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Summer Makeup Tips To Sweat Proof Your Look

Summer comes with many beautiful things– the beach, breezy evenings, and more, but it also comes with a sweaty face, smudged mascara, shiny forehead, and smeared lipsticks!! Well, wondering how to pull a look together this summer ?? the solution is simple – Sweat -proof your makeup!

We hear you asking “Sweat-proof ? is that a thing ??” yeah, it’s a thing!!. A simple switch in your products and methods can help your makeup withstand the sun that’s in its full glory this summer! Let’s tell you how!

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1. Let your lips tell your story:

Glossy, shiny lipsticks are cool, but think you want glossy lipstick on already sweaty skin that can un all over your face? Matte lipsticks are your best pals in summer, it gives the classy look that you’re aiming for and stay in its place.

However, Matte lipsticks can also be unforgivingly dry and patchy. Experts suggest wearing a lip balm the night before to prepare the lips for the matte lipsticks and using a good lipstick like Matte Lipsticks to prevent greasy dry lips. The goodness of organic marula and avocado oil packed in the disguise cosmetics lipsticks soothes the lips and the almond, jojoba, and argan oil in it prevents the lips from drying. Try your hands on it today! [wp-shopify-product id=”6593878786245″]

2. You say 1,2,3, and we go all in one:

Keeping it simple is the best strategy to get through the summer makeup nightmares! You don’t want creamy foundations and shiny powders that mix up with sweat and give you regrets!

A simple multi-use stick like Velvet Glow Multistick ( Daydream) can work well as lipstick, a highlighter, eye shadow, and eyeliner. It can give you the finish of nude matte lipstick without drying your lips. Using a shade that goes natural with your skin tone can give you a natural look and even the sun cannot steal your thunder! Get yourself a Multistick today and get glowing skin with no effort! [wp-shopify-product id=”6594050425029″]

3. Time to nail it:

The sweat and heat can make your skin dull and the nails lifeless so pamper yourself with a nice pedicure and manicure session, no matter what! Summer calls for brighter and warm tones to keep up with the season’s trend! choose a bright yet calm shade like the Nail Polish (Cotton Candy 112). The matte nail paint can leave your nails to look vibrant and trendy. [wp-shopify-product id=”6596322984133″]

4. All you need is some blending:

The next tip is not a makeup product but a vital tool that can make or break your look —- A makeup blender sponge.

The blender sponge should be capable of blending in all the products evenly on your skin and give you a flawless look that can fight sweat. A major setback with using a make-up blender sponger is that it absorbs the products and can get messier to clean, but Sponge Blend Perfector can save you from that mess with its anti-absorbant technology, apart from blending your products perfectly as the name suggests.

5. Time to Glow and Grow :

Summer means a variety of skin damage! You need extra moisture and extra care to revive the skin from everyday sun damage. Sunscreens prevent sun damage, but the skin will still have to endure the everyday wear and tear, that is why you need summer skincare with the right products to beat the heat. A good face massage with nourishing oils like Rainbow Glow Oil can give your skin the nourishment it needs and give you naturally glowing skin. The  Rainbow Glow Oil can be used not just on the skin but on your hair mixed with conditioner and on your lips by mixing it with lip balm. [wp-shopify-product id=”6594352513221″]

Pro Tip: add it to your dried-up products and use your favourite products again like they were new!

6. Stay Calm, Stay Cool, and Stay Hydrated:

Healthy skin is well-hydrated skin. The sun can rip off every last bit of moisture your skin is holding to, so using a calming product that adds up to the extra moisture isn’t a bad idea.

Keep your summer skincare routine simple and effective. Don’t forget to add good hydrating products like Cooling And Calming Balm, and C+C Sorbet to your routine ( Better if it’s both day and night). It can act on damaged skin and heal it with the healing properties of avocado and the nourishing nature of the olive and seaweed oil present in it. [wp-shopify-product id=”6594471493829″]

8. Wing it with Kajal:

Kajal is a classic eye makeup look that never goes out of trend! But summer can give you hard time maintaining the look. An intense dark hot look can turn into a smudgy, running-eye look within a few hours, is there a way to don the Kajal look this summer? Yes, investing in a good smudge-proof kajal like Nude Kajal is the solution. This eye kajal pencil can give you a smooth intense finish that stays throughout the day. [wp-shopify-product id=”6593994064069″]

Summer and Sweat are inevitable in our country, but that shouldn’t stop you from donning the look you want to flaunt. Season wise skincare and makeup routines should be normalized because your skin acts differently in each season. Femica brings a variety of clean products to your access, go to the website and explore it yourself today!

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