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Makeup Trends That You Do Not Want To Imbibe In 2023!

2022 is drawing to a close, and again, it’s time to see another year in review – to ponder upon goals accomplished, carried forward, and yet to be set. And like all things, the beauty industry is also gearing itself to throw out a hack or two. 

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With the oh-so-open lifestyle of Tiktokers in particular and Gen-Z in general, a new makeup trend pops up almost daily. While some are worth a try, others make you question the trendsetter’s sanity. 

This blog is about the latter – let’s dive straight into four 2022 makeup trends online that are best left to perish under the curse of oblivion.

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1. Henna Freckles, How Faux is Too Faux?

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Cultural appropriation or not, Instagrammers and Tiktokers will not stop at anything to run their trend brigade. And 2022 is the year they decided to develop an evolved version of freckles on face

The freckles pen went out the window and entered the humble henna or mehendi cone. Now, this trend is not just weird or “taking it a little too far.” It could adversely affect the skin because most hennas available in the market are not FDA-approved and come loaded with chemicals and dyes. 

Moreover, since henna lasts for a long time on the face, any allergy developed from applying it will also likewise! The world is better off without fake freckles, so this is one trend we can safely say goodbye to. 

2. From Eyebrow Slit to Clean Shave

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If there is one area of the face that has endured the most assault this year, it’s undoubtedly the eyebrow. Gen-Z, in particular, seems to be obsessed with reshaping their eyebrows, even to the extent of shaving it all off! 

Yes, 2022 marked the year when Tiktokers went all bald below their forehead, making others raise their (fully intact) eyebrows. Single slit? Maybe. Bejewelled slit? Depends. But, clean shave? No can do! This is one trend that needs to bid its final farewell before 2023 arrives. 

And to everyone still having second thoughts, eyebrows can take weeks (if not months) to grow back fully. Plus, there’s the age factor – the older you are, the lesser your chances of getting eyebrow hair back (at least not the way it used to be!). So, be wise. [wp-shopify-product id=”7692441157883″]

3. To Let Under-Eye Be or Now to Be, Is that the Question?

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Who could have thought that the skincare and makeup industry (as far as the online influencers are concerned) could turn for the worse through under-eye bags? It was only yesteryear when women and men feared “dark circles,” considering them a sign of lack of sleep or overwhelming stress. 

But such is not the case today. Where some are taking contour makeup too far, almost resembling a clown, others are choosing the other extreme. Though Sara Carsten started this Tiktok trend to accept and embrace her under-eye circles that wouldn’t go away, things have taken a menacing turn.  [wp-shopify-product id=”6590714478789″]

Other influencers are deliberately creating dark circles, really glaring ones – side effects of the hustle culture. 

4. The Holy Grail of Glass Skin 

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What a time to be alive when people hate the natural texture of their skin! Every (beauty) social media influencer has at least one video dedicated to achieving that (superficially) flawless, shiny glass skin. 

And what about those who religiously follow their tutorial? Forget about glass skin, they do end up with way more lubricant/highlighter than one needs and a bonus ten-pound of insecurities. How about shedding it all off and starting 2023 on the right note?

Yes, leave all permutation and combination involved in achieving a flawless glossy finish and embrace your skin’s natural texture – it is beautiful!

It’s a Matter of Taste (Pun Intended!) 

While the above-mentioned makeup trends are a no-no for 2023, some procedures or applications are subjective. For instance – teeth filing or the use of sunscreen cream. Many people benefit from enamoplasty (which enhances their smile), and sunscreen is especially good when applied the right way.

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