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How to Prepare Your Face before Applying Makeup in Winters?

For a moment, imagine (or rather compare) your skin to a canvas – does art look better on a blank, smooth, neat slate or a dusty and oily one? If you chose the former, you have your answer as to why a skin- care routine before applying your makeup is crucial. 

how to take care of skin

However, a change of seasons from summer to winter can be bitter-sweet as it leaves your skin dry, brittle, and flaky. A change in your morning skincare routine must accompany the shift of weather.

So, what should your winter skin care regime involve? Keep reading to find out. 

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1. Let a Mild Face Wash Take the Lead 

Since most Indian skin types experience some degree of dryness during winter, it is best to set the stage with a mild face wash (preferably herbal and natural) that gently cleanses your skin. For those with naturally dry skin, a moisturising lotion immediately after the face wash may be necessary to prevent the stripping of natural oils.

Keep a radiant facial oil or moisturising serum handy to ensure you steer clear of winter woes such as intolerable itchiness, skin irritation, and flakiness. [wp-shopify-product id=”7822486143227″]

2. Get “Under the Steam”

While ice tremendously helps with blood circulation and adds a natural glow to the skin, the same is not true for the chilly months.

Add a relaxing steam bath to your skin care routine steps for the face to get in that much-needed moisture! You can also keep the humidifier running throughout the day, especially in your bedroom and bathroom, to keep your skin supple. [wp-shopify-product id=”7848779546875″]

3. Take Charge (from the Inside-Out!) 

While external face skin care routine is essential, it is necessary to consume plenty of water!

Water is as essential (if not more) during winter as any other time of the year. Since your skin tends to be drier, hydrate it from within. [wp-shopify-product id=”7883068473595″]

4. Swear Only by the Right Skincare and Makeup Products

The exact makeup can look worlds apart on two faces, not simply due to tone or texture but also because of your makeup and skincare products. From the daily moisturiser to the lip balm you apply, ensure all products are natural, winter-friendly, and suitable for your skin type.

Finally, avoid making the mistake many makeup enthusiasts do – leaving out the primer! This makeup product acts as a protective barrier between the skin’s natural oils and moisturiser. Primer makeup prep goes a long way in setting a flawless base for transforming your face into a work of art. For acne-prone skin, choose a light primer compared to a silicone one for other skin types. 

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5. Layer Your Skincare

skin care steps

To prevent over-drying, the rule of thumb is to start by using the lightest products and work your way out to the heaviest. What would that look like? After cleansing, apply the toner first, then the serum, and finally, a good moisturiser. Layering also enables you to address different skin concerns without causing inflammation.

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Finally, did you know that your skin works on the principle of its circadian rhythm? The hydration levels increase overnight and decline around the afternoon. So, overnight masking and humidifying can truly help restore skin moisture!

Winter skin care

As for how to take care of skin during winter with the right products, Femica India has you covered! Through a range of winter-friendly face washes, facial serums, lip balms, and more, strengthen the skin barrier and prevent transepidermal moisture loss. 

Let Femica India get your skin all prepped up for the shaadi season makeup looks! 

Try using Femica skincare products for your skincare steps to achieve tight and youthful skin.


1. How often should you exfoliate during winter?

A good exfoliator can help eliminate dead skin cells, rejuvenating the skin. However, ensure you use it only twice weekly (preferably at night). More than twice a week may do more harm than good. [wp-shopify-product id=”7748579033339″]

2. What is the best way to hydrate lips during winter?

A natural lip balm (especially those with moisturising oils) protects your lips against environmental aggressors. However, overtly chapped lips may need more care. You can use a mild, natural lip scrub twice weekly to exfoliate dead skin and increase moisture absorption.

3. Do you need sunscreen during the winter?

Contrary to popular belief, SPF is still vital part of skincare routine during the winter months. The days might be short, and the sun’s rays mild, but ultraviolet radiation is still beaming during the opportune hours (10 AM to 4 PM). So, do not ease up on the sunscreen.

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