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The Sans Makeup Look

Is there an existential beauty dilemma if we don’t appear like we’re wearing any makeup? Not really — trust us when we insist it’s a thing! One of the main beauty trends in the post-pandemic period is to keep your look as natural as possible, which is why the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is becoming famous everywhere. We all envy the natural beauty of movie stars but even though it appears that they aren’t wearing any makeup, achieving that natural glow requires significantly more expertise and patience than a dazzling, complete look!

Even if the goal is to make our look appear as if there was no makeup involved, a sans makeup look is fundamentally a deception. You still need makeup products, even if the goal is to make it appear as if there were none applied. This style seeks to give the impression that you’re not using any cosmetics while also giving adequate coverage by keeping the foundation as light as possible. To subtly enhance your features, use a clean, moisturised base and natural muted colours. It definitely eliminates the need for multiple coats of heavy products!

Even though cosmetics will always appear like makeup, we can make it look like our natural skin! We have some simple tips for you that can help you achieve the ultimate ‘no makeup look with ease!

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1. Girl Go Easy On The Coverage

It’s critical to avoid heavy products and keep your base modest if you want to attain a natural, ‘no makeup’ look. Full-coverage foundations have an extremely thick consistency and are easily visible on the skin.

Apply a lightweight BB/CC cream instead of foundation on freshly toned and moisturised skin. Choose a BB/CC cream that has SPF to skip the step of applying sunscreen, which often causes your makeup to flake more frequently. [wp-shopify-product id=”7678491230459″]

2. Smart Concealing

Concealer is a dense product, so you shouldn’t apply it in large amounts for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. The goal is to make particular sections of the face appear brighter. We need to be careful about where we apply concealer and how much we use for the best results. The inner corners of the eyes, either side of the nose, and the corners of the lips are all good places to start. [wp-shopify-product id=”7758032404731″]

The majority of us, however, have scars on our skin. If you feel conscious about them, you can use a colour-correcting palette and colour-correct different types of scars and marks. Follow it up with a few dabs of concealer, blend, and build it up as desired.

3. Contouring? More like Sculpting

While we all indulged in the heavy Kim-k contouring style with dark contour powders, this style has become out of fashion in 2021. You might be wondering how you can add more definition to your cheekbones now. Smooth, airy contouring sticks are trendy, and their light application is now referred to as ‘sculpting.’

Make soft lines on the part just under your cheekbones, the outer corners of your jawline, and the top of your nose bridge using a silky, lightweight, creamy-contour stick. Remember to blend thoroughly and use a beauty blender when doing so! [wp-shopify-product id=”7692439748859″]

4. Go Minimal With Natural flush

Stick to rosy tones that complement your natural flush and don’t go overboard with the blush. You might want to go with a lip-to-cheek product here since matching your lips to your blush creates a natural youthful glow. Adding a genuine flushed tone to your foundation makeup is the icing on the cake, as it gives you a vibrant and youthful appearance.

Applying one creamy tint in a soft rosy tone to the lips, cheeks, and even on the eyelids is the best method to achieve this! Remember to start with little amounts and work your way up; you can always build-up, but you can’t reverse it.

5. Highlight Your Eyes, But Not Too Much

When trying a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, keep both your eye makeup and your brows as subtle as possible- avoid overdoing it! This means that you should merely fill in the spaces in your brows and brush them through for a natural look, rather than sculpting them with pigments. Coloured brow mascara is ideal for this purpose.

Use a brown kajal on the outer edges of your eyelids and smudge it slightly outwards to make your eyes look naturally outlined with just the appropriate amount of understated smokiness. For the best results, apply a nude kajal to the water line and curl your lashes with a single layer of mascara. [wp-shopify-product id=”7692441583867″]

6. A Swatch Of Lip Oil For A Natural Pout

Simple is essential when it comes to achieving the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. To make your lips look natural, use a tinted lip balm or a sleek lip oil to give your lips a modest sheen without seeming overly shiny. As mentioned above, if you use a lip-to-cheek blush on your cheeks, you can use the same creamy colour on your lips.

If there’s one thing a “no-makeup look” has for sure, it’s looking bright and alive, as if you just woke up with shining, almost photoshopped skin. Apart from that, there’s a lot of flexibility when going for this look — you can use different makeup products for different purposes. Follow the above-mentioned tips as suggestions rather than definitive rules: Do you like a berry-coloured pout or a peachy highlight? Take a chance! Even if the final look is simple and subtle, makeup is always fun.

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