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Lipstick shades for indian skin tone

Discover The Hottest Lip Shades To Flatter Your Summer Look

Ah! As the seasonal reversal takes place and the chilly winters subside, nature blooms in all its glory towards an inviting Spring and vibrant summer. Keeping in line with nature’s own rhythm, the latter season is all about embracing the lighter and cooler colours.

Lipstick Shade

So, have you bid adieu already to your former range of warm, darker makeup shades, especially for the lips? If not, it’s time to swap the winter hues of deep reds to a subtler summer-friendly lip palette. Wondering what that would include?

Fret not! Femica India has you covered in this guide. Listed below are 12 flattering lipstick colours that every girl needs to flaunt this summer and hereafter.

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1. The Blessed Union of Red and Brown

Brown Lipstick

The shade is the most popular, not for one reason! From boss ladies to fashionistas, everybody can adorn a bold look with a versatile shade that exudes confidence and power. It’s a go-to choice for girls that can be paired with any skin tone or makeup and enhance overall beauty.

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To make your style statement unique, Femica beauty products have brought you their branded CAL Losangeles Joie Collection  Liquid Matte lipsticks. With its Brown Shades, we can ensure that it can’t be found anywhere else. Our lipsticks are gentle and cruelty-free that keep your lips hydrated all day.

2. A Beatific Smile Framed by Iconic Rosy Pink Lips

pink Lipstick

If you are someone with a taste for a nude lipstick, then a rosy pink lip shade must be in your bag. The ability of nude lipstick shades to go with any outfit with a subtle touch is outstanding.

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That’s why, Femica’s luxurious Rodeo Nude 5 is made with Light Liquid Paraffin, Octyl Palmitate, which makes it softer than other lipsticks. The colours are available from vibrant nude to muted rosy pink making your days glossy.

3. That Perfect Shade of Daybreak Coral

Peachy Coral lip shade

Peachy Coral lip shade is a cosy and chic solid blend of sophisticated colours that can pop out your look during any season. The shade has a subtle hint of orange that gives it a warm and inviting feeling.

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The Ayurvedic lipsticks by Femica beauty products give wholesome nourishment to your lips with rejuvenating herbs. This makes your skin soft, supple and well-nourished.

4. The Bright Fuschia: Colour of the Highest Royalty

Fuschia lipstick

If you’re looking for an extra sizzle look in summer, what is better than flirty fuschia shades? Make new experiments to turn heads this summer with a fuschia hue.

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To make you happy, Femica proudly presents pure, moisturizing fuschia fusion lip shade with 100% vegan and Vitamin E extra nourishment. Bang on!

5. The Delicious Touch of Chocolate Mocha

long-lasting lipsticks

If you’re looking for a perfect rendition of timeless & elegant beauty, then the mocha shot is the perfect pick for you. It exudes a rich and warm tone that gives you a polished and effortless look.

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Iba’s gorgeous Halal Certified & Vegan presents a range of long-lasting lipsticks that gives your lips a velvety matte finish with a creamy texture.

6. The Delicate Balance of Cherry Blossom and Apple Sauce

Lipstick Shade

When there is talk about vibrant colours, cherry red is one of the iconic shades that come to mind. Whether it’s a summer outfit or winter, a pop of cherry red lips can instantly elevate any of your looks.

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Make this cherry on the top look with Iba’s Cherry Lips Moisturizing Lipstick Shade with the best discount at Femica. It has no harmful chemicals and has an SPF protection formula.

7. The Dying Scarlet Giving Way to Bloodshot Red

liquid lipstick

Fill your lips with the bullet of Ruby or Bloodshot Red this Summer. Any makeup gets a little bit of pizazz with the sensual touch of Ruby Red Matte lipstick.

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Femica beauty products have an amazing range of moisturizing liquid lipstick shades with a lip brush to fill your edges.

8. The Unbeatable Beauty of the Classic Nude

nude lipstick shades

If you are a lady inclined towards a subtle yet stunning look, Satin Nude chic Shades may be the perfect choice for you. It defines your elegance and effortless look like that of the goddesses.

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With Disguise Cosmetics’ nude lipstick shades, you can get the best formula to nourish your summer-pigmented skin. It can give you a perfect colour in just one swipe.

9. Lips Lighting up Bright with Eccentric Neons

glam look Lipstick

The neon crush lipstick is another bold and perfect lipstick to try on this summer! These bright and playful shades have the epitome of summer vibes.

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To start your experiment, you can try Iba’s pure moisturizing Neon Crush lipstick that not only gives a glam look but can be paired with any possible summer outfit!

10. The Rare Mesmerising Mauve of Twilight

Mauve Lipstick

Mauve is a perfect blend of pink and purple tones that makes you look more subtle and not so flashy. It can be paired well with smokey-eyed makeup.

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You can check out our branded berry mauves to hunt for a safe and sustainable lip shade.

11. Tempting Berries No Lips Can Resist

Lipstick shades

The rich berry blast hue, with its amazing natural pinks and reds, pairs well with warm neutrals. It gives you an overall stunning look to enjoy.

The pure moisturizing formula from Femica Beauty products gives you a sun-kissed complexion with a light texture.

12. The Juicy Paradox of Fiery Orange

Orange Lipstick

Orange is a perfect accessory for a playful and adventurous city girl. It pairs perfectly with bronzed complexion and creates a youthful look altogether.

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Get the dash of Vegan lightweight orange, consciously organic ingredients this summer.


1. Which shade can go with a dusky undertone?

You can glam easily with nude lipstick shades for dusky skin, and you can easily find them on Femica.

2. What is the best way to apply lipstick?

You can use a lip brush if required to fill the edges and add definition to your skin. Many women also swear by a lip liner to improve the definition of their lipstick.

3. Can lip shade contain harmful chemicals?

Not all lip shades contain it, but you have to choose only the cruelty-free, best product for that.

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