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V Day Proposal Ideas

Valentine’s Week Proposal Ideas That Aren’t the Same as Everyone Else

All the lovebugs who are itching to propose to their significant other must be waiting impatiently for Valentine Week. There is no better time than February and you should not think twice now.  As rightly said by Barbara De Angelis, “You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.”

romantic happy valentines day

So for all those who are scratching their heads finding unique ideas to propose to their love, stop worrying because we come with two good news. Excited to know?

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1. Down the Memory Lane

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This is one of the best proposal ideas! What is more sentimental than revisiting the place where you first had your date or any place which holds great memories for both of you? You can create a memory walk to the ultimate spot of the proposal.

2. Ring Hunt

how to propose a girl

Let your beloved reach the ring through a quest. Stage a scavenger hunt with a series of clues all related to some memory special to the couple. A lot of people might have this idea for a Valentine’s Day proposal but you could make it different by adding a personal touch. 

3. The Getaway Proposal

romantic happy valentines day

As we pen down proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day one of our favourites is taking your loved one on a romantic getaway. It might be a hike on a little mountain or if you are looking for a stellar idea on how to propose to a girl, we got you! You might take her to the city of love and propose in front of the Eiffel tower or Love Lock bride is a good idea. 

4. Love is in the Air

valentines day roses

Have you got a movie addict as a partner– who is sometimes a little more addicted to the screen than to you? But still, you can’t do anything but love them with all your heart and are now itching to spend your life with them. We have a quirky idea that will touch the movie buff’s heart. Have an illustration artist animate your love story and air it in a movie hall with all the family members in a private show. The last scene should be the proposal and it is the best time for you to get down on one knee as well. 

5. The Intimate Lovers

ideas for valentines day

If you are someone who wants to pop the question in a small gathering with close family and friends we got something for you too. Throw a little Valentine’s day party in your house with all the important guests. You can pop the question with a glass of champagne or hide a ring in a cupcake box with the frosting having the words ‘will you marry me?’

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As we’ve already mentioned, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to pop the question, and couples from all over the world will be out enjoying each other’s company. Make your proposal extra meaningful for your spouse by adding a few personal touches. Whether it’s a musician playing their favourite song, canvases with pictures of you two together, or a proposal at a place that has special meaning for them. Regardless of how you decide to propose, we are confident that the experience will be one the two of you will never forget with a little planning and the ideal engagement ring.

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1. Is it a good idea to propose on Valentine’s Day?

Well, it is the day of love and very popular for bringing a lot of lovers together. If you have a perfect proposal planned that will be monumental in both of your lives go ahead!

2. What are the trending makeup looks this Valentine’s Week?

Soft, dewy minimalist makeup looks are in nowadays. Celebrities are ditching the glam looks and opting for no makeup looks emphasising more on the attire. You can do the same and get your make-up necessities as Femica Valentine’s Day offers are up for grabs. Recreate some famous makeup looks with Femica beauty products.

3. Can a woman propose on Valentine’s Day?

The answer is a big Yes! Because, why not? Women don’t love less than guys and if you wish to make the man in your life feel special, dress up in his favourite colours and glam up with Femica beauty products and pop the question with a ring in your hand.

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