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7 Simple Tips to Kill that Morning Fatigue

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling tired?

Is dragging yourself out of bed the toughest struggle in the morning? Does the first thought that comes to your mind in the morning involve you fanaticizing about crawling right back into bed once your hectic day is over?


If you’re facing this issue, you’re not alone!

Most of us go to bed exhausted and wake up not wanting to abandon our super-comfy pillows.

However, it’s obvious that we’re doing something wrong – it’s not possible to have such low energy levels in the morning. Yes, for most of us a few cups of coffee can fix just about anything but that isn’t a long-term solution now, is it?

Don’t worry though, a few simple tricks can turn your morning blues around. These hacks should make a noticeable difference – you’ll feel more enthusiastic, energetic and rested; both mentally and physically!

1. Hydrate Yourself

Before you turn to that trusty cup of coffee, you might want to hydrate yourself in the morning. It’s easy for the body to get dehydrated during that 6 to 8-hour period of sleep and dehydration leads to morning fatigue. You need to make it easy on your body by giving it a nice, refreshing glass of water to help it set itself in motion.

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2. Get Some Exercise

Easier said than done – we agree 100% that it isn’t easy to accommodate exercise in your morning routine. However, the perks of getting some exercise in the sun cannot be ignored. For starters, it spikes the body’s serotonin levels – this will make you feel more active throughout the day and also help you sleep better at night. And let’s not forget the guilt-free munchies throughout the day! You don’t need to do a full-fledged workout – some light to moderate exercise will do. You could also go for a walk or do some yoga and stretching.


3. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine dependency can also hamper your morning energy levels. While drinks like coffee may have several health benefits, it can make you feel run down over the day. Caffeinated drinks tend to give you a burst of energy but when the effect wears off, you may feel more tired and fatigued. If you enjoy your fair share of caffeine, try having small and frequent doses of it rather than opting for that one big mug of coffee.

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4. Never Skip Breakfast

There’s a reason why they call breakfast the king of all meals – our body requires some energy to get it going in the morning. So even eating a small meal (in case you’re not too hungry) will charge you up for the day because his energy will directly lead to a better attention span and overall – a better mood to kick-start your day. However, remember not to eat before you work out because you don’t want to get queasy.

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5. Don’t Set Multiple Alarms or Hit Snooze

While it is almost always necessary for most of us to set alarms to wake up, sometimes setting a series of alarms may be the biggest enemy – hitting the snooze button is as bad. This is because of the simple fact that the fragmented sleep (that is the sleep you’re getting between alarms) at times you may cause you to wake up in your REM state; which makes it harder for your body to cope with the drowsiness. So kick that laziness in the butt and wake up in the first go!

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6. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Quality Sleep

Most adults need around 6 to eight hours of sleep to wake up recharged and fresh. You should, however, make sure that you’re getting quality sleep. This means that your phone/laptop/TV screens should be switched off (with nothing playing in the background) and try to keep the room as dim as possible – the darker the room, the better. Also, try to fix a sleep routine – try to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday in order to set your bio-clock in order.


7. Skip The Sugar

Sugar has a similar effect on the body as caffeine. Try laying off the sugar until lunchtime to avoid that sugar rush – this blood spike will drain you of your energy faster than usual making you feel tired and drowsy.

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