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ideas for valentines day

Things To Do This Rose Day That are Adorable and Sweet

Valentine’s Week begins with none other than Rose Day. If you don’t have plans yet, fret not; we are here to help you out! We all know that roses are not only a symbol of love but also of other lovely emotions. A red rose represents love; a yellow rose – friendship; an orange rose- fervour; a white rose – purity; and a pink rose – joy. So, how are you planning to spend Rose Day with your beloved? Maybe just get them a bouquet of all the colours! 

ideas for valentines day

Love is in the air, and a few good Valentine’s Day gifts will jazz up the week before D-day arrives. You can now choose from Femica’s Valentine’s Day offers and also take your partner to an exquisite Valentine’s Day dinner. We have also curated a range of Femica’s makeup combos to make it easy as pie for you and your significant other. We have listed down plentiful ideas to kick off this week with some romantic ideas for Valentine’s week. We are hopeful these will come in handy for you!

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1. Prepare a Valentine’s Breakfast in Bed for Them 

ideas for valentines day

Prepare a delectable breakfast spread and eat it in bed. You can decorate the breakfast table with some valentine’s roses to make their day even more special. It will be a pleasant change of pace from the typical early commotion.

Surprise them with some additional gifts from Femica’s Valentine’s Day offers and lift their spirits with an enchanting makeup combo!

2. Glitz Your Day with Some Romantic Craftwork Together 

love is in the air

Make some Valentine’s Day crafts with your partner at home. Think about creating an art piece you can display inside your home or make unique picture frames. Increase your romantic chemistry by adding a little rose and glitz to your creative endeavours.

3. Exchange Romantic and Heartfelt Gifts 

good valentines gifts for her

The month of love is not complete without presents. A little token of affection is always appreciated. If you are still wondering what to gift them this week, Femica’s Valentine’s Day offers will solve all your problems!

Consider purchasing an item your loved one has always wanted or even just gifting the Femica Makeup combo might just dazzle up their evening.

4. Bedazzle your Evening with a Glam Dinner 

valentines day dinner

This Valentine’s Week, pretend you’re in the City of Love. A bottle of wine can be shared, and sweet or savoury crepes can also be prepared. Add some romantic music to set the mood. You can have a soothing candle-lit dinner date, and dance with them while feeling the rhythm and blues.

You can prepare your date to be rose-themed and add a lot of red3 to it. Red wine, red gowns, and some red roses. Go extra!

5. Set Up an Exotic Rose Bath

valentine roses

You can set up an exquisite rose bath for you and your partner. The bath can be set up to spice up your night. Skirt around some candles near the tub. Add rose petals to the water, and nothing gets better than a bottle of champagne for your spicy bubble bath. A bath in rose petals will make you feel like you’re on a honeymoon.

6. Give them a Sultry Massage

romantic happy valentines day

You can always pick up a bottle of body oil, light some candles, turn on some soothing music, and offer your sweetheart sensual and relaxing massage therapy. They could reciprocate by doing the same for you, making your evening steamy!

7. Go Out for a Brunch Date Together

romantic happy valentines day

What could be better than doing a lively brunch with your partner this Valentine’s? If both of you are big-time foodies, then this is a great way to start the week! Grab some lasagna, eggs, steak, and pancakes, and top it off with some hot chocolate.

If you are feeling like taking it up a notch, why not grab some beers?

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1. What gifts will you recommend for a date night out? 

Femica has curated a lovely range of Valentine’s Day Offers just for you. You can check out some beauty products for all skin types. We also have skincare gift packs within an affordable range along with the Femica Makeup Combo!

2. Can you suggest more ideas for Rose and Valentine’s Day?

You could consider taking your partner for a hike or going on a retreat together. If both of you are into fitness, you could also consider taking a wholesome Yoga class together, or maybe dance classes. These activities will bring you closer.

3.  When is Rose Day this year?

Rose Day falls on 7th of February. However, these ideas serve the purpose throughout Valentine’s week!

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