Current Date:September 22, 2023

Shampoo Bar – A Sustainable Solution For Your Shampoo Needs

What does a consumer expect out of shampoo?

  • Cleansing lather
  • Great Hair Wash Experience
  • Manageable Hair with Low Hair Fall
  • Free of Toxins
  • Great for Hair Texture

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Most solid shampoos available across the market are not consumer favorites because they only solved one problem – reducing packaging waste!
There was still a gap with regards to a good hair wash experience and a good effect on the hair texture. Our challenge was to use the best natural & organic ingredients to create a product that doesn’t melt easily, gives a good hair wash experience and doesn’t make someone miss their regular shampoo. [wp-shopify-product id=”6612252754117″]

One of our most awaited & ambitious projects, Hair Cleansing Bars or Shampoo Bars as they are popularly known, have finally shaped up to be one of our most good looking products. After 3 years of R&D, the final product is ready for the market. The process involved bringing together an ethical and sustainable product, a production process which is scalable and the product that delivers the best results. One hair cleansing bar replaces at least 3 shampoo bottles, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint. It is a #WaterLess product, thus minimising the water footprint. And it is free of all toxins. It also does what it claims – cleanses the hair, makes hair soft & manageable & requires less water to rinse off! A one-stop solution for Shampoo bars in India, for all hair types, for babies & kids, zero waste enthusiasts & for all!

Rustic Art Hair Cleansing Bars are 100% soap free & biodegradable, vegan, and free of sulphates, paraben and silicones.

It is made using super-critical extracts of herbs. Supercritical extracts have a high concentration of plant nutrients, is absorbed quickly & provide deep nourishment. It is the next best thing to the freshly sourced herb.

The surfactant blend is derived from plant-based ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil & sugarcane. This blend is super mild with excellent sensory attributes. It is non-stripping, non-drying, and safe for chemically treated & coloured hair. The bar contains no synthetic colors or fragrances.

It is pH balanced for hair washing. It can be used post-oil massage. Suitable for all hair types.

Water Efficient: Requires less water to rinse off, and does not add toxins to rinse off the water. One hair cleansing bar replaces at least 3 shampoo bottles.

To Use: Rub wet palms against the hair cleansing bar to lather. Massage. Rinse. After use, store the bar upright in a dry place for a longer-lasting product.

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Good hair day, every day!



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