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Skincare Routine That Gets You Glass Skin

Everybody is going gaga over the glass skincare routine because of a luminous and healthy skin appearance. Beauty influencers worldwide talk extensively about the glass skin look and give easy tips to achieve it. It usually involves a morning and night skincare routine apart from a healthy lifestyle. 

korean glass skin

One of the most popular countries associated with glass skin is Korea, where actresses and regular girls look like they just ate a ball of ice. Their plump and bouncy skin that shines like a mirror reflecting light is the perfect skin we all aim to achieve. 

When Should One Start a Korean Glass Skin Routine?

You can start as early as 21 because pollution and stress levels are higher than ever. Early skincare refrains from instant beauty transformations and instead relies on organic development. [wp-shopify type=”collection” id=”403064389883″ limit=”4″ url-type=”shopify” thumb-size=”default” ]

So, ditch the highlighter palette and incorporate essential oils and mild acids into your skincare. Further, while genetics play a huge role in skin type, anybody can follow specific diets and skin care products to achieve the best skin.

Moreover, early simple skincare will have a profound impact on your skin’s health as well as confidence levels.

How to Get the Glass Skin?

korean glass skin

The Korean glass skin hype is real and has gained a lot of attention because of its focus on skin health. Various anti-ageing skin care products focus on preventing and curing wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines, etc. If you have developed visible signs of ageing, these products can reduce or stop further degradation.

A dedicated and religious face skincare routine will help achieve the perfect glow and softness. The following beauty skincare guide will help you achieve the best version of your skin to shine like a diamond.

1. Double Cleansing to Remove the Notorious Dirt

Face skincare begins with double cleansing and is the holy ritual of Asian skin care. Your skin collects dust, dirt and anything in the air. To get rid of those impurities completely, you need to double cleanse. [wp-shopify-product id=”7732152598779″]

First, pick a cleaning oil or micellar water to rub away the dirt and gunk. Next, use a gentle cream or foam cleanser to remove any remaining particles.  


2. Exfoliation is Key to Doing Away with Dead Cells

Face scrubs remove dead skin cells and clear clogged pores to give you clean and youthful skin. However, avoid exfoliating your face daily. There is the danger of irritating and scraping the skin. [wp-shopify-product id=”8032428359931″]

In cases of severe dirt and pollution exposure, thrice a week is viable.  

P.S. – Exfoliate only with soft hand movements. 


3. Tone Away Hidden Impurities

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Toning is essential to prep the skin for the remaining skincare steps for maximum absorption. It removes any residual dirt and tightens pores for an even skin texture.  Additionally, it restores the skin’s pH levels to avoid redness or other issues like acne or eczema.


4. Serums Can Save You From Dry and Chapped Skin

The one thing that everybody is talking about is serums. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and the list goes on. Korean beauty enthusiasts swear by some of these active ingredients. You must apply serums on a clean face (a toned face). 

These acids nourish the skin, reverse signs of ageing and promote collagen production for skin elasticity. For example: use retinol to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. Niacinamide reduces dark spots and pigmentation.  

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Hyaluronic acid traps moisture and leaves your skin plump and bouncy. Itching and redness are inevitable if you are a first-time user. Hence, always start with small quantities.


5. Moisturise Because Your Skin Deserves the Hydration

Beauty skincare is incomplete without ample hydration. Skincare experts have focused on the importance of moisturising for every skin type. It is vital for retaining moisture and reducing extreme dryness or oiliness. Go for a lightweight and nourishing moisturiser that doesn’t feel heavy.  


6. Eye Creams to Kill Those Eye Bags and Dark Circles

how to get glass skin

You can’t achieve korean glass skin with those dark circles and under-eye bags. Switch up your skincare regime with an under-eye cream to nourish the fragile eye area. It is the thinnest and driest area for which regular moisturiser will not suffice. [wp-shopify-product id=”7692442960123″]


4. Facial Oils are the Elixir for Glowing Skin

The ultimate finisher for a glass skin routine is face oil. It illuminates and fights against the daily stressors that destroy our skin barrier. You can add a few drops of serum or a hint of moisturiser for application.

Make sure to apply oil only in the end, as other products cannot penetrate. Femica skincare products offer a variety of oils that cater to dry, oily and combination skin.


5. Sun Protection Will Reverse Your Ageing Process

If only someone had told every girl about the importance of sunscreen, everyone would have glowing and supple skin. The UVA and UVB rays penetrate the deepest layers of skin and can cause pigmentation, blemishes and tanning.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7883071258875″]

If you refrain from sunscreen use for prolonged periods, it may lead to skin cancer. Go for a lightweight and white-cast-free sunscreen for the best glowing skin. Life isn’t perfect, but your skin can be. 


6. Sheet Masks for Double Skin Love

K-beauty has opened the doors to nourishing sheet masks. This is one of the most relaxing skin care routines where you can sit back and relax sipping boba tea. It is the easiest way to soothe the skin, repair damage and lock in moisture. 

Use a sheet mask 2-3 times a week for best results. [wp-shopify type=”collection” id=”395992367355″ limit=”4″ url-type=”shopify” thumb-size=”default” ]

Wrapping Up

It is easy to achieve glass skin if you follow a simple skincare routine using Femica skincare products. The products from Femica are plant-based and vegan-friendly so that you can enjoy chemical-free products for your skin’s health. 

Further, you can follow the above consistently for at least six months to achieve Korean glass skin. Everyone deserves the skin of their dreams. Skincare expert and aesthetician Renee Rouleau said, “Be good to your skin. You will wear it every day for the rest of your life.” 

If you face any irritation or skin problems, change the ingredients and avoid those chemicals. If the problem still persists, talk to a dermatologist for further expert advice. 

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