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Classy, Sassy And Know a Lil More About Lip Colours

Everyone desires to have plump smooth lips. But how can our lips stay unaffected in today’s polluted atmosphere, when we are bombarded by external toxins as well as high-stress levels? Despite how much we desire non-pigmented, butter-soft lips, we will likely build pigmentation and bite marks as a result of routine stress. Additionally, we require long-lasting and tinted lip colours and to conceal those flaws.

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However, these products contain a high level of toxicity. There’s a lot that goes into making long-lasting lipsticks, from lead to parabens, and none of it is beneficial to humans. Given our fast-paced lives, we frequently forget to use lip care products. Thus, multipurpose products are slowly gaining popularity. However, you must first know the differences between lip lacquer, lip tint, and lipstick before choosing products that will nurture and care for your lips.

Today, we will be telling you all there is to know about lip lacquer, lip tint, and lipstick, as well as how they differ from one another, so you know precisely what you’re looking for the next time when you go shopping.

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While most of us have a vague understanding of what lip gloss and lipstick are, we have little knowledge about lip lacquer. In fact, we frequently confuse it with lip gloss. However, the two are not the same.

Lip lacquer is best described as a combination of lip colours and lip gloss. It is nonsticky, almost as pigmented as lipstick with a sheen that resembles lip gloss. Lip lacquer has a thick, creamy texture with an extra glossy finish that gives your lips a gleam. They can be worn alone without needing to be layered. That means you won’t need a lip balm to soften your lips, or lipstick to give them pigment; the lacquer will take care of both. Thus, you can call it lipstick lip gloss.

Lip lacquers generally last for a long period, although not as long as lipsticks but definitely longer than Lip glosses.

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Waxes and oils in lipsticks and lip glosses are what cause them to slip and slide off your lips. A lip tint, on the other hand, usually has a liquid or gel basis, with a mousse texture in certain cases. There are pigments in this base that stick to the lips after the watery base has gone.

Lip tints don’t slide and last all day they don’t need any touch-ups, and your cup of coffee will be free of the unpleasant lipstick stain. During the summer, it is extremely popular. Lip tints may also give lips a more youthful look than lipstick while still providing freshness and a long-lasting hue.

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While earlier lip tints were a little drying, most cosmetic companies now include hydrating elements to keep lips supple and moisturised throughout the day. Because lip tints are very pigmented, a small amount goes a long way, therefore your lip tint can last at least a few months.

As mentioned earlier, Lip tints have a mousse-like texture, thus, they can be used as blush as well as eyeshadow.

red lip color

We have finally reached the most basic cosmetic product — lipstick. Widely used all across the globe, lipstick is a colour bullet that comes in a variety of textures and colours that give your lips a uniform tint. From time immemorial, lip colours has been a significant feature of our makeup routines. The only thing that has changed is the ease with which it may be packaged and used.

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But over the last few years, there’s another factor that beauty buffs have been looking out for i.e. sustainability. The cosmetic products we use should be made with more care and must not be hazardous in any manner. We use our lips to eat and communicate. Any toxin can easily enter our bodies, causing problems without us being aware. The solution is to choose cruelty-free and paraben-free lipsticks to ensure a healthy and safe smile.

Lipsticks used to come in a conventional bullet style and had a creamy consistency. But now, there is a wide range of lipsticks to pick from, including matte liquid lipsticks, creamy liquid lipsticks, and non-transfer liquid lipsticks.

The most significant difference between these three is in terms of texture and durability. Lipsticks are available in Liquid matte, creamy, and glossy forms. A lip tint, on the other hand, has a single texture: gel and liquid-like consistency. Depending on the company, a lip lacquer might be creamy or semi-matte. Lipsticks and lip tints, on the other hand, tend to linger longer than lip lacquers. Lipsticks and lip tints are mostly non-transferrable. However, Lip lacquer is usually glossy with medium transferability.

So ladies, let us fill our vanity bags with different kinds of lip colours for different occasions the right way!

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