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5 Tips To Ace Diwali Eye Makeup Look

When it involves creating a one-of-a-kind makeup look, the eyes can either save or destroy it. There are various stunning eye makeup looks to explore, including the classic doe-eyed appearance, which is timeless. This Diwali season, style your outfit beautifully but let your eyes do all the shining.

Regardless of the eye shape, you may get a more prominent, brighter eye appearance with a few tweaks to your makeup regimen. We’ve included some pointers for accentuating your eyes to get a prominent, eye-catching look!

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1. Highlighter equals Versatility

Highlighter makeup is not only helpful in enhancing facial features; it also helps with wider, open-eye makeup looks. To create the illusion of an uplifted and larger gaze this festive season, apply a highlighter to your brow bone, the innermost corner of your eyes, and the centre of the lids.

We recommend using Velvet Glow Multistick (Champagne Moonshine. Its shimmery metallic shades will bring attention to your eyes without adding too much pop.[wp-shopify-product id=”6594064351429″]


2. Wing It!

The timeless effect of winged eyeliner is ideal for giving the impression of having sharp and accentuated eyes. This will give you the perfect eye makeup look! Create the illusion of winged eyeliner by applying it in short, thin strokes.

When you reach the outermost part of your eyes, do a quick flick that goes upward and outward from that point. Liquid eyeliner works best for this technique. Check out this  Intense Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for desired results.[wp-shopify-product id=”7678491623675″]


3. Nude is the New Black

Dark eye kajal might sometimes make your eyes seem smaller, or you might feel like it is too much of an everyday look. If you want to switch it up, try a lighter colour instead. Consider using a colored kajal under the eyes, like a nude or white kajal.

These neutral colours help create a fresher, more natural, energetic appearance. Use Disguise Cosmetics Kajal Nude Quartz All Day Gel this festive seasonto get a simple and sophisticated look.[wp-shopify-product id=”6593994064069″]


4. Light and Bright

If you have tiny eyes avoid applying dark eye shadows since they give the appearance of heavy, closed eyelids and may make your eyes seem even smaller.

.Instead, try for lighter, shimmering simple eye makeup looks like gold or beige. They would help open up the eyes and give them a more natural eye makeup look.

This Iba Eye Talk Hd Eye Shadow Palette is a good option with several beautiful shades.[wp-shopify-product id=”7743911428347″]


5. Naturally Long Lashes

A flirtatious, raised fringe is essential for drawing attention to your festive eyes. Fake lashes are an option, but if you’re anything like us, you prefer rich, long natural lashes.

If you desire to up your aesthetic goals, an eyelash growth serum might help. Natural lashes complement your eye shape without the effort of clipping and attaching artificial lashes.

Try this Aegte Eye Brow & Lash Growth Serum to up your lash game![wp-shopify-product id=”7678491689211″]


6. Eye Care

All the abovementioned techniques may help you improve your eye look to draw attention to your face. But taking care of your eyes is much more crucial. Imagine you use all of these strategies to draw attention to your eyes during Diwali Pooja, but you have eye bags and eye spots.

The use of an under-eye cream improves both physical and mental health, prevents ageing and illnesses, and allows one to experience a youthful life.

Tvam Under Eye Cream is a product we love and swear by. Its natural ingredients nourish and cool the eyes, leading to a more relaxed and fresh feeling.[wp-shopify-product id=”6876824076485″]


Wrapping Up

It is quite feasible to make your eyes shine and add flair to your outfit. Make them more gorgeous with a bit of makeup magic. Simply choose colors that complement your natural skin tone and take care of your face with well-tailored skin care regimens. Visit Femica and treat yourself to eyecare products to ace the Diwali Pooja eye makeup look.

 Femica brings you a step-by-step makeup guide to help you get the look right!


1. How can you brighten the whites of your eyes?

Outline the inner lining of your eyes with a light-coloured pencil. Line the inner margins of both the top and bottom lids using a black pencil to achieve a more dramatic effect. A touch of pink tint on the apples of your cheeks and a tiny hint of blush across the maximum height of your brow will also bring glitter to your eyes.

2. What should be applied first: eyeliner, mascara, or eye shadow?

Wear the eye shadow first, then line your eyes with eyeliner. After that, curl the lashes and apply mascara for striking and full lashes.

3. What other products does Femina sell?

Femina beauty products is a very diverse platform. We sell a range of products from baby care to beauty and personal hygiene.

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