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Beauty Trends Shifting in Order to Cater to the Conscious Consumer

‘Sustainability’ remains to be the buzzword in many fields of the present day and for good! It is high time we not only think but individually take action to tackle environmental issues.

Well, that’s a great way to get more and more people to partake in something? Well, make it a trend!

Naturally, people are going to follow a trend, and more so if it’s one benefitting them and the surrounding. Beauty and makeup trends are on the rise every day. Alongside innovation, making ecologically-safe and sustainable products means saving yourself and the Earth from toxins, chemicals, and waste.

If not all, most of our everyday practices have a better alternative that suits our planet. So, ask yourself if you have taken a step towards sustainability as a conscious consumer yet. Whether you answer a yes or a no, Femica, as always, is here to guide you to the good.

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Why Should Beauty Be Sustainable?

Be it makeup, skincare, haircare, nails, fragrance, accessories, supplements, etc., beauty products are endlessly overtaking. As an art, beauty keeps evolving. But at the same time, it tends to ignore some essential environmental effects it has on the planet.

Soon, people shifted from using natural makeup to more chemically-processed products. Experimentation and creativity are on the rise, but at what cost?

Fortunately, fast-growing chemically-fuelled fashion and beauty are being questioned, and brands are working towards better answers.

natural makeup

Right from ingredients list to packaging and distribution, processes like sourcing, manufacturing, delivery, etc., involve several harmful environmental consequences. The following factors call for an urgent change.

Plights of Packaging

To catch the eye, packaging today is more fanciful than practical. Undoubtedly, it contributes to nearly 70% of the waste produced by beauty industries. From bottles of plastic, metal, and glass, to boxing in paper and plastics, with extra shipping packaging material adds to landfills.

Plastic Problems

Plastics from beauty containers and packaging end up being a major part of landfills and ocean waste. Despite photodegradation that breaks plastic into micro pieces, it still takes hundreds of years to decompose. While in the oceans, these microplastics hamper aquatic well-being.

Microbead Malady

You must have noticed plastic microbeads in exfoliants, scrubs, and cleansers. These tiny particles cause massive harm in water bodies to aquatic life and circulate back as toxic tap water. Many brands have switched to natural makeup alternatives instead of plastic microbeads, such as – perlite, walnut shells, silica, cellulose, etc.

Ruptured Resources

Usually, natural makeup seems like the answer. But not so when these natural products are made from unethically sourced raw materials. Over-cultivation of natural ingredients in cosmetics like palm oil, soy, coconut, oil, etc., encroach and exploit land resources.

Water Wearies

Often lotions, sunscreens, shampoos, and other products wash off our bodies in showers or directly into the ocean at beaches. Parabens and other cosmetic chemicals mixed into water bodies corrupt the health of ocean beings like fish, corals, greens, etc.

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Other Obstacles

Other hindrances like air pollution due to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) rise due to beauty products like perfumes and hairsprays. Moreover, fossil fuels are involved in each step of manufacturing such products, inevitably increasing their carbon footprint. Plus, paper packaging encourages deforestation.

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Creature Cruelty

Being eco-friendly is inclusive of both plant and animal well-being. Cosmetic testing on animals is unethical and inhumane. Despite existing regulations, animals suffering in laboratories need more reformation and measures immediately.

Cruelty Free

Sustainable Beauty Trends 2023

Femica is always on top of trends, and this time we have picked the coolest ones in 2023. What makes them the coolest, you ask? Well, these are all sustainable to match your clean beauty goals!

Re-fillable Products

While your product may get over, the bottles remain in shape, right? Several brands are now adopting a re-fillable policy that lets consumers take their bottles to get refills. This way, you not only re-use the bottle, you manage waste and invest in sustainable products.

New Identities to Old Products

Creative thinking drives solutions, which is clear through the epitome of some beauty essentials redefined. Who knew that changing the traditional form of some products means sustainability? For instance, shampoo bars reduce plastic packaging, as do stick fragrances, powdered cleansers, etc.

clean beauty

Natural New Scents

Among the many rising sustainable products, perfumes find their spot alongside plant-based formulas and ditching chemicals. Several small businesses and home-raised brands are switching to traditional fragrance extraction to make their fragrances natural and non-toxic.

sustainable products

Sustainable Packaging

Most environmental impacts are caused by packaging problems, which is why clean beauty brands are incorporating sustainable packaging. From using bio-plastics to minimalistic designs, other unique solutions are here to stay.

Certified Claims

While it’s on the manufacturer to use clean and green products, it’s on the consumer to choose the right options. Here are some certifications to look for the next time you buy products:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Palm oil free
  • Non-toxic
  • Thoughtful packaging
  • Ethically sourced


Thanks to several beauty influencers promoting a ‘less-is-more’ approach, encouraging buyers to stick to primary products and steps of skincare. Ultimately, this reduces consumption, wastage, and expense, all adding to sustainability. Find your essentials at Femica skincare products.

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10 Tips for Sustainable Beauty

With the right clean beauty products available, you need to ensure that you practice sustainable methods too. Here are some tips you can adopt today:

  • Look for multi-purpose options like lip+cheek+eyeshadow tints 
  • Go for re-fillable options
  • Switch to organic options
  • Avoid overuse
  • Always ensure to finish your products before buying new makeup
  • Try DIY beauty routines with at-home ingredients
  • Use reusable brushes and wipes
  • Ensure using water judiciously in your routines
  • Reuse or recycle your product containers
  • Dispose consciously

Final Words

Today, the conscious consumer is aware of the effect that beauty has on one and all. Ethically, clean beauty concerns the well-being of people, plants, animals, and the planet. With a new and improved checklist, these consumers are out searching for sustainable products.

Today, half of the beauty shoppers fall in the conscious consumer category and wish to know what goes into their products. Ethical brands are also rising to support eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and transparent procedures, to uplift clean beauty.

We at Femica, are thinkers of today and change-makers of tomorrow, and we want you with us on this journey. Femica makeup products are here to steer you into sustainability with a variety of options that are natural and safe. 

So, which of the listed trends are you trying out today?

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