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fitness tips this valentine day

7 Action Steps For Healthier, Happier Valentine Day

Ah, a healthy relationship! Who doesn’t want that, right? A safe and stable relationship characterised by consistent love, unconditional trust, and deep respect for each other is the greatest force in this world.

Happy Valentine's Day

While these indicators of a healthy relationship truly couple goals, there is a literal aspect of health that can honour your relationship further. Meaning celebrating a Happy Valentine’s Day by showing love, respect, and deep regard for each other’s health.

Femica India has some tried-and-true fitness tips that couples should follow for each day of Valentine’s week to stay in good health.

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 Day 1 – Open Up the Fountain of Youth with Yoga

healthy habits

The practice of yoga adds vitality, energy, and strength to the body. It can make for a great fitness activity this Valentine’s week. Just as your sweetie thinks the dinner date is done, spice things up with an invite to couples’ yoga.

All you need to do is organise an intimate area, place two yoga mats, light some scented candles, dim the lights, and throw around some lovely rose petals. The serene yet romantic environment is one your spouse won’t be able to resist.

This activity is indeed a couple goals because even science believes that practising yoga together improves emotional bonding in couples.

Day 2 – Put on Your Hiking Boots to Witness a Thousand Miracles

fitness tips

A Happy Valentine’s Day doesn’t get any happier without a hiking date! Utilise the second day of the week to care for the fitness of both your mind and body.

Wander deep into the woods and bask in nature’s glory, which is both healing and mesmerising. This activity will renew your awe and wonder for creation as well as for each other. Along the trail, enjoy food and drinks, and spend quality time exploring a thousand miracles!

Day 3 – When in Doubt, Hit the Dance Floor

good health

Could there be a better way to spend the third day of Valentine’s week than a Latin date night? Femica India says no! First things first – this is one of the most romantic ways to look out for each other’s good health.

You will have plenty of opportunities for subtle physical contact and flirting. Even absolute beginners can easily tap their feet to the beat of salsa music. And rest assured that you will end up with loads of laughter in the process!

So, ask your spouse, “Will you be my Valentine?” in the ‘strut your stuff’ style.

 Day 4 – You’re Always One Ride Away from Happiness


Don’t you both have a thirst to explore your neighbourhood in the most relaxed style? Then a fun bike is among the top healthy habits to adopt, starting this Valentine’s!

On Day 4, gear up for a fun bike ride where you need not play by any rigid rules. Even without much talk, you can bask in each other’s presence and discover new things about your vicinity in the process.

Some ways to spice up this date idea is to end it with a romantic picnic, explore Valentine’s events nearby, visit a new restaurant, or simply tour the city and enjoy each other’s company.

 Day 5 – Let Loose in the Park with a Game of Frisbee

be my valentine

Among Femica’s top fitness tips is to resist the temptation of Netflix and chill at all costs. By Day 5, this temptation could be stronger. After all, one day of stuffing takeout while watching Home Alone shouldn’t hurt, right? Wrong!

Make the most of this Valentine’s week to develop healthy eating habits that will benefit in time to come. Why not try out a Frisbee park date this day? This fun activity perfectly combines athletics with great conversation.

Femica suggests ending this date much like the previous one – a romantic alfresco picnic with some tea cakes and croissants!  

 Day 6 – This Day Calls for Massage Therapy!

Happy Valentine's Day

Day 6 is all about breaking free from the monotony of typical date nights as well as preparing for the grand day that follows. What better way to enjoy this day than to contact home spa services for a couple’s massage therapy?

You can even make this a healthy habit as this activity improves both physical and mental health. It will help you both deal with the stresses of the day and give each other relaxing quality time. You can also invest in Femica wellness products that will promote good health and immunity.

This activity on Day 6 will prepare you for a fantastic finale to the week!

 Day 7 – Create “Delicious” and Healthy Memories in the Kitchen 

healthy eating habits

Day 7 is the main V-day to celebrate your love and relationship. Instead of going to a premium restaurant and investing in a seven-course meal, get inside your kitchen, gather some groceries, and prepare a healthy meal together.

This is among those healthy eating habits that will produce perfect health and help you learn new recipes together. And before you know it, the stove is not the only thing that will be hot!

That’s when you know it’s time to say once again, “Will you be my Valentine?”

 Femica India Will Help You Establish Healthy Couple Goals!

couple goals

Femica India knows right what you need to make your Valentine’s week healthy and special. Femica wellness products span a range of health-benefitting products such as spirulina capsules, giloy extract, lemonade barley water, etc. that will support your health regime.

There are exclusive Valentine’s Day offers that you can utilise to make the most of each day in terms of gifting. Stay in good health with fun physical activities that will help you stay active, fit, and oh so in love!

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1. What are some healthy Valentine’s recipes to cook together?

Some top healthy Valentine’s recipes to cook together as a couple include jam tarts, dark chocolate pudding with cherries, romantic rose cupcakes, tasty pasta and gnocchi, or simple chocolate-dipped strawberries.

2. What are some interesting Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her?

Femica India recommends women gift their beloved a smartwatch, a wine-tasting crate, a classic beard care set, or some beautiful DIY. Men, on the other hand, can gift their beloveds with a makeup or skincare kit, a fancy outfit, with a side of traditional flowers and chocolates.

 3. What are some Valentine’s dates that men do not like?

Men usually do not enjoy the following kinds of Valentine’s dates – visiting the art gallery, attending a soap opera, going to the mall or a shopping spree.

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