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The Best Guide To Giving The Right Flowers On Valentine’s Day!

Do you believe that giving women flowers is old-fashioned, cheap and unnecessary? Oops! You are wrong!

beautiful flowers

It’s up to you to keep the romance alive by giving your special someone a Valentine’s Day gift that expresses how much you care. The best way to do that is with fresh flowers!

Gifting beautiful flowers is an act of love. A simple, kind act that shows your partner how much you mean to them. Through the years, the language of fresh flowers has been passed down and perfected. This means, every flower you give to your special someone, carries a lot of meaning. But fret not! We’ll help you shed light on the best flowers to get your partner for Valentine’s day and what they mean! 

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1. Keep It Simple, Silly! Red Roses For The Forever Kinda Love

valentine's flowers

Maybe you do know your partner’s favourite flowers (hahaha!). But when in doubt, the classic red roses never fail! Red roses are invariably the preferred choice to say, “I love you” for a reason. They are simple, seductive and gorgeous, and are considered the flowers of love!

With valentines day roses, you may express your thoughts to your romantic partner or even a secret crush! Their beautiful appearance and fascinating fragrance leave no words unsaid. Select a single magnificent flower of a dark red rose or a bouquet overflowing with other fresh and bright blossoms. You are all set to sweep your partner off their feet!

2. Let’s Put Our Tulips Together!

beautiful flowers

An opportunity to make this pun, and many more! Gift your loved ones some magnificent Tulips that convey the deep and ideal love you have for each other. This is perfect for a relationship that has stood the test of time and can also be given to your parents or children!

Among Valentine’s flowers, tulips symbolise unyielding love. You know the kind of love that overwhelms all other emotions? The kind of love that fills your entire body? These beauties are ideal to represent this. They are also tied to cheerfulness, joy and good luck.

Valentine roses, step back. We found our new favourite flower! 

valentines day roses

There’s only one thing that can make this gift better! A gift hampers from Femica are sure to put a smile on your partner’s face. 

3. Say It Right With Elegant Orchids

valentine's flowers

We ‘orchid-ding’ you not- orchids make a striking addition to any Valentine’s bouquet, giving them modern flair and style. They stand for luxury and refined taste and are generally exchanged between friends. They are also regarded as emblems of integrity and elegance as well as portraying rare and delicate beauty.

orchids, however, are for romantic partners. They are gentle flowers that signify warmth, vitality,  love and admiration.  You can pair them with carnations and roses to make beautiful flower designs. If this is your first valentine’s day with each other, gift your partner, orchid flower arrangements, and watch your love bloom! 

4. Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do!

🎵I’m half crazy, all for the love of you🎵

daisy flower

Daisy flowers perfectly embody this song and signify pure and endless love. These flowers are not a regular Valentine’s Day gift since their appearance is not as appealing or exquisite, but don’t hesitate to give Daisies to someone you love. While they might look unassuming, Daisies hold within them, deep passion and tender love. These flowers teach us the important lesson of looking past a person’s appearance and finding the soul within. Daisy flowers provide a message of pure and deep love entwined with genuine emotions, making them perfect for soulmates.

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1. What are some valentine’s flowers to avoid gifting?

While Valentine roses, lilacs and tulips are a good idea, avoid these flowers to have a happy Valentines day!   

  • Daffodils- symbolises vanity and self-absorption.
  • Yellow carnations- associated with disgust and rejection.
  • Lavenders- signifies mistrust.

2. Should we throw away beautiful flowers after Valentine’s day?

Not at all! You can air-dry your Valentines day roses and other flowers and preserve them forever! You can also prepare make-shift rosewater while you wait for the one you ordered from Femica!  

3. What are some other gifts that I can give along with fresh flowers?

You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates! You can also shop at Femica for Femica beauty products and home care products as they make great gifting options. 

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