply a nice amount of nude shadow to complement your tone, then blend thoroughly. You can tap out the excess before applying it to reduce its accumulation. 

Ultimately, this allows you to achieve a long-lasting and intense foundation for any colour of your choice.

makeup products

3. Intensify the Crease

Go in with a medium brown-tone shadow to your eye crease by using your fluffy blend brush. You can achieve this by adding colour to the lower lash line and then blending it properly specifically towards your outer corners.

A helpful tip in this step is to use a darker eyeshadow shade to get these eyeshadow looks

4. Add a Pop of Colour

Apply dark burgundy eyeshadow and focus it on the outer corners. If you want to create that extra smokey eyeshadow makeup effect, you can slightly extend it beyond your crease. 

Eye makeup Look

With your fluffy brush, go further to smoke out your colour and blend the shadow elegantly. 

Femica makeup products offer a wide range of gold eyeshadow palettes like the BlushBee Organic Beauty Organic Eyeshadow Palette. A pro tip is to use a nude eyeshadow palette shade to achieve a well-blended and neat effect. For adding a subtle sheer, you can go for a metallic crayon eyeshadow as well.

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5. Enhance the Lower Lashline


Add a brown kohl to your waterline and smudge properly to get your gorgeous smokey look. With Femica makeup products that range across various eyeshadow shades, you can pop out your eye using any colour.

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6. Glam up with Fabulous Lashes

To crown the perfect makeup looks as well as the eyeshadow looks, go in with your false lashes. Apply a thick coat of mascara onto your lower lashes to level your top and button lashes. 

Finally, finish the rest of your glam with a nice face beat using your highlighter, bronzer, and nude lipstick. Voila! 

makeup looks

Wrapping Up

We all want that professional glam – that is why getting the right eyeshadow tools is vital. Makeup essentials like nude eyeshadow palettes and gold eyeshadow go a long way in creating your face magic. With quality products from Femica beauty products, you can begin your first step towards glamming up for that occasion.

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1. What Should I Consider When Choosing the Appropriate Eyeshadow?

When choosing eyeshadow, here are some questions and tips to consider for your makeup looks;

  • Do I have oily eyelids? if so, go for avoid jelly and cream eyeshadows
  • Sensitive eye skin? Then stay clear of neon and chunky glitter eyeshadows
  • Do you have basic eyeshadow shades? You should begin with brown, black, base shade, burgundy, etc., available on Femica beauty products.

2. Can I wear Eyeshadow without Eyeliner?

Yes, it’s alright to wear a subtle eyeshadow shade without eyeliner. However, a good eyeliner helps your eyes pop out and defines the beautiful blend of your colours.

3. Can I replace the eyeshadow primer with Vaseline?

Yes, you can! Vaseline works as an excellent substitute for eyeshadow primer when you use eyeshadow palettes with low pigmentation. However, for bold colours, a primer will help pop the colours more and make the look more long-lasting.

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